Editor Recruitment Now Closed

Is this real life? Is this really happening?

UPDATE – Editor positions closed! Thanks guys!

Yes, I have now given in and realize that I cannot make time to let my projects be touched by the hand of god. Since I now have full confidence in the translators working on SLKD (The Simple Life of Killing Demons) and MMS (Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba), it should be fine.

SLKD chapters translated & waiting – 2
MMS chapters translated & waiting – 8

This is also so I can make more time for ATG (Against the Gods), so I am now recruiting editors for those two projects. By the way, if I get editors for both projects, this may or may not mean more releases for ATG. 😛

My two cents on ATG and editors:
I was hesitant in recruiting editors for ATG back when I first started because I was afraid the meaning would be altered if it went through an editor due to the way it is written in its original language. So I did all the editing, proofreading, checking, and touching myself. As usual, I have to say that ATG requires a bit more proofreading and knowledge of the Chinese language than the other projects I’m currently working on. Seeing some wonderful editing from some editors, this reason may have diminished a bit in my mind.

But there is another reason now: I believe that anyone working on that project should be entitled to some of the sponsored amount our donors have given us for any bonus chapter. No matter how small their contribution was to said sponsored chapter during its pre-release state. I’m not sure how this works for people who have editors and a donation system, but I feel that it’s a bit wrong to make an editor work for free while the translator gets all the sponsored amount. This is why I don’t want editors for ATG at the moment.

If anyone wants to help contribute and become an editor, please email me at ohemgeexme@gmail.com and tell me which project you wish to join.

If anyone has any thoughts or concerns, leave them in the comments below.

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13 Responses to Editor Recruitment Now Closed

  1. ffreiji says:

    “but I feel that it’s a bit wrong to make an editor work for free while the translator gets all the sponsored amount.”

    As an editor over at Gravity I felt I should chime in, since I’ve been seeing this concept mentioned in more than one place now. I’ve never really looked at editing as “working for free”. I always saw it as putting in some work in exchange for the ability to read ahead, and make it more readable for the people that will read it afterwards. Editing is not nearly as time consuming as outright translating, so I never really feel like I am being shortchanged for my time, in terms of what I receive versus what I give. Even if the translator only has a 80-90% solution I don’t think editors should be getting donation money, because without the translator there would be nothing to edit anyway.

    TL:DR – Translators deserve every penny, no pennies for editors 😛

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  2. Alex says:

    “So I did all the… and touching myself.”…



  3. shasux says:

    If we are talking about commissioned work then all parties involved should receive part of the money.

    If you work at a publisher, the Translator same as the Editor and the various other folks involved with a project get their payment.

    Since commissioned chapters are basically business this principle should apply here as well. Payment can be split by time invested easily, so that should be no problem either. ^^


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