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This feels like my blog diary, heh. No response from author. I take it that he’s cool with it since I’m not running around and selling his work. Since that’s the basic requirement one must accept if one were to do a fan translation.


Third day. No answer. So I guess we’re in the clear? o.O

Just going to continue then..


I actually contacted the author the night of 05/20/2015 when I said I was going to do it after volume 1. No answer from author’s wechat (China’s most popular messaging app) or weibo (Chinese Facebook). The accounts were confirmed by the company who made the program so he should be real since they say he’s the real author.

I told him that I was translating his web novel in English and asked him to notify me if he doesn’t want me to continue.


My guilty conscience has finally kicked in. Yes, I have a guilty conscience. Although I have embraced the darkness, I realize that I still have some sort of magically pure essence still within my body. This donation system for bonus chapters has been making me feel guiltier and guiltier. Before setting up the donation system, I had an idea that when I finish translating the first volume or something around there, I’ll go have a chat with the author of ATG’s web novel and beg for mercy. I wasn’t sure when I was going to do this before I opened the donation system, but I have decided that I’m going to do it.

If this donation system lasts by the end of volume 1, I’ll go ask the author, Mars Gravity, if he would let me continue translating ATG that way. If he lets me, I’ll continue to translate ATG and maybe put up a donation button for you guys to donate to the author. We’ll see how it goes. I estimate that I’ll probably finish translating all of volume 1 before the end of June at this pace we’re currently at.

Most Chinese web novelists are pretty chill about stuff like this, so let’s cross our fingers.


I (we) cleared 3 committed and 4 sponsored chapters of chapter queue and then woke up to discover 5 more sponsored chapters overnight! I’ll see if I can get them all done by Saturday but don’t count on it. I also have decided to implement a change that will start on May 24th since we’re already into Thursday of the first launch.

The first launch trial period which was suppose to last a week and end on May 16th, shall be extended to May 23rd with a slight change on its second week: alyschu no longer needs to do 3 committed chapters every week. Instead, 3 committed chapters will come out from the entire ATG translation team per week so readers don’t have to worry about that. However, after the first launch ends on May 23rd, bonus chapters will increase from $50 to $75 per chapter. Any donations received from May 24th and onwards will be put into the second launch $75 per chapter donations. Leftovers from first launch will transfer over to the second launch.

This was just a thought I had so if anyone has any thoughts, feelings, anger, resentment, come at me! Whether or not I change this decision, the final decision will be cemented on May 16th and made into an announcement post. bah too lazy, I’ll just put it on the side bar (updated on 05/15/2015)

My plans so far:
First launch (50/ch) will consist of: May 10 – 23
Second launch (75/ch) will start on: May 24 +

– Chapter length double that of (2k character) normal novels, averaging 3.5k-4k using bootleg wordcount
– Sentence structure should be more complicated than others
– More translators means alyschu self-translates less chapters


I feel like instead of concocting an evil plan barely hidden under the term “time = money”, I’ve actually created some kind of community project *gasp* because of the amount of translators I have for ATG now.. O.o..

There will probably be more and more people popping up and doing this kind of stuff (donation system) in the future. Even though I can’t say anything against it since I have given in, I must say that the night is dark and full of such terrors. Sighs. It’s mainly been the Chinese web novel translators who are doing this so it reminds me of those hateful Chinese gold selling bots that spam games about selling gold and stuff. They scare me because I always think they steal people’s info and run away with a *na nana nana* feeling. Then again I have read an article saying that the Chinese government make their prisoners play video games to farm gold and earn money for them…

Finally, I’d like to first give the translators who have not given into this darkness of greed and lust a moment of silence… I LOVE YOU ALL!! EVEN IF YOU HATE ME OR WHAT I’M DOING ATM BECAUSE LOVE IS ETERNAL!!


Final thoughts about second launch probably wed

2 translators pending. If both are accepted and there are even more applications, am thinking of a 1 committed chapter requirement (starting second launch) for all translators if they plan to translate more than 1 sponsored chapter a week, so there is no hogging going on.. This is alyschu’s selfish plan that alyschu& readers can benefit from because alyschu’s a lazy slacker and would get less $$ if others translate. This is so alyschu’s committed chapters can decrease so alyschu can finish sub-translating/editing/whatever else alyschu needs to do to all the chapters any future translators translate! Of course, they (the translators) are free to translate more chapters without payment if they choose to! And make alyschu look bad… but that’s fine because alyschu has already embraced the darkness..

Future Summer Plans and ATG’s First Launch Info

17 Responses to alyschu Rambles

  1. is a new chapter out cuz i see chapter 39 but if i click it says Not Found

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  2. lozlo says:

    I’m kind of curious where you got that average character count from….

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    • alyschu says:

      Nevermind if you were talking about ATG, I stare at the word count every time a chapter’s raw takes up 4-5 pages.. which is almost always.. I don’t even remember the last time it stayed at 3 pages untranslated! I do it to make myself feel better when I get too lazy to translate a chapter a day yet I see others release a chapter a day.. 😦 my raws are longer so it should take longer.. is how I console myself..

      I took note of the word count because the first raw site I used cut off at the 2k mark and nearly cut off an entire half of a chapter! The site I’m currently using seems legit though. I guess I may just be paranoid and used to checking if the raw is messing with me. It even has the author’s note on the bottom showing up!

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      • lozlo says:

        The chapters come from right?

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      • alyschu says:

        yes that’s the second raw site I used and seems legit. the first one sucked pretty badly. I realized the beginning of the chapters randomly started off with a random question about a random thing that wasn’t present in the previous chapter 😛

        I think the first two 3k chapters I’ve seen are being translated right now.. one is by me.. ehehehe.. less characters! /o/

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      • lozlo says:

        Eh. Well I checked 30-41 for humor since the numbers were listed…. Not single chapter was over 3500 characters unless you count punctuation. Half of them weren’t even over 3000. I guess it’s not my business, but I think it’s rather unfair to count periods, commas, question marks and such…..

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      • alyschu says:

        well punctuation is in every chapter though, it would make other people’s translated 2000s into 1500s or even less if said like that lol. how do you check punctuation? I only know how to use word count! there’s also way more idioms and classy stuff in this compared to modern web novels. idioms are usually 4 characters and could probably take up an entire sentence to just translate/interpret those 4!

        well my main excuse is that others with lower word count (half or almost half) than me (even if you take out the punctuation) are charging the same/more than me so I’m embracing more of this darkness.. OTL

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      • lozlo says:

        I just removed them, lol. I did it the easy way with note pad and “replace”. For whatever reason, Word counts punctuation as a character in Chinese I guess.
        The punctuation is….proportional to the chapter size roughly. If the chapter was 2000 with punctuation, it would be roughly 1700-1800ish I guess. Not sure.

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      • alyschu says:

        wow that feels like alot of work.. well the 2000ish is just an average, like the random average I put up for the word count! but I saw someone said that a 2000ish avg chapter had around 1300-1800 characters! so even without the punctuation, it’s still roughly comparable to at least 1.5x of regular web novels.. and 53435436x descriptions.. and idioms

        I MUST CONVINCE YOU TO CONVINCE MYSELF THAT I’M MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION!! O.O!!! look me in the eyes and get hypnotized!! jk, I understand your point though but I have currently turned into a sheep and can only follow the crowd~ baaa

        ps. I already typed up all the Chinese for HD’s prologue.. ohoho I’ll get around to finishing the prologue 1 day.. after the queu. . e . .

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      • lozlo says:

        Ah well. Embrace the darkness, lol. Nothing wrong with receiving something you feel is more fair for your time. I obviously like $50 since it’s cheap. But $75 should be pretty fair on both ends. Of course I guess that kind of depends on how long it takes you. But that’s relative to your skill level, which should increase with practice. :p

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      • alyschu says:

        well it may or may not change depending on how it goes anyways, because I’m easily influenced even if I pretend to be a hipster

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      • lozlo says:

        Well, remember that while it’s nice to have a cheap price(for the freeloaders like me anyway), it’s also good to pick a price you’ll be comfortable with. Especially since not all of them are sponsored chapters. And there will be people who whine once they see you getting money. Best part is, the people who whine will probably be the ones who didn’t donate at all, lol….. *cough*

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    • lozlo says:

      Haha. Alrighty. Well feel free to take your time on HD. I’ll probably take my time editing it, lol. Depends on how lazy I’m feeling, what else I have to do, and whatever other excuses I can think of later, lol. Then again, I might get drawn into it and speed through it. Never know with me. *shrugs*

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  3. Weed says:

    Haha damn I want to be prisoner in china

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  4. namamiri says:

    Gold Selling bots in FF14 ARR. I really want to make a ddos attack on there webshop Servers.

    At the moments this guys are Horror. One full day of playing already 6 new friendshiprequest from them

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  5. Filardi D says:

    We know and I Love You Alyschu :’)
    maybe it to late

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  6. Ahsan raza says:

    if someone plz ask author for me when will he actually continue yuechan and her baby arc because we are getting sick of w8ing for it I was barely keeping it in but now he rinse and repeat and do the same thing to qingyue and now I actually on my last straw at this moment so I just want knw how many chapters will it take 300 or 400 or 1000 just simple answer because it getting irritating to the point that all my friends have stop reading it despite the like the thrill of arc and story and mc personality but still leaving if possible plz tell me that answer right now want to keep my fan club interested in ATG so I I will be really glad if u can giv me some hint about that

    if possible plz reply in


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