Manhua Teasers

Impulsively made this page on 05/04/2015 and am currently seeking to scanlate manhua! WTB REDRAWERS, TYPESETTERS. OTL

I found good guides for Photoshop skills! 1 and 2. If anyone’s interested in helping me do the artistic stuff, please come at me!!

Hua Dian (The Flower Offering) – HD

I AM VERY INTERESTED IN THIS!! This needs someone with serious skills (maybe??) because it is super duper pretty and colorful.. . and has a map.. Maybe I should pick a black and white manhua..

To anyone interested in redrawing/cleaning/typesetting, please email me to obtain the RAWs.

Note for interested redrawers:
This manhua is some kind of rainbow crazy shjt so if anything, you can probably put the sfx translation near the Chinese sfx instead of redrawing it if it’s too complicated. Can leave the sfx that are hard to handle alone and just put in a little TL note on what it says. As for the transparent narrative boxes, you can just color it in without redrawing the stuff in it’s background, anything to make it easier, no need to be perfect. As long as it looks decent to look at. I am not looking for perfection, I just want the important text to be pasted on 🙂

A Small Imaginative League of Legends Slice of Life

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