Recommend a Novel

If you have a recommendation, please provide a link to the Chinese raw along with its title to make my life easier. It doesn’t matter if you just want me to read it or want me to translate it but please tell me if you specifically want me to pick a project up!

Don’t bother asking about anything from, everything there is Japanese. I translate Chinese -> English.

Old posts below.

I’m currently looking for a new fun and easy project to work on. Hopefully one without all those crazy descriptive descriptions. I came across a Chinese site with light novels. Please tell me if the project I am working on is or has been translated by someone else so I can cross it off my list.

The way I decide on a light/web novel is quite simple.
– Cover image
– Synopsis
– Check if anyone is already translating it
– Read prologue or first chapter
(Is it interesting enough to hold my goldfish attention span as I translate it?)
– Think about it

Since my googling skills are not real, my findings may not be real. Please tell me if real. Just like how ghosts don’t real.

So far my quick 30 min of searching for want-to-translate-novel list is as follows:
1. Ore ga Ojou-Sama Gakkou ni ‘Shomin Sample’ Toshite Usarareta Ken (guhehe translation)
2. Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (got it!)
3. Re: An idiot can also save the world? – raw. Found a Japanese wiki so if I do translate this I will at least try to keep the jp names
4. ~deleted
5. The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World –raw. Completed. 1 volume.
6. My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant) – raw. Completed with 4 volumes total
7. Juvenile Onmyoji – raw. In progress. 39 volumes. Has been animated (wow!) and found a wiki. (baka-tsuki’s other sources)
8. Dragon Crisis – raw. Completed. 13 volumes.

By the way when I start translating the names of characters, they may be in Chinese. I will try my best to keep/find the names in jp. I really wanted to do #1 because it looked short.. :(. If you have a recommendation, please provide a link to the Chinese raw along with it’s title to make my life easier. When I have time, I will take a look at your suggestions. I interpret all the titles from their Chinese titles unless I find the Japanese version (by version I mean their names/titles/places, not original Japanese raw..) of it.

Suggested by others:
1. Sekai no kiki wa Mekurumeku (掀起世界危機!) Time to Set Off a Dazzling World Crisis! raw. Completed. 8 volumes. Chinese does not have mekurumeku (sparkle/dazzling?) in title. Looks like a harem comedy. Found a baka-tsuki page.

At least read the one sentence in bold..

82 Responses to Recommend a Novel

  1. lirg123 says:
    (4 chapter is already out on a different site and currently on long term halt)

    As for Slime Tensei Monogatari, I think you can take over it if you ask.

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  2. bozidar4 says:

    translate this it seems very fun to read and the translator says its free for pick up !!!


  3. Funelas says:

    Title – Legend

    Synopsis: (MTL guesslation by me.)
    Saeki, who lived in the Northeast of the country town lost his life in an absurd accident during summer vacation but soon noticed he was in a world of white. The only thing there is a mysterious ball of light which turned out to be a magician from another world, and that magician was looking for a person who is entitled to succeed him, to preserve his magic research. Reiji accepted the offer to live a different world named Erujiin, blessed with powerful magic.


    • alyschu says:

      Unfortunately, it is in Japanese. While I am all up for translating a good light novel, I need it’s Chinese raw counterpart to bring out an accurate (as possible) translation. Try your luck elsewhere!


  4. vaevicti says:

    This is not a translation request or anything, but I saw that you enjoy fantasy( from your ratings page) and thought I should link some good fantasy you might enjoy. All ratings will go from your rating system outlined on the recommendations page.

    Promise of Blood (Powder Mage Bk 1) – Mature (4.5 stars)

    The Emperor’s Blades (Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne Bk1) – Mature (4.5 stars)

    The Dragon’s Path (The Dagger and the Coin Bk 1) – Mature (4.5 stars)

    Kushiel’s Dart (Kushiel’s Legacy Bk1) – Mature (4 stars) – Kind of similar to Black Jewels Trilogy, but more mature

    The DragonBone Chair (Memory, Sorrow and Thorn Bk1) – YA (5 stars) – Probably one of the best YA books I have ever read. Really all of Tad Williams is great. Also check out his “Otherland” series. It’s Sci-fi, mostly, but is so good.

    Thanks for your hard work by the way. I love reading your translations.


    • alyschu says:

      ah yes, that was the RAW site I found ATG from, it cuts off novels at the ends of the chapter sometimes

      I’ll take a look at all these later and if I’m interested, I’ll try to find a better site for the RAWs


  5. Queck says:
    Same author as Douluo Dalu, this is one of his better novels.


  6. dharmox says:

    Try this : . Also try this copas from

    武炼巅峰(MT is Wu Lian Peak) by 莫默. Link 武炼巅峰(MT is Wu Lian Peak) by 莫默. Link here here and it updates on average twice a day. and it updates on average twice a day.

    Usual Xian Xia stuff with added relationship problems. MC is a failure until he finds a black book which mysteriously heals him from a disability that kept him from practicing. He Usual Xian Xia stuff with added relationship problems. MC is a failure until he finds a black book which mysteriously heals him from a disability that kept him from practicing. He is also a bit of a playboy eventually, but it never detracts from his goal of pursuing the martial arts to their peak. He may annoy you with being a little too “genius” and lucky is also a bit of a playboy eventually, but it never detracts from his goal of pursuing the martial arts to their peak. He may annoy you with being a little too “genius” and lucky though.
    Raw :

    Last one is 武极天下(MT is Martial World) by 蚕茧里的牛. Link is Last one is 武极天下(MT is Martial World) by 蚕茧里的牛. Link is here here and at the moment it is updating three times a day. and at the moment it is updating three times a day.

    Again pretty standard, but the story consistently ranks well on various sites. It’s also one of the few I bookmark. Again pretty standard, but the story consistently ranks well on various sites. It’s also one of the few I bookmark.
    Raw :


  7. lee says:

    check out this manga THE SWORD OF EMPEROR


  8. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    Whew, so if imma understanding everything from ur post… you only need some novel recommendations to read… then i don´t need to use mine usually three pages long welcome essay lol.. anyway.. SS-Swallowed Star is a IET novel which got 600+ chapter.. 80+ have been translated and still going but the translator needs help..
    will just link the raws and the translated chapters – raws – no need to tell where this links to…


  9. Roflmeowz says:

    When I saw your suggestions I immediately wanted to suggest you read The Lies of Locke Lamora, the story is fantastic and dark I personally liked it better then the Night Angel series. The other two books aren’t as good but if you have the time I would suggest reading the first one.


    • Anonymous says:

      Have to agree. I will say I enjoyed the third book equally with the first and the second is good in its own way. Definitely worth reading. At least three times. In a row.


  10. jumpy999 says:

    I originally made this list for myself to 1. Ease my boredom 2. To find a book to read 3. Try translating

    Hope you find something interesting and thanks for the translations!

    Average Words/Chapter: 4k (first 70 chapters ~6-7k words, then ~3-4k words afterwards)
    Total Word Count: 3,124,360

    Summary (translated from the Baidu infopage):
    The gods have died …… The devils have disappeared … … Why am I … … still alive? Why was I allowed to come out of the ancient Necropolis of the Gods? What path will I take now?
    Inside the Necropolis of the Gods, besides containing human kind’s strongest powerhouses from all of the different eras and other kinds of great immortals, the rest of the tombs either contained an ancient god or devil. This was one part of the resting place for the gods and devils. An ordinary youth dies. Ten thousand years later, the youth resurrects from the Necropolis of the Gods, shocking all within the Necropolis of the Gods.
    After a long ten thousand years, the world has changed.
    The Immortal Continent and the Magic Continent have joined together. Cultivation and magic, Zhen Qi and Dou Qi, exist in harmony. The Eastern dragons and the Western dragons now dance together in the skies.
    Peerless beauties, touching romance; terrifying dangers, thrilling adventures; ancient traditions, lost legends; heavenly secrets, divine artifacts…
    Mysterious Eastern cultivation methods, Western magic, powerful Eastern fighters, mighty Western dragon soldiers, the legend begins…

    Average Words/Chapter: 3k words
    Total Word Count: 2,095,214

    (Translated from some guy’s top 10 list on a Chinese forum – #7):
    FangXiang(author)brings us into a completely new world with an all new way of fighting. The protagonist is a youth who starts from society’s lowest level growing into a world-renowned powerhouse. Although the novel is based on the world of fantasy, it comes out as life from reality. Friendship, love, kinship, and all of real-life society’s characteristics can all be found in this novel. From the start to the finish, there are no large errors (plot holes?). The plot is fascinating making the reader unable to put the book down. The protagonist is not a person whose luck goes against the heavens; his achievements are a result of his own hard work and he deserves to be a role model. The only lacking part of this novel is that the author’s description of romance is not meticulous enough.

    This is the book I ended up choosing and it’s really good so far. I translated the first chapter (for experience — I found that translating a chapter is a hell of a lot easier than translating a summary) so if you want to take a look I can send you the first chapter (not edited).

    Average Word Count: ~7k words/chapter
    Total Word Count: 846,525

    (Translated from some guy’s top 10 list on a Chinese forum – #1):
    You may have not heard of this novel or perhaps you just didn’t read this novel, but I have to say that for me; this book will always be number one. I read this novel when I was in the 2nd year of middle school, a time when I had just recently begun reading mysterious fantasy (玄幻) novels. I was enamored by the witty and humorous language. The magic country’s small life forms began to experience adventures. In the entire journey, you can find Chinese style fantasy, Western style fantasy, WuXia, cartoon-like qualities. Sword Qi, magic, cultivation (道术) appear in that order. The traditional and modern WuXia model and even styles from different types of Wuxia can all be seen in this novel. In the plot, all of these different settings, all of these different suspense patterns, all of the different portrayals of emotions comprise all of the author’s life experiences. The author’s exquisite writing style reveal how he constructed 超魔杀帝国’s blueprint and mold a series of deep characters. QiLin and XiaoShu are the author’s two greatest/intricate characters. These two character’s personalities are even greater than the lead role’s. When XiaoShu dies, I believe that many people will grieve for their friendship’s helplessness. When QiLin dies, I believe that many people cannot help but tear up and grieve at the lead role’s and her love for each other. Of course, the novel has many other characters with deep and lasting impressions — it was just that I could not relate to them. I hope that when the rest of the audience finishes reading these books they will appreciate the book.

    Average Words/Chapter: ~5k words
    Total Word Count: 2,711,494

    (Translated from some guy’s top 10 list on a Chinese forum – #2):
    Three leads, fourteen major characters, the author used many years to describe a magnificent work of art. Three epic male heroes, using their own strength, change the world. The work succeeds in too many things as I’ve read this three times, five times to appreciate this book. Just a while before, I saw HanChengFeng’s sacrifice and my tears could not stop flowing. Just a while before, I saw Lin He sacrifice himself for his dragon partner. Being a male, I could not help but choke with emotions! Just a while before, I saw Ai Mi’s young romance and I could not help but sight! Just a while before, I saw how that so-called god was false, we cannot believe in such a religion! We are just mercenaries, we are only responsible for younger siblings. This is a mercenary. This is what the author portrays as a mercenary world.


  11. Nix says:

    Twillight Songstress
    volume 1 & 2 already translated on BT (hiatus)


  12. dmust says:

    Can I recommed “swallowed star” by I eat tomatoes.. Curently is being translated on spc by zeb.. But it seems to be dropped by him. Kinda wasted a freaking great novel if it not continuing.. Siigh… This is just my own selfish request btw, hopefully someone will read this and maybe wanna continu translatimg it.. Thx a bunch


  13. dmust says:

    Can I recommend “swallowed star” by I eat tomatoes.. Curently is being translated on spc by zeb.. But it seems to be dropped by him. Kinda wasted a freaking great novel if it not continuing.. Siigh… This is just my own selfish request btw, hopefully someone will read this and maybe wanna continu translatimg it.. Thx a bunch


  14. Salante says:

    A recommendation for readin’, not for translation;

    Iron Druid Chronicles. Pretty decent.


  15. pete says:

    This is my favorite chinese novel from a Taiwan author. Check it out, I think you will enjoy it.

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  16. marcusblade1 says:

    This seems to be a funny book similar to Btth and CD please check it out. It may be a novel you might like to pick up.


  17. hmtheowner says:

    i would like to recommend JMG(juvenile medical god) it was translated by flowerbridgetoo till some point and he dropped. i think its pretty good if you consider please give it a read and thanks a lot for the current Translations and sharing.


  18. marcusblade1 says:

    Hi alyschu here is the link info the flowerbridge gave to the raw for battle emperor


  19. marcusblade1 says:

    Hey Alyschu You sent me a link to JMG. I think it was meant for someone else. I am interested in Battle Emperor.


  20. DD says:

    Blood Song by Anthony Ryan. A great darker fantasy.


  21. tehweirdo says:

    I suggest the novels from the “Synopsis Sunday” category of:

    I’m sure you’ve heard of “Synopsis Sunday” before, but just as a heads up

    “Close Combat Mage” and “Battle Emperor” are already taken, so choose any from the “Synopsis Sunday” except for these 2

    If you want the raws for any of them, scroll down to the extra info.


  22. Sheguey says:

    How about a collaboration with to translate Xian Ni?
    Summary (Unofficial):
    A Child (Wang Lin/Tie Zhu our beloved MC) breaks the chains of his common birth and mediocre talent in true XianXia style to pursue the road to immortality. It contains the standard-fare elements that you might see in IET Novels and for those uninitiated, it means power-ups galore, an MC with a vendetta, Villains galore and entertainment for everyone. [Disclaimer: I haven’t read far enough to determine the quantity in which each of those elements are present but I am assuming those to be there]


    • Sheguey says:

      With Void*


      • alyschu says:

        While I haven’t read Xian Ni, I have a feeling this is more unlikely than me picking up something new. Since Void has translated a ton of chapters already, I have a feeling that instead of translating with him, I’d feel more inclined to re-translate/edit his previous chapters .. thus making it a bit counter productive


  23. lazyk says:

    hey can any one plz tell me that which novel is this manhua based on


  24. killermars15 says:

    any chance you can do

    Slaughter God

    With a pill, one could revive from the dead. With a talisman, one could overwhelm the universe. The boundless road. The perishing world. A young man with a lowly birth, one sword, one diagram, a cavity of hot blood! Dashing toward that magnificent world to strife against saints and men! Unyielding is my name, stubborn is my banner, fearing no adversity, continued persistence!
    In the future then it records, the slaughter of millions of gods!


  25. Wytchlord says:

    Can you take a look at this?
    Humanity is surpreme – 人道至尊
    It sounds really interesting and I would love for you to pick it up if it interests you.


  26. Could you consider continuing Martial God Space (Wu Shen Kong Jian) thatguywhosthere ( has translated up to chapter 16, but he is on a hiatus and does not know when he will continue if ever.



  27. coffipls says:

    Iron Druid Chonicles by Kevin Hearne


  28. Sage says:

    I think you should read “A mistaken marriage match: A generation of military counselor.” So far, it’s funny and somewhat action-y (and romance?) with a female MC being body swapped/transported to ancient times. I especially like how she uses her experience as a former ex-SWAT officer to put both young and hardened soldiers in their place. Currently it’s being machine translated here:
    Shusheng Bar has all the relevant Chinese links:

    If you like the above, you can try “A mistaken marriage match: Record of washed grievances.” Some teaser chapters were done by the same person as above.
    Shusheng Bar link:

    If you happen to like romance, Shusheng Bar gives synopsis for lots of Chinese novels and links to the raws, if you aren’t already aware of them. It’d be cool if you end up picking up something from there, but no pressure. =p


    • alyschu says:

      Shushenbar was where I found hilarious pamper consort :)!! But I don’t know if I want to pick up a project that someone is doing even if it is machine translated :$


      • Sage says:

        Oh no, I just want you to read it, not actually pick it up for translation. I think it’s a very well-done machine translation, if that can even be a thing. The humor goes through and I’m rarely confused with what’s going on. (This is a lot more than I can say for some works done by actual translators.) I actually have a hard time believing it’s machine translated when I read through it.

        While the person doing the machine translation is a bit slow, especially when you consider how many years it would take for them to finish, they’re generally consistent in updating every week.

        My slight ulterior motive is if you end up liking it, you might be interested enough to see if the other novels in the same series are worth translating. Or just more things off of Shusheng Bar. (I am sooo done with male MCs with harems.)


  29. Innocent Bystander says:

    why is Ore ga Ojou-Sama Gakkou ni ‘Shomin Sample’ Toshite Usarareta Ken cross out!!!!


  30. Innocent Bystander says:

    thank you


  31. Richard says:

    Is there any chance someone knows where to find sword emperor form chapter 10?


  32. Zaq Stein says:

    Extremely good novel that would attract thousands of novel readers.
    [[ Tales of Demons and Gods ]]
    ——————— Synopsis: —————————-
    Nie Li, the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world however, he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only Red soul realm, but with the aid of the vast knowledge which he accumulated from his previous life, he trained faster then anyone.
    Trying to protect the city which in the coming future was being assaulted by beast and ended up being destroyed as well as protecting his lover, friends and family who died by the beast assault. And to destroy the Sacred family whom abandon their duty and betrayed city in his past life.
    thyaeriatranslations is translating this but the rate is very slow. They stopped at chapter 92 while the raw novel is at 280.
    This novel is extremely attractive if you’d like to start translating from chapter 93 or work together with thyaeriatranslations.


  33. DeathStroke96 says:

    Try Xian Ni it was recently dropped by void translations and doesn’t have anyone at the moment translating


  34. angelserena says:

    God and Devil World droped today…


  35. Ella says:

    Well its not exactly a translated web novel. The person is writing the original story in english. No cover, but the story looks pretty good. in fact I’ve been going around posting this:

    I recently found an interesting story by chance. Well, It’s only one story rn but it looks like the author will write more. I really liked her work, so I’m going to spread this exact same msg. Oh and here’s the link.


  36. . . . . . . says:

    How bout’ this?
    Qishi Huanxiang Ye
    I couldn’t find any site that has English translation so. . .


  37. James Void says:

    Where can i read tensie shittara slime datta ken????


  38. Joshua Rolle says:

    just saw this miss and post my previous one about this in the wrong form sorry

    the first one is My Beautiful wife president
    the link for the raw is here but some chapters or mix up and repeats of the same chapters so for some you would have to serch up the chapter online to find the original this is only if you wish to use to raw text

    If you just want the already translated version from machine and just want to correct the grammatical mistakes and some wording then i already have all the chapters in the right order from when i read it on this link

    this book is really good so i really recomend you guys checking it out. the next one is
    Drawing a master in the city
    this is the link to the raw
    unlike the other one all the chapters or in the right order and if you use chrome you can just let it do automatic translate and copy it and edit it if you wish to just correct grammatical mistakes and wording and if not then just copy the raw
    both of these books are really awesome so i just wanted to put them out there in case no one have found them yet


  39. tiashekll says:

    Title : Elqueeness

    He died as a human, only to be told his birth was a mistake.
    He was supposed to be born as the Elqueeness, the Water Spirit King. And now, they will fix that mistake and he will be reborn to his rightful destiny. But wait, there are still many problems concerning this Spirit King who doesn’t know how to do anything!

    It’s little slow the first chapters but if you read you will love it!

    there’s 2 chapter per month if not sponsored..
    you can read there! :


  40. History’s strongest senior brother
    It has been picked from wuxiaworld but they gave up on it since two months ago for no reason as it was a really pretty nice novel! Could you guys pick it up?


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