I would like to thank all the readers of this blog from the bottom of my heart whether you have donated or not. I enjoy your witty comments and happiness!

Every translator on the team will be able to choose whether or not they want to accept donations. All links for each translator will 100% go to specific translator. There will be no “team” button because alyschu has no idea how to split that up. You, our readers will decide who gets what. If you don’t want to think about it, just donate to alyschu and leave a message or email telling me which project’s translators you want to give your donation to. I will split it up between translators that are currently active on the project in terms of their contribution percentage out of all releases currently out. The one that translates more of a chapter will of course get more when split. I hope this option won’t be chosen, but I’ll try my best to be as fair as possible if this happens.

Translator contribution will be written on top of each chapter. Make sure you’re donating to the right person! Check the “purpose” of the donation if you’re going to do it!

Any translator on my team that’s on a project with a consistent schedule of chapters per week can activate their own bonus chapter event if they feel up to the task.

100% Appreciation Donations
Donations under this category are unrelated to any ongoing bonus chapter events and will not be added into any ongoing sponsored queue. Click the corresponding translator’s name to directly donate to them! Remember to check the Manual Progress Report on the sidebar for an updated list of which translator is on which project!

Active Translators
alyschu (ATG, SLKD, MMS, HD, RRS, RRS manga)
——– leave message/email if donating to a project name’s entire team
– Neko (ATG)
OverTheRanbow (ATG, RRS, RRS manga)
reversewolf (SLKD)
SummerRain (ATG, MMS)
Frantasy (ATG)

[Event] Sponsor Against the Gods
This is a summertime event that will last until the end of August (tentative). Amount is split between translators who have contributed to each sponsored chapter. They’re basically bribes that will make us release more than our committed number of chapters per week. For this active event, we currently have a commitment of 3 chapters a week with no set schedule. We do have a Manual Progress Report though.
1 <== Click to sponsor ATG

#2, rhyein, Eric, superpotatosama, Shin

ATG – Against the Gods
SLKD – The Simple Life of Killing Demons
MMS – Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba
HD – The Flowering Offering
RRS – In Regards to my Reincarnation as a Slime
RRS (manga) – In Regards to my Reincarnation as a Slime

Disclaimer: Donations to specific translators may or may not mean faster releases, it is entirely up to the translator his/herself to decide.

Link for translators who want to: Make A PayPal Button

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  1. Kadark says:

    Adding my cute dog to double the efficiency of my donation.

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  2. Emperor of da Cats (Actual Title) says:

    Just here to say hi~


  3. Rebonair says:

    Woot can’t wait for more atg hope the donation helps =)


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