My Recommendations

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Needs to be a more blog-like blog. Quick list of stuff I have read/watched that are mostly recommendations that I want to share. Will add more when I remember stuff randomly. I can read/watch anything but I rarely watch sob stories and excessive gore. Weird thing is that I can read them perfectly fine. English novels that have overall series ratings mean that I read them a long long time ago or I don’t remember how good each individual book was. I have only started reading fan translations of web/light novels. I mainly read fantastique literature. I am pretty generous in giving stars.

If anyone was curious about how I feel about my translations:
– ATG (4.5)
– SKLD (3.5)
By the way, I am rating the above as of 04/20/2015 in their RAW form..

When I give stars
– I think about how they are compared to others of its genre/type
– average type of book belonging to it’s genre would be a 3 (duh)
– then I add/take away stars based on my opinion

1 ~ 5 – stars
J – juvenile, for kids and up
YA – young adult, hard to find one without a bit of teen angst, sniff
M – mature adult
PTR/PTW – plan to read/watch
? – don’t plan on reading/watching anytime soon
d – dropped

Light/Web Novels
Duolou Dalu: male MC, team play (4.5)
An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku: female MC, game (4.5)
Zhan Long: strong male MC, virtual reality, (3)
Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: male MC, virtual reality (4.5)
Coiling Dragon: male MC, xianxia (4)
Stellar Transformation: male MC, xianxia (d, 3)
Desolate Era: male MC, xianxia (4)

English Novels
Night Angel Trilogy : male MC, gritty fantasy, slums, assassins (M)
The Way of Shadows (4.5)
Shadow’s Edge (4)
Beyond the Shadows (4)
The Ascendance Trilogy : male MC, wits, becomes something great (J)
The False Prince (5)
The Runaway King (4)
The Shadow Throne (?)
Seven Realms series : male MC, fantasy, magic, beautiful covers (YA)
The Demon King (4.5)
The Exiled Queen (4.5)
The Gray Wolf Throne (4)
The Crimson Crown (PTR)
The Black Jewels Trilogy: cast of MC but story centered around a girl, dark fantasy, sex slaves (M)
Daughter of the Blood (5)
Heir to the Shadows (3)
Queen of Darkness (4.5)
– has side volumes (avg 3-4)
Parasol Protectorate: female MC, steampunk, romance, supernatural (M)
– Soulless (4.5)
– Changeless (2.5)
– Blameless (3)
– Heartless (3.5)
– Timeless (3)
Finishing School: female MC, steampunk, romance, supernatural, spies (YA)
– Etiquette & Espionage (4.5)
– Curtsies & Conspiracies (3)
– Waistcoats & Weaponry (4)
– Manners & Mutiny (PTR)
Throne of Glass series : female MC, assassin, teen angst, love triangle (YA)
– Throne of Glass (4.5)
– Crown of Midnight (3)
– Heir of Fire (3)
– Queen of Shadows (PTR)
The Hunger Games series : female MC, dystopian (YA)
– The Hunger Games (4.5)
– Catching Fire (3)
– Mockingjay (1)
The Heir Chronicles series : different MC per book, fantasy in the modern world (YA)
– The Warrior Heir (3)
– The Wizard Heir (4)
– The Dragon Heir (3)
– The Enchanter Heir (2.5)
– The Sorcerer Heir (?)
The Infernal Devices series : female MC, fantasy, teen angst, love triangle (YA)
– Clockwork Angel (3.5)
– Clockwork Prince (3)
– Clockwork Princess (2.5)
The Mortal Instruments series : female MC, fantasy, teen angst, love shape (YA)
– City of Bones (4)
– City of Ashes (3.5)
– City of Glass (3)
– rest of series (?)
The Broken Empire series : male MC, twisted, dark fantasy, anti-hero, very gritty (M)
– Prince of Thorns (d2, however, this is really good if you an handle the grit)
– rest (?)
The Red Queen’s War series : male MC, dark fantasy (M)
– Prince of Fools (PTR)
1-800-Where-R-You series : female MC, supernatural (YA, 4)

Kids Paperback
Dragon Slayers’ Academy series : male MC, medieval (J, 3.5)
The Secrets of Droon series : cast of MC, fantasy (J, 4)
Deltora Quest : centers around male MC, fantasy (J, 4)

MAL profile for more (yes this is actually me, been to lazy to update lately)

27 Responses to My Recommendations

  1. mistakenlylost says:

    You should continue reading the broken empire series.. 😀

    It’s not that dark.. really. 😀 I promise. you will have no regrets, unlike other dark fantasy stories.
    One of the best fantasy story I’ve ever read. no joke.


    • mistakenlylost says:

      I don’t know how you finished reading the night angel trilogy. In my opinion, it contains more dark and mature themes than the last 2 books of broken empire series. (king of thorns and emperor of thorns)


      It made my heart wrench in pain, when the general’s son experienced NTR. Then it took me a lot of effort to continue reading. sigh. :((

      Liked by 1 person

      • alyschu says:

        I stopped in the first chapter of the first book in the series, when he was glancing at them with his eyes and bad thoughts. I do not take that sort of thing well.. I can take murder and any type of other mean dark mature things but not what he thought… *shrug* maybe I will one day re-read it

        Liked by 2 people

  2. asphyx says:

    Wow, you really hate Mockingjay, don’t you 😛 Seeing as you gave it the only 1 in the entire page…


  3. Weed says:

    Im surprised you haven’t read “The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan”.


    • alyschu says:

      Probably because I tend to avoid English novels with the world “time” in them because in my opinion, I feel like they don’t exactly do it well if compared to other foreign novels. “It” refers to time travel, reincarnation, etc.

      Edit: It looks to be published by Tor books, which was actually the publishing company of the first fantasy novel I’ve ever read. As in more than 300 (?) pages.


      • Zhugenaut says:

        WoT is not about time travel, it’s about a circle of event’s that happens in cyclic manner, again and again for eternity. That’s how prophecy comes about. I only reads the Robert Jordan works, not the rest by Brandon Sanderson.
        It’s not really reincarnation story, maybe as an avatar of higher power.


      • The wheel of time does not deal with time travel. It does deal with reincarnation, in a sort of broad way. Basically, when people die, they’re reborn as someone else. That’s the extent of it. That’s the Wheel. In form though, it only deals with the reincarnation of one man. There’s this whole prophecy concerning the Dragon reborn, The Dragon was a great general and all powerful sorcerer of sorts. They’re not actually called sorcerers, but the people who channel elements are this series’s version of it, and he was one of the most powerful ever. He’s reborn, a dark force is rising, everyone is going to die, there’s war, there’s intrigue, there’s harem. It’s pretty cool.

        The Wheel of Time is a hugely regarded series that a lot of other authors pull from. If you start reading it you’ll probably notice some similarities it has with other works before long. A lot of people use it as a sort of intro to fantasy, but I’d recommend it.


      • kaismodian says:

        If you haven’t read the Brandon Sanderson books you are missing the best books in the wheel of time series. Also if you liked the night angel trilogy you should seriously check out Brandon Sanderson’s books. He’s awesome. Wheel of time is a great series but Brandon Sanderson is a better author than Jordan in my opinion.


      • First? says:

        Also Patrick Rothfuss kingkiller chronicles are good but no one knows when the next one will come out


  4. lozlo says:

    Hrm. You should read “The Crimson Crown” so I can see what you rank it, lol.
    I Didn’t like Night Angel Trilogy simply for the ending…. I thought it was interesting enough til then…. But for me, a sad ending ruins the whole series for me….. Hate bad endings. Hate.


  5. Zhugenaut says:

    Night Angel book covers are one of my favourite. Another of my favourite book cover is Knight Fall by Joe Ducie, to a point that i gave the book five stars rating on goodreads.

    How about Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust? I admit the author style differs from book to book, not to mention switching point of view in several books. I really like the main character, an assassin and mob boss. Be warned, the books are not in chronological order. I’ve had enough sorting overlapping events in Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey.


  6. agila0212 says:

    How about Swallowed Star, Martial God Asura and Xian Ni?


  7. Kaco says:

    I’ve read Seven Realms series and must say i liked them.
    First three books were great but i find last one somewhat lacking.


  8. I like your taste, I’m really looking forward to your translations.


  9. Can someone suggest a book like ATG??? PLEASEEEE


    • Tangmen says:

      Dude ATG tends to be in a realm of its own but if you are looking for as crafty and funny of a novel series then I recommend reading LSK which is Legend of the Sun Knight by Yu Wu. The MC is flat out evil and follows a set of principles that are equal and may just surpass Yun Che’s in my opinion because he’s one in denial and two always holds a grudge.

      I pity the fool that decides to f**k with Grisia Sun.


  10. Chris Kyle says:

    Bookmarked this thanks


  11. Julian Vega says:

    Thanks for your translations, I barely can speak English but i enjoy reading. Is possible to change the background of the text to another more comfortable? for me the white color is too shine to reading. I realy appreciate your translations and good work


  12. something or another says:

    Dude Prince of Fools is AMAZING. The cover art isnt much to look at, but seriously, its a must. The first three pages are sublime
    But, nice to see a fellow Finishing School fan, its not that common where I’m from.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I’m surprised to find another fan of the seven realms novels here you dont seem to have read other more popular series though.


  14. Edna says:

    I’m still looking for a book “pure blood”” whether someone has or read that book?
    I would be grateful


  15. nazck says:

    Have you read The Stormlight Archives?


  16. Khartus says:

    If you still didnt do it, take a look to the series of David Eddings, or McCaffrey, or Marion Zimmer Bradley… a llitle old but always good ^^


  17. Anonymous says:

    网游之倒行逆施 highly recommended


  18. Blue Wings says:

    You should translate Lan Chi, it’s so good!


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