The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World

The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World

Current Status: Completed. 1 volume.

Genre Tags: different world

Synopsis: coming soon

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 –

6 Responses to The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World

  1. diukes says:

    Cover looks nice but… its only cover 😀


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  3. KiraKiller says:

    Hello Aly,
    like i posted in the Teaser page i’m interested in translating even this project
    for the readers you can choose here —>

    if not interested please delete this comment ! ♥


  4. KiraKiller says:

    Synopsis done in a hurry:

    On this continent where everything is controlled by the Dao [Chaos (Hùndùn)], Sovereigns keeps fighting wars (continued to fight by triggering wars) for the possession of lands and wealths.
    The central figures of the wars, with the Dao engraved on the body ( with the power[shadow] of the Dao), were mercenaries, the shadow of evil [were evil mercenaries].
    The young mercenary Luo Yi, continued tobattle the enemy incessantly on the battlefield, to gain possession of the Dao and abilities.
    Everything in order to “become stronger”.
    One day, a powerful Dao suddenly appears in front of him.
    It should have been a dragon spirit or a disaster with a Dao god king rank.
    “Well, where are we?”
    Why there was a girl who knew nothing about the world!?


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