This page shall be for Pictionary Contests. If anyone has a creative idea, feel free to draw it out and email it to me so others can guess what it is!

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Question/Description –
Prize –
Closest –
Winner –
Answer –

No, you don’t have to fill all of that in.. and your answer doesn’t need to be as long as mine . . .


Submitted by alyschu
Question/Description: This was drawn when a friend described his dream to me. What’s happening here?
Prize – none
– the black in this drawing is a stick figure of my friend that I’m trying to describe
– he’s doing a “look at me” pose
– a more specific question: what’s happening on his face?
Closest –
Winner –
Answer –


Submitted by alyschu
Question/Desription – What’s going on in the car?
Prize – random chapter of any main project within 24hrs
Closest – madsmanthan21 and Hik5
Winner – alyschu
Answer – Pretend we have x-ray vision. This is an x-ray vision birds-eye view of a car. Black lines are part of the car. On the left, is the left side of the car. The big bump on top is the front of the car. The two circles on the right side are wheels. Now we look into the car. The gray circles are the driver and passenger seats. Me or amy means exactly what it means, either me or amy will sit in the back seat or the passenger seat. We are represented by a happy sun because we take up half the backseat of the car. Now onto the main reason about why alyschu drew this picture. This picture was drawn by alyschu to explain a seating arrangement that can fit 5 people in the backseat. The middle section is the floor and the bottom section is the backseat. There are 4 people on the left side of the backseat. The brown K represents #2, a translator on the team. He is currently curled up into a ball on the floor. The pink F and R are also people who are curled up into a ball. F has curled up into ball and is on top of K. R is curled up into a ball on the backseat. The mysterious green R has his back to the ceiling and is on top of them all. The reason why F and R are the same pink is because I estimated that F on top of K should be leveled with R on top of the backseat. This is my proposed “happy and compact” seating arrangement for our summer vacation trip that happened 2 (?) years ago!

50 Responses to Pictionary

  1. Kensei Seraph says:

    That sounds like a pretty uncomfortable seating arrangement for a short trip, nevermind a long trip.


    • alyschu says:

      If it makes you feel better, it was my seating arrangement for a 6 hour car ride


      • wes174 says:

        holy molly that sounds awfull! there was no second car? well i guess after all that we cant blame you for givng us a high incentive for nearly impossible picture… i still dont get why green R is lieing down and useing 3 other people for a cushion?


      • alyschu says:

        my seating arrangement was rejected and the reason why green R is on top is because he was the youngest


      • wes174 says:

        on top of what every one else like i asked or???????


  2. ultragunner says:

    clown car all the way…

    The tru secret is to get a car with a dimensional pocket and stuff who ever is willing to go for live trials


    • xias1 says:

      The best part is that there is no driver in that picture so that means either their 6 hours long trip would mean standing still in the same place for 6 hours or they´d be going on a suicide trip to hell that would take only seconds itself and then 6 hours to die a painful death. XDD


  3. Isekai says:

    being represented by a happy sun because of taking half of the seat doesn’t make any sense at all, and shoving 4 people on one side while the other have just 1 make even less sense, is it because you and amy are woman or err better not say what i’m thinking now(or you might be angry).

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  4. wes174 says:

    R is on top of what though? everyones laps???


  5. Anonymous says:

    1)Dancing(can can) with a fruit hat
    2)Fashion Runway with one of those funky hats


  6. namamiri says:

    You are a murderer and you feeled so much guilt that you tried to tell us in a round about way


  7. namamiri says:

    My Guesses:

    1. Old Asian Rain Dance with Fake Eyebrows, beard and really Long beard ( length to the side )
    2. Ritualdance to call the ancestors
    3. Drunken-Dancing. Someone wanted to try drunking-Boxing but started to Dance like an Drunken-Idiot


  8. henrywolf123 says:

    Some sort of big insect man with mandibles… I’m not sure what kind but I’m imagining terraformars style terrors


  9. HaHaHaaa!!!! says:

    lol, do you give hints? like, is it human? xD
    it seems like a running/dancing human to me, but others have already given those answers so that’s a no…
    Then there is the mysterious multicolored lines and squiggles that seem to be covering its head…hrmm… :/
    The part at the top resembles a head/roach due to the black line at the very top..antennae…? O.o
    Crap, now i see something pretty vulgar… ^^
    Okay, i’m spending far to much time on this, I give up._. …for now… xP

    < |


    • HaHaHaaa!!!! says:

      So, after trying to copy the pose in the mirror, I decide it must be an alien(the head part looks like something from an alien creature) holding something on it’s back.
      Or, something skipping, or a rainbow roach with a $#!+ trail.
      It also looks like a person doing ballet but with some weird contraption upon their head.

      meh, ill be back when my creative juices are flowing smoothly…I mean like, who wakes up and tries to see if any of their favorite fictions updated yet…?
      Not that i have a problem with the translation speed of any of the various fictions i’m reading…now im just ranting and typing whatever im thinking at the moment, which is quite weird. should i erase all that? hrmm
      An iguana!
      A samurai!
      Someone that’s been chopped in half and had their head dressed in….stuff!
      A guy with different colored glasses/shades all over his head!
      Someone that’s been forced to wear funny stuff on their head while being drawn and quartered!
      A monkey with a decorative headpiece taunting a crowd!
      Alright, NOW i’m done. ^^


  10. Bored says:



  11. chad001 says:

    Headcrab/Facehugger dance?


  12. notanon says:

    he figured out a way to wear 6 shades.sunglasses on his head?


  13. Irene says:

    He became a fool / jester / clown.


  14. Emperor of da Cats (Actual Title) says:

    Some bras (plural of bra?) are stuck to his face? or are flying onto his face?


  15. ;_; says:

    Hmm. Your friend had a dream where he was a masked wreastler aka lucha libre wreastler and is of course wearing his mask and about to do a finishing move?


  16. ultragunner says:

    Braces? New years neon glasses? Smiling like a clown?


  17. so vision artistic leadering lots skill so lot talent

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  18. kmkre says:

    Are those bras on his face?


  19. Random Person says:

    he has that silly spray thing on his face?


  20. Anonymous says:

    balancing 6 sunglasses on his face while posing asnd saying ‘get the camera’
    or ‘look what i can do’.


  21. Executor says:

    looks like a bunch of colored bats are stuck to his face and he’s running while crying for mommy


  22. Arktox says:

    I think its a bug hugging the back of his head?


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