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Destruction Flag Otome’s LIGHT NOVEL IS OUT

For some reason I still have followers here so I’ll advertise it here as well. Must tell the world! Here’s the original link about this happening and the extra chapters in the light novel!

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Moving to Moon Bunny Cafe!!

Hi guys, alyschu here. We’re moving to because of my plans within plans! You may go there to read all about it.

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Status Update of Active Projects

Status update of active projects & some of alyschu’s thoughts

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Editor Recruitment Now Closed

Is this real life? Is this really happening? UPDATE – Editor positions closed! Thanks guys!

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Status of ATG, RRS News, SKLD News, Recruitment, Randomness

It’s announcement time!! (Ohhh!!)

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Donations, Pictionary, MMS News, Recruitment

This post is long so if you’re only interested in one section of this post, please ctrl+f to your specific interest! They are grouped into: donations, pictionary, MMS news, recruitment.

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Future Summer Plans

WARNING: This may be a very long post so I allow you to ctrl+f ( first launch ) if you can’t or don’t want to read it all in one go.

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Announcement – 05/04/2015

Hey all, no one got the car situation right so the answer is now in the Pictionary section of my Updates tab. Today I came across an adorable manhua, Lan Chi. For once I was curious enough to go to … Continue reading

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I have moved this announcement/lists in this post to a new page named “Recommend a Novel“. Please leave your rec`s there. Alright guys, here’s the thing. I started this translating business because I read oniichanyamete’s An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess … Continue reading

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