My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant)

My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant)

Current Status: Completed with 4 volumes total

Genre Tags: comedy

Synopsis: coming soon

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 –


6 Responses to My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems pretty cool

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  2. c4 says:

    The illustration will keep me looking here xD

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  3. Resdan says:

    Sound Good xD

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  5. KiraKiller says:

    Hello Aly,
    like i posted in the Teaser page i’m interested in translating even this project
    for the readers you can choose here —>

    if not interested please delete this comment ! ♥

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  6. KiraKiller says:

    Fast Synopsis on iphone( hope is correct, i think i missed one/two words?):

    Transported in the past (ancient times) to serve (to be trained by) a girl with fox ears and poisonus tongue !?
    Suwon Guang (Shuǐyuán guang) and his childhood friend Asahina found an old book in a ( shabby/ruined/old) sanctuary in ruins, and got sucked into the book, finding themselves in a strange land. At this point gets (help) a hand from a beautiful fox eared girl, self-proclaimed guardian of the capital(land). Faced with the at a loss Guang she started to talk: 「Trash, is this the tone to speak to your master?」
    Guang to get back have to (must) serve this beautiful and mischievous (poisonous) fox eared girl, to find his childhood friend, falls in the plot, war or woman? The different World Battle-love series, instantly begins !!

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