Re: An idiot can also save the world?

Re: An idiot can also save the world?


Current Status: Completed

Genre Tags: abilities


「You, ah —— hurry up and save me!」

A beautiful girl commanded Koichi as she rushed at him. The girl’s cat-like sound pierced through Koichi’s head like a spear.

「—— Leave it to me!」

Koichi used all his strength and shouted. I have always been waiting for this moment…!

——Sato Koichi had always longed for a 「special」 and 「non-routine」17 year old life. Although he wears two different colored contact lenses and always tried to say meaningful things, he actually lived a relatively normal life. But after encountering the beautiful young girl Arles he finally got his wish and got an ability ! However Koichi’s ability was quite useless ! ? Legend of the strongest dreamer officially starts ! ( It should ! )

Table of Contents:
Being picked up by snoweterna

4 Responses to Re: An idiot can also save the world?

  1. KiraKiller says:

    Hello Aly,
    like i posted in the Teaser page i’m interested in translating even this project
    for the readers you can choose here —>

    if not interested please delete this comment ! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. snoweterna says:

    Hey Alyschu,
    I’m a new person who’s been wanting to start translating, so I was wondering if I could pick this up as I don’t think KiraKiller is. My new and still unfinished website is Thanks.

    If I can’t then you can just comment or email me.

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