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It’s announcement time!! (Ohhh!!)

Status of ATG

Hey guys, I see lots of people dying and fidgeting about, because of the recent cliffhanger so first I have to say that chapter 70 will indeed come out tonight!

Now, onto one of the main reasons why I made this announcement. I received an offer from RWX, translator of Coiling Dragon and owner of wuxiaworld to move our very own ATG to his site! I notified and talked with the active translators on Team ATG and most of them went “meh ur choice”. What a splendid representation of casuals they are! Frantasy was the only one who made me feel good and went somewhere along the lines of “whatever you say, boss!” He makes me so happy. Hehe.

Anyway, back to the point. Since I’m in the clear with the translators on ATG, it’s time for me to hear my reader’s opinions about this move that’s currently 99% about to happen! My current thoughts about this move is as follows:

  • People have suggested me to put ads on the site so they can support ATG by reading and unblocking their ad block. However, I have no intention of putting ads on my site whether or not I get a custom domain. RWX’s offer for ATG to be put on his site also includes a share of some of the ad revenue (views per page or something?) that ATG pages and chapters get on his site, so it’s very appealing and hits two birds with one stone!
  • While I don’t care that much about blog hits and such, what I am afraid of, is people bouncing out of my wordpress!! I enjoy the random bursts of conversation inside the little chat room on the sidebar and most of the time, you guys amuse me in the comments and the chat room! This is the only “negative” I could think of, but it’s pretty important because my amusement is important y’know?

So yeah guys, tell me what you think! If you support this move, I command you to stay inside the chat room and continue saying random things!! By the way, there is no requirement to register with a twitter to join the chat room, just click the “wanna join?” button and put in a random nickname! But remember, please be maintain a friendly atmosphere!

RRS News

I accepted requests from scanlation groups to re-translate the light novel and the manga into French and Russian! And because of this, I have revamped the main pages of both the light novel and manga on my pages! They will now have links to the French and Russian translations of the manga! At the moment, the Russian version is already out, translated by the one man army, ! In return for us letting him re-translate our translations, Viole was nice enough to offer his cleaning services (what a swell guy). Why, he even has his own little gif!

Viole has been stamped with Falcon92’s stamp of approval so have no worries! Just in case you guys forget, Falcon92 is the guy who did EVERYTHING aside from the translations of the manga of RRS so please remember to thank him too!!

Henouji (the translator for the web novel of RRS) has also joined our slimy boat of friends for the manga team, but he claims to be lazy, so he’ll just be the presence that’s there until he shakes off that laziness!

Lastly, chapter 2 of RRS manga may come out around this weekend! Now, don’t quote me on this because I’m still mugu mugu about this but it should be released around then! Probably.


No, it has not been dropped! At first I was putting it on hold because of how busy the translators for that project was, but reversewolf has come out of the bushes and told me that he’ll only have time to translate during weekends! I know some may be waiting for more SLKD, but please remember that we are still casuals at heart so in the end, it’s up to reversewolf and his feelings! Do not rush us because it won’t exactly do anything~

Also, I believe Eric, the other translator for SLKD has poofed into the realm of reality! I hope he doesn’t get reincarnated into a place without good food. Let’s all hope that his travels are safe with plenty of food.


As always, we’re always recruiting for new blood! The only additional thing I have to say about this, is that I don’t think I’ll be accepting any requests to join in the translation of RRS because of what I said up there in RRS News. However, if you’re that hyped about wanting to translate RRS with us, to the point of you having trouble sleeping, then feel free to email me about it!


I think I used too many exclamation marks on this announcement post. I blame this Japanese alphabet song that I’ve had on repeat, since last night and almost all of today. I am brainwashed and now will in turn attempt to brainwash you all~ ya yu yo!

I swear I’m forgetting something but whatevers, must work on chapter 70 now!

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169 Responses to Status of ATG, RRS News, SKLD News, Recruitment, Randomness

  1. Starless says:

    I would like you to stay here. Your site is a lot more userfriendly and comfortable than wuxia, both in the overall design and feeling. Like home. While wuxia… well… It is popular only because there is no better choice for now. And who knows what will happen with it the future. While your own site offers some stability and independence. The choice is up to you, but for me… it’s like being yourself or being one in the crowd… you know?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Leechmonger says:

    I agree with Starless.


  3. gg pro says:

    Meh.. ur choice boss! shouldn’t make too much difference to the readers one way or the other..

    Ps: I see RWX has started his world domination in earnest


    • Oh plz i could dominate the world using nothin’ more than mah lil’ pinkie.
      Im just too lazy to do it.
      For example, Im so lazy even this conversation is draining my energy.
      I would say more but my laziness makes me unable to type another letter.


  4. kenken says:

    No matter if u stay or where u go I will follow u to read ATG. The choice is yours. xD


  5. Ducu says:

    The choice is yours i just like reading.


  6. Remon says:

    I support this. From the very beginning I wanted this. Currently ATG is my favorite so I want to support it in any way.
    Plus if possible move SLKD too.


  7. Olbid says:

    No matter if u stay or where u go I will follow u to read ATG. The choice is yours. [2]


  8. halper0 says:

    I would advise against it. Unless you are really interested in the increased money. Compared to random blogs and websites wuxia always has problems and stability issues.

    You care about your audience and don’t want to ads on your site, but as others have said ads have been getting worse and worse on wuxiaworld.

    Wuxiaworld is 90% Ren’s blog… He talks about his toes, his jobs, his bedbugs, his mom and dad, birthday, and how he personally tries to fix(while causing more issues to his site) usually in separate posts that aren’t chapter releases. So it ends up like Ren’s blog that is posting your work.

    Personally, I think Ren himself has an ego and a holy than thou attitude, he likes the attention and there is always an excuse for anything that goes wrong so comments can read “Oh Ren sweetie don’t worry about _____, we love you” While you seem trolly and fun with your translations/community.

    Reddit lightnovels is how I found your blog, and I bet it is how many more will find it and with word to mouth.

    Sometimes I wouldn’t mind checking multiple sites for updates, but because I do I get to read their other works. Going to Wuxiaworld is going to make your other projects less popular with less chance to grow.

    TL:DR Stability of website, ads/greed is real, Ren’s blog hosting your work, and the downfall of your related works.

    End of the day, who knows what the future holds and maybe you would regret moving or not for a bit, but YOLO bitches.

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  9. Dusk says:

    First time commenting here but figured this called for it. Wuxiaworld is not very mobile friendly. All the backgrounds and.such cause long load times and stress the device. I read mainly on my kindle or my smartphone. So when I see all the stuff I read moving I’ve to wuxia I feel sad (btth, mga, etc.).

    I really like these simple webpages. Put some basic ads if you must (nothing overt like popups), but leave the site simple. Gravitytranslations recently switched to gravitytales and redesigned to be like wuxiaworld, so now that site is not mobile friendly either.

    Just a leecher’s opinion. Do whatever you have to do to keep up the good work.


  10. Dont.
    Just dont.
    ’nuff said.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Kakuha says:

    Yes, please do. All my favorite novels in one site? This could be what people call “happiness”


  12. crepcue says:

    pls stay every novel and his own home


  13. Reiji Ozora says:

    How does one apply to become an editor?


  14. OhDine says:

    Your choice, but if you want to stay here that is great as well 🙂

    TBH I will read it wherever it is >_<


  15. PRETTYCOLORS says:

    Some people want to have atg remain here let it stay here and some people want it at wuxiaworld so why not just keep it on both sites


  16. JustAGuy says:

    Join Wuxiawrold. It’s better. The end.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Irene says:

    It’s so comfortable here!


  18. Nefilium says:

    While I really like this site, it would also be good for more novels to gather over at Wuxiaworld, so I actually don’t know. Both sides has advantages.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. RobotLove says:

    Don’t join wuxia please, the site is so bad.


  20. diedonetw says:

    As a person that doesn’t use mobile version and has addblock up there isn’t much difference to me between this site and wuxiaworld. I’ll follow you and continue reading ATG regardless if you stay or go soooooo whatever you say boss 😛


  21. triage says:

    In my opinion your site is better by leaps and bounds. It’s a user friendly site compared to the other as my computer slows down whenever I visit to read coiling dragon. I’d rather you put ads here coz you’ll wreck my computer unless wuxiaworld changes its background to a better color T_T


  22. agustis says:

    It seems like a smart thing to do so i agree with the moving but in the end its up to you.


  23. justAnotherManInYourLife says:

    I think the choice back to you and your team to decide over this problem, open it to public wont solve the problem, don’t make people decide what the best for you but you decide what the best for you and your team


  24. Petar Mladenovic says:

    Well i came here from mangacow, i did read all the novels on wuxiaword and would be nice to have this one there too, but i kinda like it here too, so if you did put the novel on wuxiaworld you wouldn’t have nearly as much people here,


  25. skullboysz says:

    i am being brainwashed…… by that video

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Royaltties says:

    Y not have it on both site. You can do something like have wuxiaworld host ATG but with a gap of 5 chapter from the latest TL


  27. krayto says:

    There are ups and downs but mostly whatever keep the cost down for you and your team to keep the translations going. People will come and go, it’s natural, but one thing will stay constant.
    Your translating.


  28. Duder says:

    I use wuxiaworld all the time. But what happens when you post there? Will this site loose a large chunk of population?
    Any ways welcome to Wuxiaworld.


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