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This is a reminder to all sponsors: the blog related donation button does not support or go into the ATG chapter queue. If you have mistakenly pressed the wrong button, please email me ASAP so I can put you in the ATG queue. I have already sent an email to those who may or may not have done this by accident. I’ve also included a note under that donation button just in case… I did not know that such a thing would even happen. My apologies for not being clear, I guess.

When donating, the purpose should be “Support ATG”. The purpose “alyschu” will not go into ATG’s extra bonus chapters’ queue.

Please see the Donations page for more information.

I had no intention of making an announcement post about what would happen to the newly implemented ATG donation system because I literally put it on top of the ATG donation button. But I may as well include it in this post anyway (copied and pasted from my rambles):

I (we) cleared 3 committed and 4 sponsored chapters of chapter queue and then woke up to discover 5 more sponsored chapters overnight! I’ll see if I can get them all done by Saturday but don’t count on it. I also have decided to implement a change that will start on May 24th since we’re already into Thursday of the first launch.

The first launch trial period which was suppose to last a week and end on May 16th, shall be extended to May 23rd with a slight change on its second week: alyschu no longer needs to do 3 committed chapters every week. Instead, 3 committed chapters will come out from the entire ATG translation team per week so readers don’t have to worry about that. However, after the first launch ends on May 23rd, bonus chapters will increase from $50 to $75 per chapter. Any donations received from May 24th and onwards will be put into the second launch $75 per chapter donations. Leftovers from first launch will transfer over to the second launch.

My plans so far:
First launch (50/ch) will consist of: May 10 – 23
Second launch (75/ch) will start on: May 24 +

– Chapter length longer than normal (2k character) novels
– Sentence structure should be more complicated than others
– More translators means alyschu self-translates less chapters


I used to commission others to draw the characters in the games I’ve played before, so been looking through my old picture files for any that could possibly be a permanent header. Well, I’ve found a perfect (to me) header and while I was in the process of skimming through old picture files, I found an image worthy of being in the Pictionary section of the blog. Guesses can be made here or in the Pictionary tab.

Submitted by alyschu
Question/Description: This was drawn when a friend described his dream to me. What’s happening here?
Prize – none
Closest –
Winner –
Answer –

MMS News

OLD COVER~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~NEW COVER

When I was getting the raws of MMS yesterday, it appears to me that after volume 6, MMS has been locked by a VIP reading payment system. At our casual pace, I doubt we will get there anytime soon. However, if we do get past volume 6 and have not dropped it before then, I just want to tell our readers that we will continue to translate it. For those of you who are worrying about it, if we do reach the VIP chapters one day, I will pay it out of my own pocket because it does seem interesting so far.


We’re still recruiting any future translators for the team on all projects guys. Summertime Madness for ATG is still in effect. Translator rights are still in effect. See homepage for translator rights.

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17 Responses to Donations, Pictionary, MMS News, Recruitment

  1. Dafriak123 says:

    Ohhhh 😐


  2. plusikplus says:

    you can make the donate button open another page with more options like: donate to blog and donate to ATG etc. so you will know exactly how much was donated to for each project. much easier for you to track and less confusing for us the leechers.


  3. Murdath says:

    Dancing alien wearing 5 glasses. An Alien having 10 eyes and still bad sight is weird so I’ll go with a weird fashion sense.


  4. Izuleon says:

    super saiyan goat i think
    but its colorful
    so its not super saiyan goat BUT


    did i win? please T_T


  5. iamsleepless says:

    i like MMS and wish for more chapter
    “I will pay it out of my own pocket”
    you are the @#$%@* i don’t have words to describe your greatness >.<


  6. Somerandomhuman says:

    Sir alyschu… some random human here… I just wanted to ask where did you get the banner?


  7. Isekai says:

    do you have a link for a bigger sized image of the first cover? that girl is top, gotta make her my wallpaper *-*
    and that dream, serriously, after the last i’m not even gonna attempt, it is too much strange, can be someone with a mask or 5 people from a top view, after the car thing everthing is possible.


  8. natsuds1 says:

    I’ll remain a leecher for now he he he 🙂


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