Announcement – 05/04/2015

Hey all, no one got the car situation right so the answer is now in the Pictionary section of my Updates tab.

Today I came across an adorable manhua, Lan Chi. For once I was curious enough to go to it’s RAW site and discovered that it was by an unsigned artist and didn’t require $$ to read. I then realized that translating manhua would be a better breather for me between ATG chapters of idiom after idiom because of how short they are. Translating manhua would also kill two birds with one stone since I still read manga and watch anime when I’m running away from web novel translating these days. And it’s short. Oh I said that already. Oops

Then I realized I can’t draw for shjt. If nobody believes me, here is an old ass picture I drew on paint with my mouse. If anyone can guess what the hell’s going on in that picture, I’ll promise the guy who got it right a 24 hour release of a chapter of any one of my main projects. A release within 24 hours from when I confirm with the winner which project they want another chapter of. 😛

At the moment, I think I might join some group because of that picture up there but there are so MANY. I kind of want to have my own little manhua project too. Which group should I join? Or should I rob someone to redraw and type words in manhua for me?

If you guys didn’t know, that RAW site Lan Chi is from is It’s that place I mentioned when I was talking about Chinese animation. It sometimes animates the funniest (?) manhua hosted on its site. I took a quick glance and saw Doulou Dalu, Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Stellar Transformation, Mad God, and Zhan Long on its subscribed user’s top 20 list. Then I messed around and discovered that I needed to pay to read the later chapters of the manhua in the subscribed list! Someone give me suggestions on who I should join or rob!! I’m not sure what title I should pick up if I decide to actually do this so hit me with a suggestion for that too!

Here’s a quick template for lazy people to copy and paste. You do not need to answer all four of the stuff..

Picture description:
Name of group/person to rob/join:
Link of group/person to rob/join:
Manhua suggestion:

I will edit this post with the name of the winner that understands what’s going on in the picture. I DOUBT IT THOUGH. LO OLO LOL

Alright I feel sorry for you guys so I’ll randomly ninja in hints
Hint #1: There are more than 2 people in the car
Hint #2: Amy and I are not having sexy time, we are just sitting in the car
Hint #3: Not an ambulance
Hint #4: It’s the inside of a car
Hint #5: There are only two Rs in the car
Hint #6: #2, a ghostly translator in my team is in this car, represented by the brown K
Hint #7: Picture drawn few years ago
Hint #8: Green R is male
Hint #9: Since people have already described the car parts and that me or amy is on the side (I don’t know how you guys DON’T see that :P), the user who describes whats happening next to amy/me will win!
Hint #10: Be specific about what’s happening next to amy/me. I am 95% sure no one will get it right!

Deadline: 05/08/2015

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242 Responses to Announcement – 05/04/2015

  1. ;_; says:

    I got it!
    You or amy were in the car when a passenger got carsick orwas drunk and vomited alll over the floor.
    The sun means it was summer so it smelled so bad you cannot remember if it was you or amy that bore witness to the projectile vomit.


  2. Remon says:

    BTW if you want to do manhua and join any scanlation site then here is my suggestion-

    Name of group/person to rob/join: egscans
    Link of group/person to rob/join:
    Manhua suggestion: RYUURODEN
    Mangaupdate link-


  3. wes174 says:

    imposibru! your bad drawings exceed the limit of human minds! guess you will have to pick which ln chapter gets updated in 24 hours…..


  4. GuessIGuess says:

    R is climbing from the trunk into the backseat of the car? and into k’s lap?


  5. Anonymous says:

    somebody did graffiti on your car…


  6. josh72ebp says:

    it looks like the green person is lyeing down and the sun type person is just smileing or talking there is noone in the drivers seat so ether there waiting on someone or there just chatting……thats one of the guesses as thats what i can make up from what i see another is
    is that green person a baby? since it might be that on the way home from hospital with it just born


  7. anon says:

    R person is just sleeping
    “me or amy” are just playing around in the car
    Btw. Car looks like it is Ninja Turtle’s car


  8. Anonymous says:

    R mean right,,, so it is driver seat… me or amy both on passenger seat.. so maybe ur pregnant in this pic (amy iniside ur stomach)


  9. You Amy are fighting over who gets to sit on the seat!And who has to sit/squat on the floor?Or could it be you guys are fighting over who gets to lie down on the seat?Or who …hohoho…I’ve got it!R stands for reserved and …………………………………………………………………………………………….. That’s all I’ve gotten….maybe I’ll come back later if my previous answers are wrong?


  10. Cactuar says:

    Firstly, important stuff I forgot to write earlier – thank you for all the releases, your choice of projects is good and TL quality is really good as well :).

    I think we could use another hint, viz. the orientation of the car (where’s the front, is it the SW side or NE side?). That thing is genius abstract art lol 😛

    New guess:
    Its a topdown view of a car going towards NE. The gray circles are part of the car dashboard (maybe indicating the steering wheel and glove compartment?). The dark red circle above the front R, is the driver while you or Amy are sitting beside them in the front seat. Meanwhile, the green R is someone (probably a kid?) leaning forwards hugging the driver seat/ chatting with the driver.


  11. Boredgasm says:

    isn’t it just you and amy with the backseats laid flat so you can lay down in the back of the car? im guessing the R&R stands for rest and relaxation


  12. Isekai says:

    first, you drawing isn’t the worst(my mother is worse at that), second, about manhua i have no idea of suggestion or a group, i’m haven’t read any on the last 3~4 months.
    Now finally the picture description, after pondering myself and reading the others guess there is what i could get:
    there is already 2 people on the front(the 2 grey circle), T and K are on the floor of the right side of the back sit, R and T are adults K is a kid(that is why he is sited on T’s lap), and on the left side you and Amy are have to decide who get to sit on the floor because it is cold and the sun is iluminating there(making it better to sit on the floor). Why R was also drawn in stick form is bacause he was also embracing T from behind to warm her, since it is cold, wnough to make people want to sit on the floor.
    PS: if i get it right then do a ch of ATG.


  13. wes174 says:

    so what is it?


  14. Phil says:

    A Pokemon eating you 2


  15. Fbc says:

    Is your car winking at me?
    Also are you and this Amy person going on vacation?


  16. luffy says:

    its a mystery car


  17. Ennnno says:

    It’s a new type of car, the grey cirlcles in there are two people (‘s heads) driving the car and the guy in the back lying down is resting and sunbathing…


  18. acouvis says:

    Just to check, it’s not like an old style station wagon so that you’re not both just sitting in the rear of the car (and thus looking out the back as opposed to looking forward…)?


  19. acouvis says:

    Alternative guess – Someone put up a window shade to avoid sunlight and either you or Amy is stuck getting the sun.


  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s a limo


  21. admiral ackbar says:

    Its a trap!!!!


  22. acouvis says:

    Still not sure what it is… But it’s even more amusing if you imagine hint 5 ( Hint #5: There are only two Rs in the car) was actually only 2 M’s (Masochists) or only 2 S’s (Sadists)…

    Oh well.. Only 2 Rs though? Only 2… Receptionists? Real Estate Agents? Recyclers? Religious Leaders (You’re forming a cult in the car?) Rubbish Collectors? Anything else on this list?


  23. George says:

    R, the green one, is the driver, and he/she is trying to decide who gets to sit up front, most likely based on behavior, but you made this picture as a bribe to get front seat


  24. hello says:

    So time for a second guess. The picture includes the car and several people inside the car. As for the design of the car it has windows on the top left, a hood (frontside) on the top right and wheels in the bottom right. The the dots and letters in the car represent the people on the team. #2 is the brown K. Amy and you are probly sitting side by side inside the car. The car is a minivan or something with at least three rows of seats. I’m not sure but it looks like the green R person is hugging #2 from the seat behind since he takes up to spots. One of the R’s is for Rhyein while the other one is for summerrain. The two grey dots by themselves belong to the passenger and driver seats. And it looks like there is a pink E under the green and brown so i wanna say that is Eric sitting next to #2 in the car.


  25. madmanthan21 says:

    The top left is the left wall with 2 windows, the 2 circles on the right side are the wheels. There are 2 rows of seats, with either you and amy sitting in the right side, either front or back (this is interchangeable), R are seats the go flat, and K is sitting in the front reclining seat with their back against the window, green R is lying down on the backseat and the reclining (going flat) seat, the same one K is on, therefore green R may or may not have their head in K’s lap. That or green R is in fact on the roof of the car.

    i made an image as-well:


  26. wes174 says:

    so your gona hold out all future releases till this is guessed?


  27. Hik5 says:

    i’m thinking everyone is sqeezing on the other side of the car while the yellow one is smiling like the sun o-o (-cough- this somehow makes me think of the legend of the sun knight xD)


    • alyschu says:

      you’re right but you have to describe it better! more specific!


      • Hik5 says:

        …. even more specific?! O_O *runs* hm.. if the middle part is the floor then.. the green person having either his head/upperbody on the floor or on the other 2 people so… um.. im guessing after looking at the colour (if its not random) brown person at the bottom on the floor then the 2x R and the green person on top of all of them? so since floor has more space i suppose 2 ppl on the floor and a half one (upperbody) it should fit in.. i guess?

        lazyness wins! I’m out! *cough* dont ask me to interpret it too =x hm.. *thinks* how about we teach each other drawing? *-* I’m a bit interested in your drawing style


      • alyschu says:

        That was pretty vague though. I repeat, the user who describes whats happening next to amy/me will win!


  28. ;_; says:

    Could the person lying down be giving birth? That why you and amy are squished to the side and the car headed towards the clinic/doctor/midwife?


  29. wolfkind says:

    You or Amy are gonna take a photo of the others stuff together on the other sideof the minivan and the smiling face on the sun is u indicating for them to smile for the photo


  30. Anonymous says:

    green R falling into pink R when the car taking Turn


  31. wes174 says:

    ok so you and #2 were in the car so you thought it would be funny to pull the recliner lever, so the chair fell back and number 2 ended up like that!


  32. Bored says:

    the people next to you are asleep


  33. wes174 says:

    the regular seat gotr taken out so #2 got his own chair with a foot rest and turned it around the other way then which a chair ussaly faces in a car.


  34. wes174 says:

    there’s two rubber tires (r’s) in the car and thats what your friend is lying on.


  35. wolfkind says:

    There is a dog pile going on and u or Amy are having fun watching


  36. the3829 says:

    Hi there! I’m said translator/scanlator of the manhua you linked. If you’d be interested in working on stuff, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
    My website is


  37. wes174 says:

    you and two thugs are kiddnaping number 2 so he can spend all his time translateing and you can make money off it. the “r’s” are ropes Restricting his movements.


  38. Bored says:

    I got it!!!!
    Somone on the left had cookies and everyone else tried to take them from him. But he wouldn’t give them up so they tried to snatch them from his hand which led to the situation of him being squished/dogpiled on the left side


  39. wes174 says:

    R is resting on K’s lap!


  40. Xufet says:

    #2 is giving green r a lap pillow, while he sleeps and the rs represent a pillow and a blanket respectively.


  41. Nappa says:

    ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!


  42. wes174 says:

    the dead line has past what was this thing of?


  43. crims0nd says:

    so what was happening? I’m almost kind of scared to ask lol sorry


  44. Zee says:

    I am super duper late to the party but this thread has me intrigued! Did you or amy fart and everyone else rushed to the other side of the car because of the stinkyness?? XD


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