Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 27 – The Visiting Spirits Girl

And thus another cliff~

Translator: SummerRain
Editor: joeglens
Proofreader: alyschu

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just…… EHHHH!?” Ouyang Tao had only replied casually but he immediately felt that something was wrong. He turned his head around and saw a spiritual figure standing by the side of his bed. He was instantly startled and screamed out loud: “WAHHHHHHHHHHH —— !”

“What’s wrong!” Soon, the ward door was pushed opened heavily and the guards who were standing guard outside rushed into the room and instantly turned on the lights of the room.

Ouyang Tao then realised that the spiritual figure standing by his bed was actually Zhao Yuehan.

How did she come in without being noticed! ? Didn’t the guards outside notice her? If she’s spotted like this now, it would definitely cause a great misunderstanding.

Ouyang Tao hastily tried to explain the situation: “No…… This is a misunderstanding. It’s not what you guys think…… She’s not the culprit……”

However, since he was too nervous, Ouyang Tao speech was incoherent, he could not say anything clearly. Despite that, Zhao Yuehan was still very calm.

“Don’t worry, they cannot see and hear me.”

“Mn?” Ouyang Tao blinked in uncertainty, only to see the guards having the same unsure expression as him.

“Are you okay?”

Seeing their reaction…… Could it be that they did not notice Zhao Yuehan’s existence at all?

If that’s the case, it would be better to not blow up the situation. Ouyang Tao went along with the flow and replied: “My…… My apologies. It appears that I just had a bad dream.”

“Ohh….. Rest early then.” The guards shook their heads and closed the door and turned off the lights. “It appears that this kid was shocked quite badly.”

After the guards left, Ouyang Tao heaved a sigh of relief. He had been startled quite badly.

The ability to make herself unseen and unheard, wasn’t that the same as an actual spirit?

To Ouyang Tao, a new question arose. What was Zhao Yuehan here for? Was she here to visit him? Wasn’t she not allowed to leave the library…… No, it didn’t seem like there was such a rule.

“Senior, are you here…… to visit me?”


So it was true. Ouyang Tao was exceptionally surprised. The people who visited previously had some form of relationship with him but Zhao Yuehan…… Ouyang Tao felt that there wasn’t much of an interaction between them.

However, it was still a good will from her: “Thank you. As you can see, I’m fine.”

“No.” However, Zhao Yuehan gave a negative answer, and gave him yet another warning: “You’re currently in a lot of danger.”

Even though Zhao Yuehan was still expressionless, and the tone in her voice did not change much, the contents of what she said was enough to cause a chill to surge through Ouyang Tao.

The first time Zhao Yuehan gave Ouyang Tao a warning, that very night, the second assault case happened.

The second time she gave a warning, it would seem as though nothing much happened.

But the third time Zhao Yuehan gave him a warning, and even told him about how safe the library was, Ouyang Tao had been assaulted.

Now, Zhao Yuehan was no longer warning him to be careful. Instead, she was clearly telling him that danger was approaching. How could he not be afraid?

Zhao Yuehan’s premonition had always been right. Hence, Ouyang Tao naturally asked: “Senior, do you know something? Couldn’t you tell me directly?”

However, Zhao Yuehan did not answer his question. She merely held his hand, pulled him outside, and said: “Leave.”

Ouyang Tao did not know why, but he could feel a sense of toughness and time-pressing attitude in her speech.

“Senior, do you mean for me to go avoid danger in the library?”


“Okay, but could I at least change first……”

“No time.”


In the end, Ouyang Tao was forcefully dragged out the room in his hospital robe. He only had enough time to bring along his metal gloves —— there was a sense of familiarity in this.

“Is it okay to go out like this?” There was no attempt to hide as Zhao Yuehan just dragged Ouyang Tao out of the room openly, and walked right under the noses of the guards.

It can’t be? Have I also turned into a ghost?

“Don’t worry, they can’t see or hear us.”

Ouyang Tao thought that it was lucky that Zhao Yuehan wasn’t his enemy. If not, even if he died, no one would find out.

Zhao Yuehan brought Ouyang Tao out of the hospital and they immediately made their way to the library.

Hand in hand with a pretty senior under the moonlit road, such a thing…… Ouyang Tao didn’t feel the slightest hint of blush nor the throbbing of youthful heartbeat. Perhaps there wasn’t any sense of a romantic type of feeling whatsoever —— He predicted that Zhao Yuehan felt the same way.

Ouyang Tao even started to wonder whether or not this senior felt anything like love.

To correct himself, Ouyang Tao did feel his heartbeat speeding up. However, that was due to nervousness and fear, and also coldness…… Ouyang Tao wasn’t sure why, but being around Zhao Yuehan made him feel cold —— It definitely wasn’t a normal human’s temperature.

Speaking of which, Monica seemed to have said before that Zhao Yuehan wasn’t a normal human being. She was a grim reaper or something like that. And this ice cold sensation did indeed feel similar to a corpse.

Also, why did this senior warn him or even help him like that? Ouyang Tao didn’t understand. He thought that he would asked her clearly when they reached the library.

About two-thirds the journey through, the academy’s warning siren suddenly rang.

Soon, numerous patrol guards ran past them —— Although the guards could not see them, they were clearly running in the direction the two had come from —— The Hospital.

Which also meant that if it weren’t thanks to the fact that Zhao Yuehan appeared, Ouyang Tao would most likely have already met his demise.

“Senior, what exactly……” However, Zhao Yuehan remained expressionless and pulled Ouyang Tao along even more quickly.

“Hurry, it’s coming.”

“What’s coming…..” As soon he finished what he said, Ouyang Tao suddenly understood —— Just like when he was assaulted, a similar feeling of pressure had befallen him.

At this point, a scarlet red light fell in front of Ouyang Tao and Zhao Yuehan.

Under the light, a person dressed in bright red wearing a masked appeared yet again in front of Ouyang Tao….

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    • Junky says:

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        Actually, the word ‘it’ in Chinese does usually specify if the referred object has a gender or not.
        In most cases where the specific gender is unknown, the Chinese ‘he’, or 他, is used. An example of such is if one talk about a group of students. Only when the specific gender is assured to be female does the Chinese ‘she’, or 她, see use.
        Ehm..I digressed a bit. Although 他 may be used when the gender is unknown, it does presume that the referred object has a gender. If the object is presumed to not have a gender, then the Chinese ‘it’, or 它, is used.
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    Her knowledge is either from her mysterious power or a connection with the culprit. My guess is her powers include communicating with the spirits, so obviously it could explain her intuition. Hopefully her connection with the grim reaper makes her immortal or something cause I feel like she is about to get hit hard. Of course I don’t foresee her dying, just some creepy immortal zombie action… perhaps a flaming skull.


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