Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 25 – An Older Brother’s Entanglement

Hi guys, I may or may not change the title because this technically isn’t the right translation for the title but I couldn’t think of anything better so it’s the title for now. The real title basically implies that as her brother, Ouyang Tao became involved in something complicated. Because he’s an older brother. Shoot me suggestions in the comments!

Lord: SummerRain
Ninja: alyschu

The original flare shot to test the wind’s direction was immediately countered by a cannon —— This was Ouyang Tao’s current situation.

So direct!

After hesitating for a second, Ouyang Tao felt that it was appropriate to continue on this topic and tried to casually put it off by acting silly: “Hehe, obtain my permission for what…… Ah Xue isn’t a kid anymore, what kind of friends she make is her own business.”

However, Edward refused to let go of it. He seemed as though he wanted an answer to his question: “No, I believe that you sir, did not completely comprehend my question.

Ouyang Tao continued to act as if he didn’t understand anything, and ambiguously replied: “No? Ah Xue is a likeable person. In the school where she doesn’t know anyone, to able to make a friend like you is a good thing.”

“Aish……” Edward smiled bitterly and sighed: “So you really did not understand my meaning.”

Seriously! He clearly looked like a weakling, but Edward’s words somehow had an indescribable gusty toughness to them, as if he needed a result right now.

Ouyang Tao helplessly replied: “Then…… Then what do you mean?”

Without any decoration or euphemism, Edward straightforwardly said: “Frankly speaking, I’ve fell for your sister at first sight.”

“Uhhh……” Ouyang Tao was stunned for a moment, and was unable to speak.

Looks like it wasn’t just his sister’s imagination, nor was it his unfounded worries. It was the current situation he faced.

Looking at Ouyang Tao’s expression, Edward revealed a bit of regret: “My apologies, should I have been more indirect?”

You shouldn’t have even asked in the first place! Ouyang Tao wanted to shout out loud. But he eventually decided not to. That was because he had no reason to object, and furthermore, obstruct their relationship……

His sister was no longer a little kid. As a girl, she would eventually meet someone she would fall in love with and get into a relationship…… However, this all came too fast, and was a bit too sudden.

However, Ouyang Tao felt embarrassed to even think about rejecting him because judging solely by Edward’s attitude, he was remarkable. Obviously, he had not expressed his feelings to Ouyang Xue. Instead, he wanted to obtain the brother’s permission first. It was clear that Edward’s attitude was very serious and full of sincerity.

The key point was that Ouyang Tao had a pleasant impression of Edward. If he was his future brother-in-law, it seems as if there was nothing bad about it……

Even though Ouyang Tao’s heart had an innumerable amount of unwillingness….

“Concerning this matter……” After composing his thoughts for a while, Ouyang Tao breathed in deeply, before saying: “Since you’ve already said it, then Edward, you consider me half of Ah Xue’s parent and is speaking to me in that capacity right?”

“Of course. That’s why I said that I needed to obtain your permission first.”

“Alright, since you already put it this way, I shan’t hide anything anymore.” Edward’s attitude was so serious that Ouyang Tao felt that there was no reason to hide anything: “Edward, I would like to know, your love at first sight, is it a normal couple playful kind of thing or are you hoping to be with her until the end.”

“Ugh, just like I thought, you are indeed a rather strict person.” Hearing what Ouyang Tao said, Edward smiled. “If I say it’s just a playful thing would you reject me?”

Although he was very concerned over his sister, Ouyang Tao was not a old fashioned person. Regarding love affairs, he was more open-minded: “Maybe not, since in love, the future is uncertain and it cannot be decided overnight. Having a few relationships in your youth might not be a bad thing. However, I expect the truth.”

“……” This time, it was Edward who was stunned. After a while, he laughed. “Haha…… Your reply is really shocking sir, *Cough cough*……”

“Why, you thought I will say something like ‘no unless you’re serious with Ah Xue’?”

“A little.”

Despite the unwillingness in his heart, Ouyang Tao chose to face the truth, he said: “This kind of thing is only said by parents. I’m only her brother. Furthermore, she’s not a kid anymore. I…… I can’t always keep an eye on her right?”

“I understand.” Now, Edward fully understood the stand of this brother: “Let me change my question, what’s your bottom line?”

“As long as Ah Xue is willing and you don’t lie to her or hurt her, I have no objections.”

“I understood.” Edward nodded, “Thank you very much.”

“But if you dare bully Ah Xue, I won’t let you off.” As Ouyang Tao said this, he lightly punched Edward’s body.”

“Okay, if there ever is such a day, please do not let me off.”

“I can rest assured after hearing that.”

Although his heart was at ease, he was not able to completely let it go. Despite his smiles, Ouyang Tao did not feel happy.

After that, Edward invited him: “I’m having dinner with your sister tonight, would you like to come along?”

Since he had already said so much, Ouyang Tao didn’t want to be a light bulb and rejected him straightforwardly: “It’s fine, I have things to do tonight. The suggestions you gave me before, I want to try them out.”
(TL: lightbulb is slang for unwanted third wheel)

Within these two days, the two seniors Monica and Chen Feng had not returned to the dormitory. It was not surprising as after the assault incidents against Mechanical Engineering students these two days, members of the Disciplinary Team patrolled all day, which was very tough on them.

Ouyang Tao casually whipped up a meal for dinner before going to his laboratory for his work.

Generally speaking, an electrical weapon’s biggest advantage and disadvantage was the same thing. Its massive power. Therefore, Edward gave Ouyang Tao three food for thoughts.

The first one was the simplest and most direct: Reduce the purity of the magic stones to reduce its power, to thus make the weapon a support type instead of a main attacking one.

The second one was practical and probable: Use a magazine to load the magic stones. It would keep the power, but change it from a continuous fire to a single shot.

The third one was the most difficult to put into practical use, but the one that had to most imagination: Edward thought that one could change the basic structure of the electrical weapon, thereby allowing it to increase its output and not overload.

So, which one was Ouyang Tao going choose?

It was simple. To Ouyang Tao, there was no need to choose. He felt that all three ideas were not bad and every one of them was useful. So therefore, he had to try all three of them.

As Ouyang Tao delved into his work, he soon started to multitask. His right hand controlled the drawing tool, and swiftly preparing one draft after another. His left hand that was fitted with the metal glove used magic to control the operation of the production line.

As Ouyang Tao became busier, the actions in his hands became slower.

He thought that his sister should be having dinner with Edward now, and judging from Edward’s abilities, he very likely had already successfully confessed already.

Then, how would his sister reply? Ouyang Tao started to become nervous.

Furthermore, although Edward had not clearly said it, his attitude already proved it —— He was serious.

Perhaps going straight for a wedding proposal was not improbable at all……

But now, what was the use of thinking of all this? He had already given his approval to Edward……

Although he had previously agreed to this, Ouyang Tao was now regretting……

Forget it, better get back to work……

The actual situation was not very different from what Ouyang Tao thought.

However, the result was a bit different….

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