Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 24 – In Regards to his Sister’s Worries

Hi MMS fans, I saw someone asking if there were any pictures of our characters and I keep forgetting to answer! So far, there’s only a drawing of our Spirits girl, Zhao Yuehan, and here she is!

zhao yuehan

Translated by: SummerRain
Edited by: joeglens
Checked by: alyschu

Ouyang Tao needed a quiet place to think it through, so he went to the quietest place in the all of Augustus Academy, the library.

Even though they were not blood related, being the older brother and seeing another guy act intimately with your younger sister would make you feel at a loss.

His sister was seventeen this year, the age in which she would start to blossom. Not only was she pretty, she had great personality too. She had a natural gift for magic and could be considered a girl of talent. Furthermore, in addition to the innocence that only people her age possessed, having guys attracted to her was no mystery.

Thinking about this, his sister’s bubbly figure appeared in Ouyang Tao’s head. Having such a cute sister made Ouyang Tao also attracted to her…… Ouyang Tao shook his head frantically. No no, we’re siblings. We can’t…… Wait, it seemed like we don’t have any blood relations though.

Which also meant that they could do intimate things together…… Ouyang Tao slapped his head, and tried to prevent his imaginations from running wild.

Yes, it was just a brother’s concern. Having such a cute sister, he can’t just let any Tom, Dick, or Harry get her. Even in Augustus Academy, hoodlums appeared aplenty. If the person could not get his approval as a brother, he would definitely not allow it!

If Ouyang Tao wanted to give a criteria; firstly, he must look decent; secondly, he has to have great personality and sincerity; thirdly, he must be able to provide for her basic materialistic needs. He couldn’t allow Ouyang Xue to starve. And lastly, he must first be accepted by Ouyang Xue.

Then, if judging by these criterias, how would Edward fare……

In terms of appearance, Edward wasn’t too bad. Although he lacked presence, he was a gentleman; in terms of personality, although Ouyang Tao didn’t know much, judging from their few interactions together it shouldn’t be bad; speaking of materialistic needs, even when ignoring Edward’s status, given his abilities, providing a stable income was not problem.

Which meant, it all boiled down to one last thing —— Whether his sister was willing or not.

What to do, if sis agreed…… No, why am I so worried. As a brother, shouldn’t I feel happy instead?


Ouyang Tao’s heart was in a mess and he continuously scratched his head.

Suddenly, the open book in front of him closed with a “bam” before floating to the side of books stacked together.

When Ouyang Tao raised his head, he saw Zhao Yuehan. He didn’t know when she had walked to his side but she was looking down at him without a word.

Ouyang Tao’s first reaction was to cover his mouth to prevent himself from screaming —— loud noises were not allowed in the library.

After a while, Ouyang Tao calmed down slightly. Zhao Yuehan actually spoke first: “Troubled, not suited for reading.”

It was still that monotonous voice, still that expressionless face. Her words were short and direct. However, Ouyang Tao felt that there was some sense of reprimand it. At this moment, she felt like a strict teacher.

“Sorr…… Sorry, because…… I met some problems.” Ouyang Tao apologised quickly. Speaking of which, how did Zhao Yuehan realise that he wasn’t concentrating when he didn’t say anything? Wasn’t she reading the whole time?

But what was even more creepy was what she said after that.

“Because of a person or a problem.”


Zhao Yuehan gave of the same feeling as a Spirit. She was an ice-cold beauty who could make people tremble in that coldness, but she actually voiced out her concerns about Ouyang Tao? He couldn’t have heard her wrong right?

In the end, Ouyang Tao’s silence brought about an even bigger misunderstanding. Zhao Yuehan actually asked him: “Relationship problem?”

“Ahhh? No no…… Senior you’re mistaken, it’s not what you’re thinking. I don’t even have a lover.” The situation felt weird and Ouyang Tao clarified immediately.

“Is that so.”

“Actually, how should I put it, I can say it’s because of someone or I can say it’s because of something……”


Zhao Yuehan didn’t speak but merely looked silently at Ouyang Tao as if hoping that he would continue talking about what he meant.

When you’re troubled, it’s good to have someone hear your problem. So Ouyang Tao told her everything from the start. “…… So that’s the situation. Simply speaking, I’m just worried about my sister.”

Ouyang Tao talked for about half a day but Zhao Yuehan had only replied with two words: “Calm heart.”

“Err…… Heh heh…… Right……” Ouyang Tao was stunned for a moment before smiling. Saying everything aloud seemed to calm his heart. Thinking back again, he felt that the situation was nothing major. It was just that he thought too much about it.

If his sister could obtain happiness, as a brother, why should he be worried.

“Continue.” Zhao Yuehan turned around and returned to the front desk to continue reading.

Maybe this senior wasn’t as cold as she seemed.

After calming down and returning to normal, Ouyang Tao sat down and fully focused on reading.

However, what he did not know was that Zhao Yuehan was not always focused on her book.

After finishing two books, Ouyang Tao felt that the time was about right and he stood upto leave: “Goodbye and thank you senior.”


After the short goodbyes, just when Ouyang Tao was about to walk out of the hall of the library, he heard Zhao Yuehan’s reminder: “Be careful.”

This time, Ouyang Tao stopped and turned to look at Zhao Yuehan only to find her looking at him as well —— Be careful of what? Ouyang Tao wanted to find out what she meant.

“This place is safe.” But after saying this unclear phrase, Zhao Yuehan shifted her focus back to her book.

Just what does it mean……

After leaving the library, Ouyang Tao had planned to return to his dormitory to make some dinner before modifying his electrical rifle based on the suggestions Edward gave. He wanted to make a few prototypes and once again, test them out the following day.

After arriving at the main crossroad, where the left one went towards the normal dormitories and the right one went to the special zone dormitories, a familiar figure walked towards Ouyang Tao: “Ouyang sir, what a coincidence.”

“Oh, it’s Edward.” Ouyang Tao replied in a friendly manner.

Edward had came from the left side which meant that……

“I had just sent your sister back to her dormitory. Looks like yesterday’s incident was pretty scary for her. My apologies.”

Hey, looks like I was right….. Unknowingly, Ouyang Tao started to become worried and nervous: “No worries, it’s not your fault either.”

“I’m preparing to return to my dormitory, are we going the same way?”

“Yup, I’m also going back.”

As a result, Edward and Ouyang Tao went back to the dormitory together. The eight elite guards protecting them were also sensible as they stepped back a little to allow them to talk privately.

The two of them talked about some course related topics, but Ouyang Tao couldn’t be at ease about his sister’s situation at all.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally decided to attack the topic by beating around the bush: “I saw you instructing Ah Xue in magic this afternoon. How was it? Did she throw any tantrums?”

“No, she’s a very nice girl. And frankly, I really like her.” Ouyang Tao didn’t expect Edward to be so blunt about it. Unexpectedly, Edward didn’t even try to hide his meaning and just voiced out his thoughts. He also smiled at Ouyang Tao: “However, *Cough cough*…… I feel that I have to obtain your approval as her brother first.”

Ouyang Tao did not expect that he would unknowingly be put in such a situation.

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  1. Max says:

    I really really dislike how this is going. Edward better back the F*** away, really don’t like it. Plus Tao needs to man up and Xue needs to choose

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  2. jralvarez1 says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter SummerRain, joeglens, and Alyschu.
    And for some reason I 100% believe the sister isn’t interested in the guy, only her brother and no one else, I also think she’s smarter than she looks and may have realized something.


  3. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! Wow Edward is already making the moves.


  4. iamsleepless says:

    thanks for the chapter


  5. I don’t trust that guy. If he had became best bros with the MC first, it’s fine but I do not like him right now. Why? Because he seems…fake somehow. I do not really think he is the one causing all this trouble, and think the author is just mindf*cking us, but still. Also, I think I’m being biased a bit too, and I know why. The MC is clearly beginning to question his feelings for his sister, and yeah it’s fine because it means he isn’t quite the average, dense as shit protagonist but now that I know he is kinda attracted to her, I feel it’s starting to get a little NTR-ish here. I know it’s not since they aren’t dating but the simple fact the MC is starting to awaken to some real feelings for her and the appearance of a guy who is actively pursuing her, feels like the other guy is taking her away from the MC. Any one else feel this way? Of course I know she’s a brocon and prolly won’t be swayed by the guy, but I still do not enjoy the situation. If the MC stayed dense as the MC from TSLoKD or if the two guys were besties, I wouldn’t have these thoughts. Meh, whatever. I’m gonna stop thinking about it and go eat the left over KFC in my fridge. Well my long and probably annoying rambling has come to an end. Thx for the chapter!

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    • bakaleaf says:

      The solution is simple
      just think of MC sister as air
      seriously so many people conclude mc sister is a brocon when she is not

      MC is a siscon we already confirm that
      and I know how you feel about edward
      but for me his the best future enemy so far (since no one else seems to care)
      so I well support Edward and MC sister relationship!

      Liked by 1 person

      • RoflCat says:

        >sister not brocon

        “I think that’s a pretty good idea. Ah Xue, just stay with me tonight.”

        “Eh? Bro…… Big Bro…… You mean that…… Can’t…… You can’t mean……” Hearing this, Ouyang Xue looked as though she suffered a huge shock. She was speaking gibberish and her two small hands continuously shook. “No…… Since we aren’t blood related, it’s not wrong…… But I’m not ready…… But I’m fine if you want……”

        Your argument is invalid.

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      • bakaleaf says:

        I was not really making an argument lol
        I was making an assumption
        and to make it clear I concluded that sister is not a brocon
        And if you based your assumption by that few words then I think that is not a valid argument for being a brocon
        All I can see is a sister and brother relationship teasing each other
        If you are close enough with your siblings then the action you stated above can be consider as a joke and is really common


      • No i think she shows symptoms of brocon. Not to Akiko Himenokouji’s level, but still. Well, to me brocon is a term to use when the sister has more than sisterly affection for her brother, and yes that is the correct definition, but it seems to most it has transformed into meaning an unhealthy obsession for their brother, which i dont believe to be accurate at all. So, yes she is a brocon for the simple fact she has feelings toward her brother as a woman would for a man. If it wasn’t said outright, it was at least strongly hinted.
        I always support either the sister route, the teacher route, or if the rest arent abusive and bitchy towards the MC, the almighty Harem Route. Some people may be disgusted at the sister route, but it aint real and even if it were i would still support it. I think its the whole forbidden love thing that is fun to watch. The bit of drama and internal conflict it may cause the MC if the story takes a more serious tone is also enjoyable. Do i even need to justify the teacher route? That said, if Edward is not proven to be a douche in disquise like that asshat Wang Ze Cheng, becomes a good friend of the MC and shows backbone then even if he is the culprit i’ll support his and the sister’s potential relationship. Wouldn’t be first time a villain is miraculously forgiven and befriends the MC. I like that spirit girl best anyway. Her interactions with the MC, though brief and few, seems to somehow have a depth to them.

        Ah, also, this is the same guy you replied to, im just using my WordPress account


      • RoflCat, you said in a few sentences what took me a paragraph to say, and even before i said it. The words i used, ” Strongly hinted” pretty much meant what you put down. Why didn’t i think of that? You, sir, have taught me a lesson: put in the most effective and shortest example, preferably taken straight from the story, that supports my claim. That way i wont hurt my thumbs typing a bunch of shit out. Because i use my Ps4 to type everything and i dont even have a keyboard. Really, thx.
        Now I wont have swollen thumbs anymore. 🙂


      • bakaleaf says:

        Seriously guys I was saying that it was good IF the sister is not a brocon
        I am making an assumption base on my personal opinion
        I am not trying to argue about any of your beliefs
        what you believe is yours alone and for me I have every right to think of every route my baka brain can think of lol
        I know you guys support the brocon type but I don’t lol

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      • Rational Man says:

        Except its not about opinion’s
        or personal beliefs, its already a proven fact so
        trying to say she’s not a bro-con is in itself redundant and a pointless statement.
        Unless you’re trying to prick nerves in the comments, but you wouldn’t do that right!?

        What we know for certain is that “Sh*ts about to hit the fan” for the MC’s also I can’t wait for the next chapter release.


      • We’re not really arguing. Im stating, or trying to anyway, the reasons why i think she’s a brocon. And i think what Rational Man said is right about it being a proven fact. It could still be argued against, but still. Brocon, i support. I know you dont and understand why. On this case, i dont support the sister route specifically. The spirit girl i like best. Usually i would go for the harem route, but until more characters show up i wont. Thats it for me. Lets all say our piece, if there are any left, and move on 🙂


  6. shadyxlr says:

    LOL and I bet it is Edward who has that crown or the one who Tao has been warned about repeatedly…

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  7. afkbored14 says:

    OOOOOhh. better step up your game onii san. Thanks for the chapter!


  8. Dauntes says:

    Thanks so much for the new chapter. 🙂


  9. Tracktor says:



  10. Oing says:

    Kill him!

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  11. RKain says:

    First of all, Zhao Yuehan is best girl. It sucks that she’s probably only Rank 2 in Ouyang Tao’s harem.

    That said, I don’t think she needs to have any kind of prediction power. I think she just says “Be careful” because Ouyang Tao ALWAYS gets into trouble after leaving library. Every. Single. Time (plus or minus two times). So she can say it, and he’ll get into trouble, and she’ll look awesome – which is fine by me, because she’s awesome.

    My thanks to you.

    Liked by 5 people

    • jralvarez1 says:

      But what if she’s just genuinely worried about him with no ulterior motives?

      Liked by 1 person

      • RKain says:

        She can still look awesome while being genuinely worried about him. If my little theory was true, you could interpret it as her trying to leave him prepared for the disaster that’s inevitably going to occur.

        Disclaimer: I don’t actually think she doesn’t have prediction powers. This story doesn’t have the required level of self-awareness for her to have that kind of personality. This cigar is probably just a cigar.

        Liked by 3 people

      • GonZ555 says:

        Well, i think she dont have a prediction powers.. she just order the will-o-wisp to stalk for her and scout for any possible danger for Tao


    • 月儿 says:

      Yes! I have a buddy. Zhao YueHan doesn’t really get to shine until way later in the story (by that I mean later in the volume and later volumes as well). Zhao YueHan is number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. sdeligar says:

    Thank you


  13. RoflCat says:

    >However, Ouyang Tao felt that there was some sense of reprimand it. At this moment, she felt like a strict teacher.

    It’s obviously “how could you be thinking about other girl in my presence” tsundere reprimand.

    On topic of Best Girl (Yuehan) and her warning.

    I think she can perceive people’s aura, which is why she’s aware of OT being worried (and probably notice that he doesn’t look at her with disgust/fear other people have which raised her initial flag)

    Her warning of him is probably because she notice certain type of aura that is premonition of danger around him. She doesn’t know the exact danger or when it’ll strike, she just know it’s related to him somehow. And her saying the library is safe is probably she either A) can protect him while he’s there or B) can tell that the source of danger doesn’t approach the library.

    Her asking him about his problem is probably to try to identify what is the source of this approaching trouble.
    ala ch 5-6 of this:


  14. bakaleaf says:

    Finally Edward is doing the right thing

    I no longer care
    I support Edward and MC sister relationship all the way!

    In that way the story well move on
    I feel like I am reading a different novel with all this complicated romance plot between mc and his sister!

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    • jralvarez1 says:

      I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure it’s not happening.


      • bakaleaf says:

        I agree with you but at this point I wanna want that kind of thing to happen that is what comments are for

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      • jralvarez1 says:

        No your right, sorry I wasn’t trying to put you down, keep believing it’ll happen bakaleaf.


      • Amuris says:

        which is sad. In normal stories, something like this would just be considered romantic progression or character development. However, we treat the idea of a girl moving on from the MC or just having feelings for someone else as a taboo. Sheesh, even if it’s a harem, it should have relationships developing outside of the mc and harem to avoid stagnating. Doesn’t looking at the general reactions to this and the predictions make anyone else feel like we’re just a bunch of brats?!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the chapter!!!

    BTW, library girl is best girl!

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  16. Sorris says:

    Why do I get the feeling Edward is the vigilante?


  17. GonZ555 says:

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  18. DeltaWofl says:

    Well i have read the first volume whit MTL but can’t tell big spoilers. One thing i think i can tell you is that the sister is definitely a brocon and as of yet there was not NTR.


  19. ZaX says:

    At least he seems to have found an ally in Zhao Yuehan. Knowledge is power as they say.
    Thanks for the chapter.


  20. KLJY says:

    I’ll drop this one if author uses Orimura Ichika plot. Lets wait and see…


  21. Yea says:

    You dont just go to tbinking of someone as family to a potential partner cause you see them with someone


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