Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 32 – PREVIEW

Okay I was deciding about two things when translating this chapter:
– Frozen Cloud Asgard or Frozen Cloud Palace. In this chapter, she says my Asgard/Palace and Asgard kind of sounds weird to me when used like that. Try replacing Asgard with Palace and tell me what you think. Character can also mean Palace. 仙宫 could be interpreted as a fairy palace/kingdom too.
– Chu fairy or Fairy Chu. 楚仙子 = Chu fairy, but it feels weird saying that in English. Or is it just me?

When he heard what Moshan had said, how could Xiao Kuangyun dare be cocky? He rapidly curbed his arrogance and raised his head to speak: “So it’s actually Chu fairy of Frozen Cloud Asgard, this junior’s name is Xiao Kuangyun. To have accidentally encountered you here is this Kuangyun’s great fortune. But, why did Chu fairy decide to personally descend on this little Floating Cloud City today? Could it be that it’s an important matter? Father had always lectured to be extremely courteous if encountering a fairy from Frozen Cloud Asgard. If there is anything I can help you with, Chu fairy should not hesitate to speak.”

After hearing the words “Frozen Cloud Asgard” from Xiao Kuangyun’s mouth, everyone became instantly stunned and a *gulp* sound could be heard coming out of their throats.

This little Floating Cloud City had received the concern of a fairy? Normally, even third-rate Sects held this place beneath their contempt, but today, not only had Xiao Sect members come, even Frozen Cloud Asgard had sent people!

It was not surprising that this woman had come forth in such an extraordinary manner, for she had a beauty that was out of this world, and also used the Profound Floating Technique. She was actually a person from Frozen Cloud Asgard, and her status within Frozen Cloud Asgard was not low at all! Otherwise, Xiao Kuangyun, as the Xiao Sect Master’s son, would unlikely go out of his way to be this cautious and polite.

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22 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 32 – PREVIEW

  1. qu1eet says:

    Oh yeah! TY. Also I send some $$ with love. Enjoy a cup of coffee 🙂

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  2. Anchit R says:

    Second. thanks for the chap.


  3. kolick says:

    I think Asgard sound pretty good 🙂

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  4. manval says:

    I prefer frozen cloud asgard

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  5. I prefer Frozen Cloud Asgard, and Chu Fairy. It does feel a bit strange, but Fairy Chu feels much more strange to me…
    Thanks a lot for the translation!!

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    i think Fairy Chu is better, because it would be easier if the names are like that when other fairies are introduced later on


  7. timeroc says:

    So it actually was a car in the drawing


  8. madhu89 says:

    bro, i donated for atg but the bar didnt get updated ?


  9. shadyxlr says:

    The xiao people are going to cry there hearts out


  10. Weed says:

    Asgard is more Cool than palace…. I think you should stick in Asgard.


  11. junior says:

    I agree with leaving Asgard as is, and chu fairy is fine as well. Thanks for the update.

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  12. ahuralove says:

    i like asgard >.> though palace sounds right asgard sounds cooler


  13. [B.E.T.A.] says:

    asgard sounds cool but strange, i mean asgard = nordic mytholigy = full of male god hungry for war day and night, while in ATG it’s a place for women and no male


  14. lozlo says:

    Hrm. I’m not sure about Asgard. Does Asgard mean palace? Is the name of their sect “Frozen Cloud” or “Frozen Cloud Asgard”? Also when she refers to Asgard, isn’t she refering to her sect/members and not an actual palace?
    As for Fairy and Chu. If I’m not mistaken, Fairy is a title, and Chu is her name.
    In English the title would come first. Fairy Chu.


  15. stazh says:

    Just make it simple and call it palace.


  16. Apu says:

    Palace and fairy chu.


  17. Apu says:

    Palace and fairy chu is my pick


  18. Ugh_Zug says:

    I got all excited, then I saw it was a preview. /sadface


  19. synthous says:

    T…That was a car?


  20. omnigil says:

    I think palace would be better. How ever for the name of the master I’m not so sure. As from comments above, fairy is the title and chu is the name, so translating to english would’nt it be Chu The Fairy? Maybe just use her name without her title since readers would know who she is. Trying to include her title is making thngs confusing.


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