DKC Chapter 3 – I’ll Definitely Kill Her Next Time!

I mentioned that I had a rom-com I wanted to translate but I realized I didn’t link it. It’s currently at chapter 11. Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I will wait for your divorce

DKC is more of a yolo project I decided to do after reading chapter 6. This means that I’ll translate up to chapter 6 and see if I want to continue it. I haven’t read the rest of the chapters because of other things.. but I believe it’s a fantasy romance with martial arts and magical powers. I assume she’s going to somehow get strong along the way (don’t quote me).

Chapter 3 – I’ll Definitely Kill Her Next Time!

Could it be that she really was the legendary good-for-nothing? Su Luo gazed at the slow moving white cloud as a trace of a grim smile flashed in her eyes.

During the modern age, she, Su Luo had experienced ten or so years of the devil’s training. Even if her innate talent was zero, she could still break through and a piece of the sky would one day be hers!

She still recalled what had happened the day she crossed over, that scene of the two girls torturing her.

“Miss, Third Miss and Fifth Miss are taking a stroll in the gardens. The two did not bring any maids and I do not know what they are discussing.” Lu Luo entered carrying a small box, placed it on the table and took out the dishes one by one to arrange them on the table.

A plate of rotting vegetable leaves, a bowl of molding dried tofu, and two bowls of rice.

“Not eating, I’m stepping out first.” Su Luo pushed away the bowl and chopsticks as a hint of coldness flashed through her eyes. She, Su Luo had no skill aside from her love of holding grudges. And if a grudge existed it most certainly, must be avenged.

Inside the Flower Garden, Third Miss Su Wan and Fifth Miss Su Xi strolled along the Lotus Pond.

Fifth Miss Su Xi was born from the first wife so her status was high. Her innate talent had also astonished many at a young age; she was the darling of the entire Su Family.

Like Su Luo, Third Miss Su Wan was born from a mistress but her mouth was sweet and she usually used it to fawn over Su Xi. She gave priority to Su Xi so the two appeared to have quite a good relationship.

A faint sound came from Su Wan: “Fifth Younger Sister, I heard that damned girl woke up again?”

Su Xi sneered: “Her life is so cheap but when poisoned, she wasn’t poisoned to death and when beaten, she wasn’t beaten to dead. How hateful!”

Su Wan asked again: “Then what do we do? Doesn’t it mean that the marriage is still….”

Su Xi fiercely fisted: “Don’t you worry, I’ll definitely kill her next time!”

At the moment, they were walking along the Lotus Pond. Su Xi walked along the inside while Su Wan walked on the outer side.

Su Luo held a stalk of rice straw in her mouth as she listened in to their discussion that plotted against her life. A glimmer of coldness flashed through her eyes. She’d like to see who would dare mess with her again!

I heard that Su Xi’s innate talent was extremely high and was already at the second step of the Warrior. Although she did not have the ability to take her revenge now, collecting a little bit of interest was no problem at all.

Su Luo hid behind the parasol tree as her eyes slyly gleamed.

With a whip of her sleeve, a small pebble coincidentally tumbled near Su Wan’s foot.

Su Wan faced forward, so why would she take into account what was underneath her foot? She took a step and her balance immediately became unstable as she swayed in Su Xi’s direction.

When one was about to fall, they would inevitably activate their instinct of grabbing anything near them that they could possibly hold on to, and Su Wan was fortunate enough to firmly grasp at Su Xi’s sleeve.

What was quite unfortunate was when the two stumbled and tried to regain their balance, a shadowless foot suddenly kicked Su Wan in the buttocks!

The assault that came out of the blue took Su Wan by surprise so she once again, firmly grabbed onto Su Xi’s dress.

Suddenly, the pair flew towards the canal with a bang and heavily fell in while looking like drowned rats.

As for Su Luo, she had already returned to hide behind the parasol tree with both hands clutching her chest as her eyes flowed with bright lights and vibrant colors. She waited there to watch the good show.

She want to see how marvelous the internal conflict between two close collaborators would be.

In this unexpected accident, Su Xi was actually an innocent bystander. But who told her to stubbornly want to offend the Su Luo who should never be offended?

She had been dragged in by Su Wan and plunged head first into the water. Her disposition was originally that of a pampered child so she immediately shouted in anger and swung her hand: “Third Elder Sister, what are you doing? Slipping and falling on your own is fine but why’d you have to drag me in with you!!!

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  1. lirg123 says:

    So… she jump off a cliff and awoken there?

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  2. mimidono says:

    Such a good chance to kill them in the water…


  3. Kaco says:

    After your first chapter I’ve started reading ahead and in my opinion I like it. It starts similar to DOP webnovel but after 20 or so chapters plot gets new spin. And yes her family will suffer and that is something similar to all novels of this type so that doesn’t count as spoiler 🙂


  4. Sith Kazar says:

    So far I like it. The beginning reminds me a little of ATG. There is a strong sense of vengeance and retribution in both and the reincarnation of a strong person into a weak/crippled body is triggered by that weak person being attacked (poisoned). Come to think of it, they both jumped from a cliff with a priceless artifact to keep it from those that betrayed them… This is only the third chapter, but I am all for a female version of Yun Che. Question though… the MU page for it says there are 4543 Chapters (ongoing) for this series, is this a mistake? Though the chapters are short, that number seems a little bit much?


  5. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!

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  6. heshekell says:

    It DOP! Thank you for the chapter. Liu Yue is really something 😀


  7. Kaco says:

    It has over 4000 chapters but story is zoo dam slow. Chapters aren’t big and story progresses very slowly.


  8. yuna says:

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next chapter 😉


  9. mm says:

    this is interesting pls continue to translate this… thank u so much…


  10. Asu says:

    Thank you for the had work!
    Will we be seeing more of this story anytime soon since this story is not the main novel focus?


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    thanks for the chapter!


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    please fix the website’ it’s too hard to load


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    Thxs for the chapter.


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