The Simple Life of Killing Demons Volume 2 Chapter 3 – Freedom, Uncle’s Phone Call, and the Road to School

Translator: reversewolf
Editor: JC
Random passerby: alyschu

“AHAHAHA! Little Risa is all grown up now, she actually brought a boyfriend back!” Sitting in front of me and holding a wineglass while laughing crazily was an uncle whose beard had grown to a serious degree — Satsuki’s dad.

“Seriously, Dad. What kind of drunken nonsense are you saying? Stop drinking, you’ve already drank so much at uncle’s house.” Satsuki snatched away the wineglass from Uncle.

The reason why I called him Uncle in my mind, is simply because I really couldn’t accept the fact that he’s Satsuki’s dad. Parallel world or not, it really looks like anything can happen.

“No wonder you kept staring at your phone yesterday. So it was because you were waiting for this kid’s call?” That one sentence from Uncle made Satsuki panic:” I wasn’t, I wasn’t. Didn’t I said this countless times before? I was on the internet, looking at the weather forecast.”

“That’s right, dear, Little Risa was really looking at the weather forecast.” Satsuki’s mom who had always made Satsuki embarrassed was actually speaking up for Satsuki.

“That’s right, that’s right !” Seeing that her mom was helping her, Satsuki repeated what her mom had said.

Before Uncle could speak, Satsuki’s mom quickly added: “ So as you can see, isn’t the weather today particularly good? It’s because the weather was good, that Little Risa was able to buy so many clothes. It’s also because the weather was good, that Little Xiang was able to help bring the bags back. It seems like today’s weather forecast is very accurate.”

“Mom… you…” Satsuki’s face became red.

Uncle laughed. Afterwards, his face that was bright red due to his drinking, turned to face me and said: “Kid, have you and my daughter already done those things?”

“Those things?” I didn’t understand what Uncle meant by those things.

“Um….. It’s making little….”

“DAD!!! I suddenly feel that it’s better for you to continue drinking, and! Don’t just keep talking and forget about eating. Do you know what time is it now? It’s already 7, you already chatted for half an hour. Don’t you guys know that Lin Xiang needs to go back home?” Satsuki forced a wineglass into Uncle’s hand, and pointed towards the clock on the wall.

“Aiya? Daughter’s angry? Dad only wanted to know how far you guys have gotten.” Uncle looked at the wineglass in his hand, poured some wine, and happily drank.

“I’ve already said that we are just normal friends!!!” Once again, Satsuki emphasized the fact that we’re just normal friends.

“That’s right, dear, quickly eat. Little Xiang is just Little Risa’s first normal guy friend that she brought home. Seriously, you’re already a grown man but you’re acting like a bitch.” Satsuki’s mom said to Uncle with a hint of anger.

“If the wife says so, then fine. Let’s start eating. Come Little Xiang, to celebrate you being the first normal guy friend that Satsuki brought home, let’s drink.” Uncle nodded his head and put a wine glass in front of me.

“No no no, I’m still underage, I can’t drink. Also, if I drink, chances are that I’ll pass out.”

“Don’t worry, you can just stay overnight here if you pass out. Little Risa’s bed is pretty comfortable.” Satsuki’s mom answered.

“Um… Forget it.” I’ve already slept there once before. I wouldn’t dare to compliment Satsuki’s sleeping posture. Even now, I could still remember being tightly embraced by Satsuki, to the point of me being unable to breathe, which caused me to wake up….


Phew, I’m finally free. It’s already 8:30. Satsuki’s parents sure knows how to ‘passionately welcome guest with hospitality’. The reason why they talked for so long was because they thought that I was Satsuki’s boyfriend. No wonder why they were talking so strangely just a moment ago.

As I stood in front of Satsuki’s house, I deeply sighed with extreme emotion.

“Sorry, Lin Xiang, my parents are a little excited today.” Satsuki had a very apologetic look on her face. I’ve already lost count on how many times I’ve seen that look today.

“I do feel that your parents are… quite passionate…”

“It’s just them being too excited, that’s all. It’s already this late, let me send you back?”

“….. Why are you sending me back?” Shouldn’t it be the guy that sends the girl back? Since when did the reverse happen?

“I’m worried that you’ll meet some bad guys on your way back.” Satsuki said that with a serious look.

“Think about it, will bad guys make a move on a guy or a girl?”

“Girls, I guess?”

“So you do know?”

“…… But……”

“No buts…. Listen to me Little Risa, go to his house tonight… Ahem… Coughcough… No problem, you’re already grown up.” Said Uncle, while hiccuping.

“DAD, GO BACK INSIDE! I’m really sorry, Lin Xiang, you should leave quickly. Their behaviour today is starting to make me doubt whether they’re really my parents.” Satsuki pushed Uncle’s head back inside when his head peeked out, and once again apologized to me.

Indeed, are there any parents that would allow their own daughter to stay over at a guy’s place? Don’t tell me that they would trust me that much?

“Ok, Satsuki, see you tomorrow at school.”

“Ok, see you at school.” Satsuki waved her hands at me and returned back to her house.

As I was leaving, I still could hear Uncle’s drunk talk. Things like “why didn’t you follow?”. Stuff like that.

“Ring ring ring~~ ring ring ring~~” Half way back home, my phone rang.

But after seeing that the call was from my uncle, I could not help but be taken aback. ‘I’ knew that my uncle was a busy man even though ‘I’ didn’t know what his line of work was, so other than him giving ‘me’ a call, ‘I’ normally wouldn’t call him.

This was also my first time receiving a call from him after coming to this world for 2 weeks. I felt my voice shake a little:” Hello? Uncle?”

“Little Xiang, are you busy with anything? Why didn’t you pick up my calls from before?” Uncle’s voice was exactly the same as how I remembered, still very firm.

“Before? Oh, I was eating dinner at my friend’s house and I left my phone on the sofa, so I didn’t see.”

“Ok, let’s not talk about this. I want to ask you, do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, why?” Strange, why would Uncle ask me this question?

Furthermore, it sure would be nice if I did have a girlfriend. Sadly, no girl would like the weak me.

“You don’t? Are you sure?” From the phone, Uncle’s voice carried a hint of doubt.

“I’m sure.” I confidently answered.

“In that case, what’s the deal with you going shopping with a girl named Satsuki Risa today?” Strange, how did Uncle know about Satsuki?

“Her? She’s my friend. She only asked me out to help her carry stuff for her today. Uncle, how did you know about it?”

“Put aside how I know about it first, you need to tell me, are you sure Satsuki Risa isn’t your girlfriend?”

“I’m sure. She really isn’t my girlfriend. She and I just have a slightly good relationship; she thinks of me as a sister.”

“Really?” After hearing this, it seems like Uncle heaved a sigh of relief and said: “Actually, who you want as your girlfriend is fine with me, I just wanted to know about it.”

“Hey Uncle, you’re kinda acting very strange?” From Uncle’s tone just now, it was very obvious that he doesn’t want me to get a girlfriend.

“I promised something with someone that I can’t tell you. Also, I don’t oppose you dating that Satsuki Risa girl. Even if she’s your girlfriend, it would be fine. However, when you do have a girlfriend, you must inform me immediately… I know you feel suspicious, but listen to this, everything isn’t that complicated, it’s just that I promised someone so I can’t tell you about it. So don’t mind it too much. You just need to remember, when you have a girlfriend, you must inform me immediately. Understand?”

“Yes Uncle.”

“Ok, then I’m hanging up. Remember, you can choose who you want as your girlfriend, but you must inform me immediately.” Uncle emphasized this point again.

“I know, then goodbye, Uncle.” Even though I was a little suspicious, he’s still my Uncle in this world and the other world. My flesh and blood Uncle wouldn’t harm me.


“Chirp chirp chirp chirp.” The sound small birds was my alarm.

I petted Dusty who was by my side, got out of bed, and entered the washroom.

Brushing my teeth and washing my face at night are things that I’ll do on a daily basis but now, it’s not that I stopped doing it, it’s just that there’s something else I need to do now, and that’s brushing Dusty’s teeth.

I couldn’t recall which day it was, should be about 3 days after Dusty came to my house? That night, after seeing me brush my teeth, it started barking. At that point in time, I didn’t understand what it meant, so I asked what it wanted. Dusty, who could understand human language, walked two circles in front of me, opened the tap, and opened its mouth. Then it took a mouthful of water and spat it out.

After that happened, I understood Dusty that wanted to brush its teeth. So I helped it everyday.

Honestly, even though Dusty was the lowest class of Earth element spirits, its spirituality was very strong. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s female or it knows that it was about to sleep with me, but it loves being clean. Everyday, it insists on bathing with me. Furthermore, every time it finished taking a stroll outside, it’ll always enter the washroom first and wash its own paws….

After brushing Dusty’s teeth, we, a human and a dog (spirit), went down the stairs and enjoyed the breakfast that Silent Water made.

Today’s menu was dumplings. With regards to Silent Water’s household skills, I can no longer be surprised.

Cleanliness. As long as the place was cleaned by Silent Water, it would be spotless and shine like it was brand new. No matter how dirty the clothes that we wore everyday were, it would become clean again. Also, after being washed, it’ll dry instantly.

Cooking. I really don’t want to mention this. Even though Silent Water doesn’t dare to admit it, she can cook anything as long as you tell her what food you want. She’ll definitely be able to make it, and it’ll taste incredible. Even better than those made in a 5 star chief.

After eating breakfast, Silent Water prepared a bento for me.

After putting the bento into my bag, I bid her farewell and embarked on the scary road of no return; to school.

Why did I say that going to school was a scary road of no return? For this, I have to thank my neighbour who became strange —- Satsuki Risa….. Thanks to her doing intimate things to me in the public; for example, like snatching away my juice last time, and fearlessly sitting on my desk and staring at me after class for some reason….. And taking the initiative to put my hand on her head so that I can rub it……

I’m worried that a strong magician or battle technician who liked Satsuki might someday appear on my way to school and get rid of me. Ah, look, I’ve only just started worrying about this and a magician has already appeared not far away from me. And it’s a fire mage. If he’s a lightning or ice type, I wouldn’t really care, but the problem was that he’s a fire type.

Everyone knew that ice, fire, and lightning are capable of killing someone. Within magic enchantments, lightning attribute spells are instant and the high voltage released could paralyse the enemy. For ice attribute spells, needless to say, it was able to freeze the enemy. Then what about spells of the fire attribute? That’s right, he’s capable of burning the enemy.

If I were to let you choose, which attack will you choose to repel? For me, other than those of the fire attribute, I would pick any of the rest.

Speaking of which, who am I even explaining this to now? Is it nerdy Lin Xiang’s memories that’s explaining to me? I feel a bit feel weird.

I calmly avoided the fire magician and took a new path to school…

—————————— School

When I entered the classroom, the majority of the guys had a disappointed look on their face. They should be thinking: “Why? It’s already been a week, how did the trap that the Satsuki Fan Club and I set up for Lin Xiang fail? It’s obviously just the useless Lin Xiang.”

If they asked me this way, I’ll answer back: “Sorry, but I’m no longer the Lin Xiang you use to know.”

Everyday, when I entered the classroom, other than the disappointed looks from the guys, there’s a girl that looked at me with smiling eyes; my normal friend, Satsuki Risa. Other than her, there wasn’t any other girl who would look at me.

Hm? I suddenly feel someone staring at me. That person’s…. Kamiki Kuji?

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