Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 19 – Big Sister’s Question and Answer Session

Translator: SummerRain
Editor: joeglens
Some guy with eyes: alyschu

Too long to finish, and a super scary story —— if it was someone else telling him, Ouyang Tao might have taken it as a joke or a prank. However, if it was about the Spirit girl in the library, it would be difficult to judge.

Furthermore, when the bully group heard about the library punishment, the reaction of the Mechanical Engineering students also proved a point.

However, Ouyang Tao was really concerned and eventually his curiosity took over him. Wanting to hear the stories, he nodded: “Then…… Just tell me a little bit.”

“Keke, you’re actually willing to hear.” Monica’s expression suddenly relaxed —— looks like she was really joking just before.

“Well, because I’m concerned. How should I put it. That manager seems a bit…… Lonely, maybe even pitiful.”

“What you just said isn’t wrong. Well, I guess telling you a bit is no harm.” Monica said as she became serious: “However, always remember, never ever tell anyone about it.”


“That girl’s name is Zhao Yuehan. Although she’s definitely not older than your sister, because she skipped several grades, she’s already in the same grade as me. She’s a graduate student from the Spirits department. Even though she’s a cute young lady, we don’t click.”

Looks like Monica is selective in her targets, but that’s not important. The main point is “skipped several grades”: “Does that mean…… That her magic’s very powerful?”

“Not just that, this girl’s very special. She’s not a normal magician. You could even say she’s not a normal human being.” As Monica spoke, her hand stopped doing work and she lit up a cigarette.

In the end, Ouyang Tao was the only one washing the dishes.

“Not a normal human being?”

“Yup, she was chosen by the grim reaper, and one of her special characteristics is her permanent Spiritual eye. You’ve seen that before right?”

“I’ve seen it before.” So the girl’s spiritual eye was permanent, but it’s really creepy. “But what the heck’s a grim reaper? He sounds scary.”

“Everything I know are actually rumours. The others are all secret. But there are two points I’m certain of. Firstly, the ghost are all very obedient towards her. Secondly, the school is very cautious towards her and her powers. The library was built just for her.

That’s right, Zhao Yuehan seemed to have said it before. She lived in the library. Although it’s nothing scary, Ouyang Tao felt that it wasn’t normal: “Oh? Why make the library for her?”

“Because such a thing like the power of the nether realm, to the living, is a taboo. But the grim reaper’s like an ambassador from the nether realm that we can’t offend. The only choice was to……”

“Lock her up?”

“Don’t say it so crudely, let’s just say that it’s good service and protection. There’s someone in the library that takes care of her grand, personal facilities and there’s also someone in charge of her meals. She’s as comfortable as a princess.”

But no matter what, anyone could understand that no matter how comfortable the life in the library was, Zhao Yuehan had lost something important —— her freedom.

Although Ouyang Tao seemed silly at times, he was quick about some stuff, especially things concerning Mechanical Engineering and its structures: “Actually the library is a seal between the worlds and she is being imprisoned there right?”

“This brat……” Monica poked Ouyang Tao on the forehead “why ask when you already know.”

Using Mechanical Engineering structures and stabilising connections between worlds was also part of Ouyang Tao’s abilities. It’s just that he didn’t usually get the chance to use it. No wonder he felt that the library was weird from the start.


Ouyang Tao still had stuff he wanted to ask but Monica cut him off: “Concerning the library, I didn’t say anything and you didn’t ask anything. You thought of everything by yourself. Understand?”

“Oh……” Seems like this topic is taboo as well, I can’t find out anymore. At that point, the cutlery had already been stored away, but Ouyang Tao still had a question: “Oh yeah, senior. My sister’s situation today, didn’t you find it weird?”

“How so?”

“She’s from Elements, why would she discuss elemental magic with someone from Mechanical Engineering?”

“Still worried about your sister. This brother……” Monica continued to answer him while smoking “It’s very normal. Most Mechanical Engineering Magicians know at least one other common form of magic. Furthermore, if it’s that guy, it’s not weird.”

Putting it like that, could she……

“Senior, you know the guy being bullied?”

“Yup, number seven of the Archduke Ryan family.”

“Ah? A son from the Archduke Ryan family!?” Ouyang Tao found it unbelievable.

Archduke Ryan, everyone knew that name. He was the ruler of the country. Being a member of the Archduke family and yet was being bullied in school…… Isn’t that too cowardly.

“There’s no choice, by nature he was not a Mechanical Engineering Magician. He’s extremely gifted in the Elements department, but due to the pride of the Archduke family and other complicated things, they forced him to study Mechanical Engineering, and the result is like that.”

But he is still a son of the Archduke’s family, it shouldn’t be that bad right?”

“Look at him, do you think he can inherit his father’s seat? So everyone looks down on him. Being bullied is a common thing.”

Hearing this, Ouyang Tao suddenly felt his treatment was not the worst in Mechanical Engineering department.

Furthermore, being forced to do something one is not good at, and not willing to do is a very painful thing.

Ouyang Tao still felt uncomfortable: “But……”

“Don’t worry, someone like him won’t be able to get your sister.”

This, finally made Ouyang Tao relieved.

“Ok, it’s almost 1, hurry up and go rest, I also……” After smoking, Monica ended the conversation and stretched lazily, preparing to go to bed. Just then, the armband on her uniform sounded: “No way?!”

After a few seconds, Chen Feng came downstairs fully dressed.

Obviously, there was an emergency: “Seniors, what happened?”

“Nothing of your concern. Be obedient and go to sleep. Now is time for adults. Let’s go Chen Feng.” Monica immediately took off her pyjamas and wore her uniform (Big sis, even though I know you’re very open-minded, you still shouldn’t change in front of me). She then left with Chen Feng.

Ouyang Tao understood that it was best not to question things that didn’t concern him. Hence, he went to his room to rest.

However, him not looking for trouble didn’t mean that trouble won’t look for him.

Even though he slept very late, he woke up at the same time the next morning.

Monica and Chen Feng still had not returned yet. This probably meant that something serious has happened. Ouyang Tao remembered Monica’s reminder and did not think too much. Instead, he went to prepare breakfast for his sister.

“Ah Xue, faster, you’re gonna be late.”

“I know.”

Breakfast was toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, and milk with an apple by the side. It was simple and nutritious. However, the siblings didn’t have time to enjoy their meal……

Ding Dong~ The doorbell rang. Ouyang Tao went to open the door, only to see a group of fully armed guards and two members from the disciplinary team standing outside the door looking very serious.

“Is anything the matter?”

An officer, with a Major rank, asked: “May I inquire if you’re the first year student from Mechanical Engineering department, Ouyang Tao?”

The other party sounded polite, but still spoke in a serious tone. “Yes…… That’s me.”

Then, the other party did not reply immediately but instead, looked over Tao’s shoulder and into the room: “This is?”

“That’s my sister Ouyang Xue, Elements department.” He had a clear conscience but looking at the Major’s posture, he felt that he didn’t come with good intentions. “It was too late yesterday, so I let her sleep over. Did I break any rules?”

“No, you misunderstood. There was an assault case yesterday and we just need your help in the investigation. Just follow us back to the security station. Don’t worry, we just need your statement. It wouldn’t affect your lessons too much.


Looks like something big did happened after all….

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