The Simple Life of Killing Demons Volume 2 Chapter 2 – Blockhead, Dragon’s ability, and Satsuki’s mom

Translator: reversewolf
Editors: Superposhposh, JC
Weirdo: alyschu

“I” (Nerdy Lin Xiang) had a feeling that Kamiki hated me, but “I” assumed that she only hated me for dragging the class rank down.

But now, after experiencing that kind of hostile aura from her for myself, and the disgust she had when “I” talked to her a few times, I understood that what she hated wasn’t me, but some other reason that I don’t know about.

Even though she didn’t really have this sort of attitude towards all of the other guys, her terrible attitude towards me was obvious.

I carefully recalled whether “I” had offended her somehow before, but after thinking for a while, I couldn’t think of any. Though, I couldn’t say that I’ve had no interaction with her whatsoever. Aside for Satsuki and Takahashi, the only one who “I”’ve talked to the most was Yamada Yukihito….

“Me? I came here with Lin Xiang.” Satsuki was curious as to why she asked this, so she replied after looking at me.

Strangely, Kamiki Kuji smiled. Suddenly, she shot a glance at me and held it for a second, making me hold my breath.

Being another one of the popular girls at my school, Kamiki’s looks weren’t inferior to Satuski’s. Furthermore, she had a noble aura that Satsuki didn’t have, that added to her character. While her eyes and looks may not be as great as Satsuki’s, Kamiki was wise, sharp, and had an ability to see through a person’s heart at a single glance. She makes me feel intangibly pressured.

It seemed as if a heavy weight had been lifted off of Kamiki’s chest. Sure enough, she heaved a sigh of relief: “Is that so? Actually, Lin Xiang-san isn’t that bad. In that case, you guys please take your time. I think I still have something else I need to do, so I’m leaving first.”

After seeing Kamiki’s figure open the door and leave, I felt happy. I’m not sure what happened but I do know that was my first time seeing Kamiki smile….

“Lin Xiang ! ! What she said just now…. Yuki mistake Italy her.” Satsuki, with a reddened face, stuttered like she’s speaking some unknown Japanese dialect.

Yuki, Italy, mistake = you better, misunderstand, not?

“What Kamiki said just now, was there a special meaning behind it?” What Kamiki said just now, was it related to why she was so happy? If I don’t understand something, I must ask about it. This has always been my way of life.

After listening to what I said, Satsuki’s somewhat excited expression had calmed down. She nagged in a low voice: “That’s right…. a blockhead will forever be a blockhead….”

(The previous conversation from Satsuki’s perspective:

“Isn’t that Satsuki-san?“ Someone called out my name, and it was a girl. I turned my head to look, and saw that it was Kamiki-san: “Oh? It’s Kamiki-san, hello.”

Kamiki-san smiled at me: “Is Satsuki-san alone?” I was never that close to her before, why is she smiling at me?

Suddenly, I remembered that Lin Xiang was standing right next to me! What does she mean by this? Mocking me?

I snuck a glance at Lin Xiang’s face. It looked like he was thinking about something and I replied: “Me? I came with Lin Xiang.” I didn’t wish to see Lin Xiang being looked down on.

After listening to my reply, Kamiki-san looked at Lin Xiang, and revealed a charming smile: “Is that so? Actually Lin Xiang-san is pretty good! In that case, you guys should take your time and choose~ Oh, I just remembered that I have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

Listening to her words, I suddenly realised it was a pun ! On the surface, she asked us to choose our clothes, but in reality, she must have thought that we’re going out, right? This is her way of giving us her blessings, right? Even though I admit that I like Lin Xiang, this idiot can win an international prize for being a genuine blockhead!

I peeped at Lin Xiang. he was currently deep in thought while looking at Kamiki’s back… Wait, don’t tell me that this blockhead has finally realised??

“Lin Xiang ! ! What she said just now…Yuki mistake Italy her.” In a moment of excitement, I bit my tongue….

What will he say next? He won’t laugh and say : “Are we not like how she said?”

Unfortunately, there’s a huge difference between dreams and reality. All I saw was a face that was deeply pondering: “What Kamiki said just now, was there a special meaning behind it?”

Hearing his reply, I laughed at myself: “That’s right…. a blockhead will forever be a blockhead….” Why did I even get so excited? He didn’t hear what I said that night because he was injured. Furthermore, even after doing so many embarrassing things, he still doesn’t understand a thing! So why would a single line with a hidden meaning from Kamiki-san…. No! As long as I work hard, I’ll definitely be able to make that blockhead change… change…. change into splithead (splithead is a made up word, Satsuki really couldn’t think of any other vocabulary, so she used splithead to show cracking the blockhead open).)

Note: The embarrassing things Satsuki said she did was actually the weird behaviour pointed out by Lin Xiang in the previous chapter.


I only saw Satsuki muttering something, and then she regained her spirit: “There’s no meaning! She only said that you must pick nice clothes. Let me say this to you Lin Xiang, for the rest of the day, you need to accompany me.”

“Okay!” Are Kamiki and Satsuki close friends? Was that why she was so happy when there was someone to help pick clothes for Satsuki?

If it really was like this, then why have they never talked to each other before? Forget it, it doesn’t matter. All I hope for now is to quickly pick nice clothes for Satsuki so that I can return home and head to the demon world to find… something grass? Rano Grass? Or was it Nora Grass?

Sigh, I’m getting old. From the looks of it, having memories of both world is the same as me being 34 years old, my memory is deteriorating…..


“Oh, oh~~~” Satsuki came out from the changing room, and it was a feast for my eyes. I already knew that Satsuki had a good figure, with her being 1.7 meter tall, and having long legs and a small body. Now, she’s wearing a sleeveless vest which displayed her white shoulders, blue denim shorts that completely shows her slender thighs, and furthermore, she also wore black stocking that reached to the end of her thighs. This… how do I say it? It’s sure to make many people’s blood boil.

Afterwards, even though Satsuki wasn’t sure if her clothes matched, after I took a look, she immediately decided to buy it. I took a look at the price tag. That sleeveless vest actually costs 6k, and the denim jeans that have little fabric can actually cost up to 11k?? If you add another 1k to the denim jeans’s price, it would be the same as the beautiful blue dress that I bought for Silent Water. Did the store switch to a black-hearted manager? (100 Yen = 6 RMB )

“Isn’t this too expensive? Satsuki, do you really like it?”

“Expensive? Is it expensive? I don’t think so. As long as it can make a certain someone show some reaction, it’ll be worth it.” After saying some weird remarks, Satsuki continued picking clothes….


“You’ve worked hard today.” Standing in front of Satsuki’s house, Satsuki said to the me who was covered in bags.

“Uh… it’s not hard, it’s not hard. Open the door, I’m going back after I put down the bags.” If it was the me in the past that was carrying these bags, I would be exhausted to death. Now that the dragon gods are living inside me, I’ve changed into a human dragon. My body was 5 to 6 times stronger than an average human, which was also equivalent to a Battle King class.

But, it was only my physique that had reached Battle King class. I didn’t have the ability of a battle king, the ability to apply spirit power to weapons, or the ability to use formidable combat skills. The reason was that my spirit power was very weak.

I thought about it before. Since my spirit power was so weak, and magic power is converted from spirit power, then where did all that magic power that I gave to Silent Water come from? Freed told me. My spirit power capacity should be unable to change. It would always remain this weak, but since they’re living in my body, my body produced a “dragon’s ability” that only dragons will have.

Dragon’s ability, is a really strong ability. A little bit of the dragon’s ability is able to transform into a Magus class magic power…. which is equal to Silent Water absorbing the magic power once. (Recently, it feels that she is absorbing more and more, but the time I can hug her has increased as well, which is really great since I can justifiably hug a girl.)

Even though my body’s dragon ability is able to convert into a lot of magic power, to be able to make use of Freed’s special purification ability — Sacred Fire, this dragon’s ability doesn’t help much. Probably only about 20% is needed for Sacred Fire. So if I want to use Sacred Fire, I need to burn my soul to make up the remaining 80%. Freed also said that my soul was very powerful. If I’m a person from this world, I’ll definitely be able to become a Ruling God or Battle God. But the me from the previous world didn’t have spirit ability, and the reason why the people here were able to generate spiritual power, was that ever since birth, they were exposed to spiritual ability, so their souls transformed. That’s why they had the ability to produce spiritual power.

When I first heard Freed talking about spiritual ability transforming souls, and souls producing spiritual power, I quickly felt a headache, but I do know one point, and it is that even though my soul is powerful, I wasn’t exposed to any spiritual ability, so, I can’t produce spiritual power.

“Ah ~~ little Risa is back?” When Satsuki had just opened the door, a beautiful woman that looked a little similar to Satsuki was standing at the entrance.

Satsuki, who had a terrible expression and was a little flustered, said: “Mom….. why are you back so early? Weren’t you paying a visit to Uncle Mingde?”

“Sorry about that, a young and beautiful mother suddenly thought of her precious daughter at home, and since she’s finally on holiday, she wanted to reward her by cooking for her. And after cooking, she was preparing to go outside to see if her daughter is back yet. Now that mother is feeling guilty. Little did she know that she came back too early, and spoiled her daughter’s plan….” Even though Satsuki’s mom was speaking from a third person perspective, others were able to understand her. However, the “plan” that she’s talking about, I don’t understand what it meant.

“I……” Satsuki only said the word “I” and her face reddened.

Satsuki’s mom smilingly looked at the reddened and speechless Satsuki, and gently laughed: “What happened? Not going to introduce this young man to me?”

“He…. he’s Lin Xiang, don’t misunderstand, we’re just friends. We’re really just normal friends.” Satsuki quickly pointed at me, trying to emphasise that I’m just her normal friend.

“I know! Why are you so nervous? I know that you guys are just normal friends. Only normal to the point of going out and buying clothes type of friends ! Mom understands.” Satsuki’s mom raised her voice when mentioning about buying clothes, but I paid no attention to it. It’s just that I felt Satsuki’s mom was unexpectedly reasonable. At first I even thought that she’ll think that I’m Satsuki’s boyfriend.

“Mom! Buying clothes doesn’t necessarily mean….” Satsuki’s face became even redder. She glanced at me, and became speechless again while her two delicate finger kept making circles.

“Well, even though your dad and I have been busier with our work and rarely come home anymore since you started high school, you’re still my daughter, so do you really think mom wouldn’t understand you? Quickly come in, look at this girl, making Little Xiang look like a shelf. Even if you like them, was there really a need to buy so much?” When Satsuki’s mom called me Little Xiang, it gave me an intimate feeling.


“Relax, unless your dad drinks with your uncle till they collapse, he won’t come back.”

“Oh…” Satsuki heaved a sigh of relief after hearing her mom’s words. It should be because her dad doesn’t like her daughter bringing a guy back home?

After putting down the bags, I wanted to head home but was persuaded to stay by Satsuki’s mom. So I stayed over at Satsuki’s house for dinner. Then, I awkwardly sat on her house’s big sofa. Both my straightened hands were placed on my knees to let Satsuki’s mom look at me.

“Hm~~~ thick eyebrows, honest looking, strong and courageous, not bad not bad, my daughter’s normal friend is pretty good.” Satsuki’s mom laughed and said.

“Uh… you’re flattering me, Aunty.” What’s this? This feeling of some weird atmosphere floating around in the room.

“Mom, why are you sitting over there? Come here and help me, there’s too much food, I can’t manage it.” At this moment, Satsuki was holding a fish as she said.

Satsuki, you’re really great. To tell the truth, I can’t really stand your mom. Since just now, she’s been asking me question non-stop, as if she’s interrogating me.

“Aiyo, my good daughter. Mom didn’t complain when she made this much food, and you’re complaining? Mom only wants to understand more about your “normal friend”, perhaps in the future….”

“MOM!!!!! I just remembered.” Satsuki interrupted her mom. Even though I kind of want to know what Satsuki’s mom meant by that, I have a feeling that if she continued to talk, this weird atmosphere would become even heavier: “Lin Xiang, didn’t you say that you need to make a call to your uncle before dinner? Come with me, I’ll take you to the phone.”

“My uncle?” I repeated the statement, unclear of what she meant. After looking at the time, it was already 6, even though the sky wasn’t completely dark yet, the sun had already set. Silent Water was waiting for me at home.

“That’s right. Aunty, excuse me. I’ll go outside for awhile.” After speaking, I went outside with Satsuki, and left behind Satsuki’s mom who was grinning face to face.

“I’m really sorry. My mom has reached menopause, so she’s very annoying. So please don’t mind what she said.” After closing the living room door, Satsuki had an apologetic face as she said this.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

“Okay, then I’ll go serve the dish. You can wait outside, for show.” Satsuki turned around and went back into the kitchen.

It’s not an act, I really needed to make a call. I took out my phone and dialed my house’s number, “Beep…beep…beep…”

“Hello, this is the Lin’s residence.” As expected of Silent Water, her speaking manner is really polite. Speaking of which, this is my first time talking to her through the phone.

“Hello, Silent Water. It’s Lin Xiang. Uh… tonight, I have something going on, so I can’t come back for dinner. You guys go ahead and eat first. Honestly, I really can’t come back to eat. You guys must eat without me, understand?” It’s not that I’m naggy, it’s just that if I don’t say it like this, they would definitely wait till I get back home before they start eating.

“I understand, master.” Silent Water replied and the phone was became quiet.

She hung up the phone? I felt a little suspicious, so I asked again: “Silent Water?”

“Yes? Is there something wrong?” From the phone came Silent Water’s voice.

“No, nothing, ah, that’s all, I’ll come home later.”

“Ok.” Silent Water replied, and no more sound came from the phone.

Silent Water, this girl, unless I hang up the phone, will she never hang up? Really, how should I deal with her… However, with her by my side, it always feels really great.

I said to the phone again: “In that case, see you later.” And I hung up the phone.

Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the door so I went and open it. Opening the door, I saw a man with a briefcase under his arm. His body reeked of alcohol and a serious look was on the uncle’s face as he stood there. He should be a salesman? Hence, I said: “Sorry, we’re not interested in sales.”

“Oh? Is that so? My apologies, wrong place.” Replied the uncle as he turned around and started to leave.

At this moment, Satsuki who was serving the dishes, ran over: “Dad?”

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