The Simple Life of Killing Demons Volume 2 Chapter 1 – Nora Grass, the Beautiful Satsuki, and Kamiki Kuji

Is this real life? SLKD is here! This chapter was started by FXonLife, a new guy who wanted to try translating but he wilted after translating a page (yikes)! Translating is serious business guys, may cause people to run off into the abyss and what-not.

Translators: FXonLife (1 page), reversewolf (rest because he’s awesome)
Editors: SaberWolf, JC, FlawlessIdiot
Final checker: alyschu

Two weeks have already passed since the incident with Takahashi. In these two weeks, there was an increase in events happening around the world. For example, in a certain country, its spirit control system malfunctioned, which causes spirits energy to leak out, and attracted many wild spirits. Wild spirits can cause huge damage to countries. Furthermore, during that incident, quite a handful of people died as well.

The news report stated: This incident has once again given humanity a wake up call. Everyone, please do not be accustomed to the spirits we see everyday. In fact, all these spirits were once very aggressive; the only difference is that they have been domesticated. So everyone, try to make less contact with wild spirits when you’re outside. If you come across a wild spirit while you’re on a holiday, please escape immediately. If you need a spirit, please go to your local spirit shop to purchase your own spirit.

Spirits, are separated into five different levels: lowest class, low class, middle class, high class, and special class. Humans do not know that king class spirits actually exist —- and one of such spirit was currently sitting beside me and watching the news, Silent Water. Silent Water was a well-behaved spirit. She’ll always help me keep the house clean, cook meals for me. Even though she also grew up in the demon world, it’s really hard for me to picture Silent Water as one of those cold-blooded wild spirits. It should be due to her being a king class spirit?

I petted Dusty who was resting on my lap. Dusty should be considered a wild spirit as well? But why wasn’t it aggressive? Was it because it belonged to the lowest class of earth element spirits? That can’t be right, there’s something fishy with this news. I think what happened was that the residents saw many rare and strong spirits, so they wanted to capture them, and the spirits retaliated, which was why the humans had been killed? After all, the majority of spirits don’t enjoy fighting. As long as you do not bother them, they would not harm you. Aren’t humans too opinionated? Aren’t spirits living beings as well? Were they destined to be your slaves? Go to hell. Spirits are our friends, they help us in fighting against demons. They’re not just our slaves.

I cursed silently in my heart. However, I had a feeling that out of 10 people, at most 3 would agree with me. Many people would have the assumption that spirits were born for the purpose of being humanity’s slave, and take the humans’ place in doing dangerous things. For example, the earth and water element spirits were the most commonly seen, and as such, were labelled as construction workers. They could easily be bought for around 10 dollars in spirit shops. As for rarer gold spirits, you wouldn’t be able to buy them without paying a several hundreds of thousands.

I took a good look at Silent Water but couldn’t help think to myself, how much money would Silent Water be worth?

No no no, I immediately broke my train of thought. Silent Water is priceless. Nobody can buy her, unless it’s the one she had chosen to be her master,or else no matter who it was, I wouldn’t let them touch her. Not even a strand of hair. Until she finds a master who she deemed to be worthy, she would stay as my family member.

While thinking of this, I couldn’t help but reach out to touch Silent Water’s supple dark blue hair. As I rubbed her head, Silent Water turned around to take a look at me, and smiled. Silent Water had a beautiful smile with pearly white teeth and vividly enchanting eyes. This made me want to protect her and her beautiful smile.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang. It was Satsuki calling: “Hello, Satsuki-chan, do you need something?”

“I can’t call you unless I need something?” From the phone came Satsuki’s displeased voice.

“Of course not, calling me is good, so please give me lots of calls even if you don’t need anything.”

“Humph~ smart. What are you doing?”

“Me? Watching television, why?”

“Watching television? The only thing you’ve been doing these two days during the weekend was watching television?”

“Not really, I also went online.”

“ …Don’t tell me that you stayed inside these two days for such silly things?”

“What do I need to go out for?”

“You… You could’ve come and find me…”

“Uh….” I was lost for words for a moment. Ever since the incident with Takahashi, I clearly felt that I’m closer to Satsuki, but I still couldn’t understand Satsuki’s weird behaviour at times.

From the beginning when she didn’t want me to drink her drinks, it changed into snatching my drink away to drink, while saying something like the drink I gave her wasn’t nice so she wanted to drink mine. When returning home, she always insisted that I must stay at her house for awhile before I could leave. After eating, she purposely made her mouth oily and passes me a tissue, insisting that I help clean her mouth…..

Doesn’t she know that the majority of the guys in class want to get rid of me? If it was in the past, they would still hesitate because of Takahashi, but now Takahashi had left. Speaking of which, was Takahashi doing well? Excluding me and Satsuki who knew what happened, many of the girls in class were really saddened by the news of Takahashi leaving.

“Hey, why aren’t you saying anything? Will you lose face if you asked me out? I want to buy clothes today, so I need someone to help me carry the stuff and at the same time, give me his opinion on the clothes.”

“Oh. What time are we going out then?” I looked at the clocked, it was 1:54

“2:30, wait in front of Phoebe Park, understand?”

“Oh, I understand. In that case….” *Beep,beep,beep,beep* From the phone came a busy tone. She had hung up.

What a really strange girl. I sighed and told Silent Water: “Little Silent, I’m going out for awhile soon, is there anything you want me to buy for you?” Truthfully speaking, I really want to bring Silent Water out for shopping, but she was a king class human spirit. If I bring her out, it would definitely cause a big uproar.

“Thank you Master, but I don’t need anything.”

“Little Silent, I’m sorry, I really want to bring you outside, but…” Even though Silent Water’s expression was calm, I could still feel some loneliness in her. After all, she can only move around in my house….

“It’s fine, master, Silent Water understands her own circumstance. Master giving me shelter is more then enough, I really have no other request.”

“Ah~~ Little Silent, you really are obedient.” I rubbed Silent Water’s head and went upstairs to change clothes.

I chose a set of casual clothes and started putting them on. Suddenly….

‘Actually, there’s a way for that water spirit to hide her spirit aura.’ White Dragon Freed’s voice suddenly sounded in my head.

“Shit! You scared me. What? Just now you said there’s a way for Silent Water to hide her spirit aura? Really? What’s the method?” If there’s really a way to hide Silent Water’s spirit aura, of course I’ll be excited.

‘Look at yourself, being so excited, you only need to find the Nora Grass. This type of grass can prevent spirits from emitting their spirit aura. All Silent Water need to do is to put the Nora Grass on her body, and others won’t be able to detect her spirit aura. With this, humans will think that she’s just an ordinary human who’s a bit pretty.’

‘I bet this kind of grass is hard to find.’ In general, this sort of grass in games would be hidden, and was very difficult to obtain.

‘It’s not, this sort of grass can be found everywhere in the demon world.’

‘Nani? Is that true? This sort of grass is obviously very powerful. It can even hide spirit’s aura.’

‘……’ Freed was silent for awhile, before saying: ‘Not all humans are like you, okay? Who would hide their own spirit’s spiritual aura? Rather, they would want their spirit’s spiritual aura to be very strong.’

‘Oh, you’re right. Then how do I go to the Demon world?’

‘Just leave this matter to me. Don’t forget that I’m the guardian of the underworld….’ Suddenly, Black Dragon Yalide’s voice came. Next, Freed said a sentence that made Yalide embarrassed: ‘Oh, you have the nerve to talk about it?’

‘Don’t talk about what happened in the past, damnit Freed. Well well~~ Brat, ignore Freed, you only need to remember, that I’m a qualified guardian. In that case, when do you want to go?’

‘Right now.’ Honestly, I almost forgot this Yalide bastard was the underworld’s (Demon world) guardian.

‘Brat, did you forget something?’ Freed reminded.

‘Something? Nope, are you asking me to prepare my equipments?’

‘You forgot about your date with that human girl?’

‘Date? OH! Due to a moment of happiness, I nearly forgot about Satsuki. In that case, wait till I come back before we go to the demon world.’

‘You brat, is pretty talented. How are you going to protect others when you actually forgot about your date with a girl?’

‘I…. it’s because being able to bring Silent Water outside made me so overjoyed that I forgot about it.’

‘Humph~~ You don’t need to explain yourself. It’s already 2:30, is it fine to not leave now?’

‘Right right right, I’ll leave right now.’

After bidding farewell to Silent Water, I wanted to drive to Phoebe Park but was stopped by Freed. I asked for his reason but he scolded me as a fool, a moron that doesn’t know how to take care of a woman’s heart.

Even though I don’t understand what he meant, I better follow his instructions. After putting the new bike back home, I ran towards Phoebe Park.

By the time I ran to the park, it was already 2:35. Satsuki was already there waiting for me; her face showed a smile when she saw me but immediately frowned: “Oi ! Bastard Lin Xiang, how can you be like this? Is there anyone who’s on a date… shopping, that would make the girl wait?”

“I’m really sorry, just now I saw a mouse chasing a cat.”

“ ? ” Satsuki’s expression changed into a confused one: “A cat chasing a mouse, why were you looking at them?”

“What I said was a mouse chasing a cat.”

“What? Eh? ….. You said a mouse was chasing a cat? Why would there be such a strange thing?”

“I know right, that’s why I stopped to look at them.”

“Really?” Satsuki nodded her head.

I can’t believe it, she actually believed such a lame excuse… I secretly wiped the sweat from my head.

Satsuki stopped questioning my reason for being late, and spun around in front of me.

“What are you doing?” I was curious about Satsuki’s action.

“What do you think?”

“What do I think?” What’s she referring to?

“I’m asking you, what do you think if you just go and die?” Satsuki hit me, then left without turning back.

“Hey hey hey, what is it? Why are you angry?” I chased after her.

I’m not angry, I was just curious why idiots won’t go extinct. I’m going back now.” Hearing her tone of voice, how can it possibly resemble her not being angry?

“No no no, dear Risa-sama, please tell me what happened.” I grabbed hold of her elbow.

Satsuki was clearly taken aback by my actions. She struggled for a few moments before giving up and turned around to say: “Today, I’m wearing a white skirt.”

I looked at Satsuki, oh right, white skirt. When I first arrived, I already noticed Satsuki was dressed up, a white short-sleeved T-shirt, and a white skirt. In this slightly hot afternoon, it’s particularly refreshing. Her T-shirt was slightly tight, which completely displayed her curvaceous body. When I was running here, there were quite a few guys secretly looking at Satsuki. But so what? Unless she wants me to compliment her?

“Oh right, full white, appears to be very pure, very nice.”

“Is… is that so?” Satsuki’s face was suddenly red, as if she wasn’t angry just now. I really can’t figure her out.

“Thats right, today’s Satsuki is very beautiful.” So she really just wanted me to compliment her?

“Idiot…. move. Let’s go buy clothes.” Satsuki shyly said.

Satsuki stopped in front of a woman’s fashion clothing store and pulled me inside.

After Satsuki dragged me in, my heart beat started pounding quickly and cold sweat kept dripping down. It’s not because of the number of girls in the store, but it was because this was the store where I bought Silent Water her clothes. This place, will forever haunt me ah~~~ even though the people present at that time may have forgotten me, but…. at that time, the look they gave me, those looks they gave to a pervert, will forever be etched in my heart. That mental attack had damaged me pretty badly.

“Hey ? What are you doing? Why are you sweating so much?” As she was choosing her clothes, she turned around and asked me.

“Recently, the weather is pretty hot, you know it’s June. Summer’s here.”

“Isn’t it air-conditioned here? Why is it still hot? In fact I feel a little cold instead.”

“Didn’t we just enter? Furthermore, I ran here just now.”

“Oh.” Towards the me who was wryly smiling, Satsuki nodded her head.

As long as I keep this pain hidden in my heart, no one will know about it, those “it’s none of my business” girls had already forgotten me. Since they had forgotten about me, why should I worry about it?

At this moment, a woman pushed open the door and came in. I was stunned stupid: There was one more person, and she knows about it. My class monitor, Kamiki Kuji.

“Isn’t this Satsuki-san?” Kamiki Kuji noticed me the moment she came in but she didn’t look at me and only greeted Satsuki.

“Oh ? it’s Kamiki-san, hello.” Satsuki heard someone call her so she turned around and replied after seeing Kamiki Kuji.

Kamiki Kuji faced Satsuki and lightly smiled: “Is Satsuki-san alone?”

Doesn’t this girl see me standing beside Satsuki? Why did she say this on purpose? From her body, I can feel a resentful atmosphere.

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