Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 18.5 – Interval #6

Translator: SummerRain
Editor: joeglens
Some person: alyschu

Among the group of students from Mechanical Engineering who had conflict with the Ouyang siblings, several had already left. The remaining three people had not yet returned to their dormitories. They decided to have a drink to quell their anger.

The three of them found a quiet and empty area and took out their private bottle of hard liquor (Augustus Academy allowed light consumption of alcohol but binge drinking was prohibited) and began drinking. They complained as they drank.

“Tch, what dumb luck. We actually met the inspection team.”

“I agree. And we actually met the ‘mute sword’ and the monster girl.”

“Yeah, if it weren’t those two, who cares if they are from the inspection team. Daddy here’ll beat them up!”

The mute sword and monster girl naturally meant Chen Feng and Monica. Chen Feng’s actual title in the Magic Swordsmanship department was “Silent Blade”, but because he could not talk, many people called him mute sword instead. As to why Monica was called monster girl; anyone who faced her weird power and fighting style would agree to it.

However, people like these two were the ones who were able to scare the delinquents and maintain the school discipline.

“And that brat from Mechanical Engineering. At the end of the month scoring match, Daddy will go look for him!”

“That’s right, let’s first teach him a lesson before getting his sister. Haha……”


Just when the group was talking trash, a strong and deep voice that had an arrogant tone suddenly rang: “You guys, are you prepared to receive your punishment!?”

Following the voice was an immense pressure that was never seen before. That person’s magic was strong beyond description. The guys suddenly became nervous as they hurriedly try to make out where the voice came from.

The man who spoke did not appear but the sounds of his heavy footsteps could be heard. This was accompanied by a scorching heat in the atmosphere.

“What? He dare use magic?”

“It can’t be the inspection team right?”

“Of course not, no one in the inspection team are from Elements.”

The guys were extremely unsettled as the speaker finally appeared from the darkness. He wore an exaggerating red ancient robe, a cape, a black ceremonial hat, and a mask. He gave off a scary and overpowering aura.

“Oi, who are you?”

Instead of answering, the other guy lifted his arms slightly: “Burn, my flames of judgement!”

A fiery red flame suddenly ignited in the surroundings, and formed a five to six meters flame wall that trapped all four in it.

Moreover, he also ignited flames in his hands and closed in on the three Mechanical Engineering students.

“Damn, it’s not like daddy is afraid of you! Brothers, let’s get him!” The leader of the pack was not weak either as he created an ice ball preparing to fight. The other two with him prepared their magic as well.

Although a Mechanical Engineering Magician was a person who could build an entire army for battle, from another perspective, if the opposition gets rid of the Magician, it would mean getting rid of an entire army.

Furthermore, a Mechanical Engineering Magician was limited to the amount of resources he had. Therefore, it was inconvenient to apply in some places. Hence, other than Mechanical Engineering, most Mechanical Engineering Magicians knew some other form of common magic for self-defense.

Of course someone like Ouyang Tao, who didn’t know how to use any other form of magic was a rare exception.

Then, the flames and the ice clashed into one another.

“Ugh…… What flame is this……”

“Too strong…… Who is he!”

“Oi, what are you doing! You seriously can’t be thinking of killing right!”

The difference in skill was too overwhelming, but the other party did not break through the three people’s ice defence. He only used sufficient strength to control his fire, and while using this unblockable magic, forced the three people to slowly be pushed back towards the fire wall.

Not only did he want to defeat his opponents, he wanted his opponents to experience the fear of slowly approaching their deaths.

To him, that was true judgement……

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