Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 15.5 – Interval #5

Translated by SummerRain and examined by alyschu~

Working as a Professor at Augustus Academy was not just limited to the simple job of teaching a student.

In fact, a student interacts with a professor for at most three hours a day. After that, the professor has more important work to do.

Due to the fact that both the Augustus Academy military school and magic school’s dual nature, all the school large scale laboratory and practice arenas were well equipped with the latest facilities. Furthermore, they were updated each month (thanks to the convenience of having Mechanical Magicians), all members of the school could use it after applying for it.

However, these were only the facilities above ground. The underground secrets of the academy were only known to the professors, some of the higher grade teachers, members of the Council, and the few graduate students.

Lu Yun opened the hidden door from behind a bookshelf in his office at the administration building. He took the elevator down six hundred metres to Augustus Academy’s huge underground research facility, which took up even more space than the structures above ground.

There was strict security for the underground research facility with a gate and a security checkpoint every forty metres. Each research area was separated, and as a precaution, every professor possessed a key card that could only open a certain gate that leads to their own exclusive research area.

Everyone who were allowed to enter the research area had to follow a strict secrecy protocol. One could only discuss work with someone who worked in the same research area. They had to keep it a secret from someone in a different research area.

That also meant that everyone only knew a part of the whole research.

However, there was one point that everyone knew clearly. And it was that this research was the world’s strongest and most secret of technology —— it was something that rivalled the divine beings; the lost science and technology.

Lu Yun was responsible for a device called the Phase Teleportation Crystal.

Arriving at the research facility, a topless muscular man, who was two metres tall, was already waiting there —— he was a professor from the Blacksmithing department, and was also Lu Yun’s colleague.

“Professor Lu, you’re a bit late today.”

“Ah, my apologies. My new student’s basics are still lacking, so I had some things to sort out.”

“No worries. Actually you’re just on time, Trial No. 6744 is prepared for testing.” As he said that, he handed Lu Yun a pair of protective goggles.

“Ok, let’s see the results.”

In front of the two was a sealed testing work space. A mechanical arm placed a hexagonally cut crystal into the designated slot.

After which, the slot started to charge the crystal, and channel magic into it. The crystal glowed brightly, and started to gradually float.

“The charging has already reached eighty five percent. The numbers are still very stable, looks like there’s a chance.”

“Mn, yeah.”

However, just as they finished talking, a loud explosion came from the testing workspace. A bright light shone and even though they were wearing protective eyewear, they both turned and shielded their eyes with their hands.

“Aish, it’s like this again. As long as it gets close to ninety percent it can’t hold on.” The muscular Blacksmithing professor shook his head in disappointment.

“Let’s collect the data before we start again.” Lu Yun could only smile bitterly as he said that. They failed nearly seven thousand times already, so one more time would not make much of a difference.

“Ok…… It’s embarrassing though……” The muscular professor sighed as he scratched his head in distress and looked around in disappointment. “Even with all of us added up together, it probably wouldn’t even be able to enough to match that man’s feet……”

“Hehe…… Professor Fang, don’t be so pessimistic.”

“I think that you’re amazing. You can still remain optimistic. There isn’t anyone other than you who understands that person’s abilities.”

The “person” that Professor Fang mentioned was none other than Lu Yun’s mentor —— He was the magnificent man who built this underground facility, and the man who had been in charge, the lost science and technology expert called the genius —— Lin Shixiong

However, after Lin Shixiong left, the entire research facility went into a stalemate. Even after gathering all the elites of Augustus Academy to form a research team, they could not make any breakthrough.

It was no exaggeration to say that without Lin Shixiong, the research facility was completely useless.

“Okay, Professor Fang, rather than talking about, let’s just carry on with our work. The experiment data from just now is already here.” Lu Yun only smiled slightly, and deliberately acted as if he didn’t really mind.

“Okay, let’s carry on.”

However, Lu Yun knew the real reason behind their failure better than anyone —— because his teacher Lin Shixiong had destroyed all the key data and technical parts before he left.

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