Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 73 – Clashing with Lu Zhannan

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“No, you’re the one that’s challenging me.”

This person’s expression and eyes all revealed extreme disdain. Confronted with such an expression and attitude, Yun Che’s eyebrows slightly raised as his eyebrows, as his gaze also became dangerous.

The fact of who challenged whom, were naturally two different concepts. Only the weak was supposed to challenge the strong; if one lost, it was just a defeat, but if one wins, then they would replace the strong. But for the strong against the weak, instead of calling that a challenge, it would just be taking an unfair advantage over another.

With just a few words, they were already tit for tat. The atmosphere in the main hall quietly changed.

“Heh-heh heh-heh.” The person laughed indifferently and with a strange movement, while only taking a few steps, he easily moved a distance of a few dozen meters and appeared in front of Yun Che. The space between his narrowed eyes transmitted a cold light of indifference: “In that case, I’ll do as you’ve said. I’ve already thwarted countless geniuses, and it looks like I’ll have to add one more today.”

“Lu…… Lu Zhannan! !” When he appeared in the middle of the Main Palace, many disciples immediately shouted out his name.

“That person…… isn’t he Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion’s Cold-Blooded Lu ?”

“That’s right! That’s definitely him! Yun Che wants to have a match with him? Th-th-this…… their strengths aren’t even on the same level! Furthermore, that “Cold-Blooded Lu” nickname isn’t just a sham! To have a match with him…… does Yun Che not care about his life anymore!?”

The Palace was immediately filled with chaotic whisperings; because for the two standing in the center of the palace right now, no one had ever expected them to fight against each other. It was because they were on two completely different planes of existence…. Yun Che was sixteen, but Lu Zhannan was already eighteen! After the age of thirty, a few years of difference in age wouldn’t be a problem at all; because at that age, the profound power’s accumulation would already become minor, and the key factor was innate talent. If one had enough innate talent, they would be able to breakthrough the True Profound Realm or Spirit Profound Realm. If one didn’t have the talent, they may get stuck at the True Profound Realm bottleneck for life, and never breakthrough.

However, the period before twenty years of age, was exactly the critical period for the accumulation of profound strength. Not to mention one year of difference in age, even half a year’s difference would mean a large disparity in profound strength. For example, although sixteen year olds at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm were considered fine talents in New Moon City, they were still a dime a dozen; however, for fifteen year olds at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, they would be considered a top-notch genius and less than five people could be found in the entire New Moon City. Before twenty, it would definitely not be an exaggeration to say that one year of age was a difference between heaven and earth.

Therefore, the matches between people who had not yet reached the age of twenty, were generally held between those of the same age; it would be extremely unfair otherwise.

Yun Che and this Lu Zhannan had a full two years of difference in age! In addition, Lu Zhannan’s profound strength was also as high as the seventh level of Nascent Profound Realm! No matter the age or profound strength, they were considered to be people from two different realms! The fight between these two, simply could not be referred to as a “match”; it could only be considered to be a complete one-sided domination!

Because of the age gap, no matter how thick the skin on Lu Zhannan’s face was, it would be impossible for him take the initiative and enter the stage. However in this case, Yun Che was clearly the one actively challenging Lu Zhannan, which made it a entirely different notion; if Lu Zhanan were to not accept the challenge, wouldn’t it mean that he was scared of Yun Che!

From everyone’s viewpoint…. Yun Che’s victory against Xuan Yu, Yan Ming, and Feng Guangyi was already very impressive. Winning against Tie Hengjun was not just impressive, but also made him an abnormality; But to challenge the eighteen year old Lu Zhannan who was at the seventh rank of the Nascent Profound Realm…. That fucker’s completely getting ahead of himself, and is just asking to be abused!

First ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm verses a seventh ranker of Nascent Profound Realm; that was a difference of more than half a Profound Realm! This was a enormous disparity that almost couldn’t be compensated by any means; how could it be fought?

Disciples from the seven sect’s side gloated one after another. To actively challenge Lu Zhannan? That’s simply courting death! Lu Zhannan’s nickname was “Cold-blooded Lu” because his heart was cold and ruthless; anytime he fought, there was bound to be bloodshed. Yun Che losing while fighting him would actually be secondary; and having a mere arm or hand chopped off could even be considered as getting off light.

All the Elders of New Moon Profound Palace were already shocked to the point of turning pale. They were fully aware of this Lu Zhannan’s character. If Yun Che fought with him, there’s an extremely high chance that he would be crippled by Lu Zhannan, and New Moon Profound Palace would inevitably lose an one in a century genius because of this. Si Konghan quickly gave Lan Xueruo a meaningful glance; but before he even spoke up, Lan Xueruo had already stood up in advance, took quick steps to Yun Che’s front to block him, and spoke: “Junior Brother Yun, leave this battle to me. He is two years older than you, it’s simply not suitable for you two to exchange pointers.”

Yun Che however, shook his head and said with a face full of confidence: “There’s no need. Against this kind of rubbish, there’s no need for Senior Sister to fight yet. Although I’m two years younger than him, that’s still completely enough.”

At first, when Lan Xueruo stepped onto the stage, disciples from the seven sects were all shouting ‘it’s too bad’ in their minds; if Yun Che had just left while going with the flow, no one would be able to object. Lan Xueruo was eighteen, so it was ideal for her to battle against Lu Zhannan. But unexpectedly, this Yun Che was stubborn, and actually persisted to want to fight against Lu Zhannan. This made quite a few of the seven sects’ disciples, immediately spurt out in laughter.

Lan Xueruo froze for a bit, and then anxiously said: “Junior Brother Yun! Don’t act on impulse; this person possesses a profound strength at the seventh level of Nascent Profound Realm and has a cruel mind; it’s fundamentally not something that you can deal with. You had better leave this to me.”

However, Yun Che still shook his head, and instead revealed a faint smile on his face: “I thank Senior Sister for the concern, but Senior Sister does not need to worry. Since I’ve already become a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace, I definitely won’t lose New Moon Profound Palace’s face.”

Yun Che’s smile carried a kind of inexplicable charisma. Since he was so persistent, Lan Xueruo couldn’t voice any more objections either; she could only deeply sigh in her heart, and exhorted while looking at Yun Che with a complicated gaze: “You wouldn’t lose face for New Moon Profound Palace even if you lost this match. So, no matter what, you have to protect yourself well… This person’s nickname is “Cold-Blooded”; it’s possible for him to kill even under the Profound Palace Chief’s nose, so you must be careful! If it comes down to it, it’s not shameful even if you resign!”

Yun Che lightly nodded at Lan Xueruo. Lan Xueruo took two steps back, and reluctantly retreated back into the seatings. However, the entirety of Xia Yuanba’s heart hung on a string; even though only six months had passed since he entered New Moon City, he still had heard of the name Cold-Blooded Lu.

“I really appreciate your completely undisguised insolent and arrogant personality.” Lu Zhannan spoke indifferently with a deep and cold voice: “But what a pity, your insolence is too overreaching. These kind of people, usually die early.”

“No need for anymore nonsense, just state your name.” Yun Che expressionlessly spoke.

“Name?” Lu Zhannan slightly raised his head; his long and narrow eyes were filled with ice-cold contempt and ridicule: “You’re… not even worthy of knowing.”

“Alright, I take that back.” Yun Che curled his lips: “I already don’t have the slightest interest in your name anymore, because you’re only one of the most mundane stepping stones in the road of my life. For a stepping stone, I certainly have no interest in its name.”

“Hehe, this may be the last self confident words you can say in this lifetime.” Lu Zhanan loftily smiled. He felt that this insolent youngster before his eyes, was not only arrogant without bounds, but was also conceited and foolish to the extreme.

“Looks like, this Yun Che brat can already be considered crippled. I can feel that this Lu Zhannan had already become belligerent.” The middle aged man of the Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect spoke while shaking his head.

“Lu Zhannan was already ruthless in the first place. In addition to being provoked by him in many ways, how could he possibly not be merciless.” Xiao Luocheng shook his head with a faint smile, and said with a low voice: “After seeing him win against Tie Hengjun, I had originally wanted go up and squash him down; to make him know what a real genius is. But looking at it now, it seems like I won’t be needed anymore.”

The middle aged man hastily spoke up: “What kind of strength and status does Young Sect Master have! How could that insolent brat possibly be worthy for Young Sect Master to personally dispose of.”

Xiao Luocheng faintly smiled, and no longer spoke.

“I’ll have to say, your insolence has successfully given me a strong desire to destroy you. Properly enjoy the last few seconds of your intact body, heh…” As Lu Zhannan’s right hand touched his left, a longsword of almost four feet long was already gripped in his hand. The corner of his mouth formed a vicious grin. From a standstill, his body suddenly bursted into a line of black phantoms in the center of the palace; in an instant, he closed the distance to be within three steps of Yun Che under a whistling similar to that of a violent storm.

“Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion’s Movement Profound Skill…. Tempest Style Drifting Clouds!”


Accompanying the storm-like movement of Lu Zhannan, the sword grasped in his right hand suddenly rang out a heart-chilling sound of its vibrating blade tip. In the next moment, Lu Zhannan’s longsword suddenly thrusted out as if it was a strike of lightning…. That flash of the sword, was like the shine of a suddenly raging thunderbolt; it was so quick that one could only catch a glimpse of the glaring cold light that flashed by.

“It’s the Flash of Lightning! Senior Brother Lu actually used this move right away; it seems like he wants to cripple this insolent brat in one move!” A young disciple of Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion exclaimed.

“That’s for certain. If Senior Brother Lu let this brat cross more than three moves with him, it wouldn’t be Senior Brother Lu anymore.” Another disciple of the Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion said as a matter of fact.

This splendid thrust of a sword was at the pinnacle of swiftness, and the slim sword’s body was also infused with Lu Zhannan’s powerful profound energy. The momentum behind the sword was also strong to an inconceivable degree. This sword move could be said to be impeccably perfect. Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion was famous for thousand of miles as the “Swift Sword”, and on Lu Zhannan’s body, the two words “Swift Sword” was exhibited perfectly.



The ear-piercing sound of air being torn apart resounded. The lightning-like sword directly went through Yun Che’s silhouette amidst the screams of New Moon Profound Palace’s disciples. Together, the man and the sword directly went through his body….

But unfortunately, it was only an afterimage.

“He actually… dodged it? How can that be possible?” Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion’s disciples yelled out in shock one after another. That “Flash of Lightning” move from Lu Zhannan earlier, could be said to have been executed perfectly; none of the disciples who had came here with him was confident enough to execute the move to his degree. That speed of the sword, was almost worthy to shake the heavens and even make the gods cry; even if one was prepared for it, it would still be extremely difficult to dodge. However, it was clearly Yun Che’s first time fighting with a disciple of Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion, so he ought to not be familiar with Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion’s sword moves. Under no preparations at all… He had actually managed to dodge it!

“It was actually dodged!” New Moon Profound Palace elders were also surprised as two of them excitingly stood up from their seats. Not only was Yun Che’s Profound Strength thick to the point of being impossible to comprehend, he also possessed a bizarre, but fantastic Profound Movement Skill; and even his reaction time, was actually also this astonishing.

“So fast!” Yun Che’s brows slightly sank. If he had not already opened all of his Profound Veins and utilized the fastest speed of Star God’s Broken Shadow, he might have not been able to avoid this lightning-fast sword.

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      As for Alyschu why did he put delay anyway? And so we can’t say what we think because he is the one translating it? Who is he translating it for?Why is there a comment section?
      If there were not many readers and only a few ,he would listen to them. He enjoys donations and money so whatever I say it’s true. And I’m fine if he translates it for money ,he atleast admits it.

      What about the fact that it’s illegal translation and he is proffiting from it? Did you forget it ? Woah too bad,seems you enjoy being stepped on and won’t bark unless told to.

      And that ren keeps saying this is ad supported site and shit but how much money does he make per chapter? Or he pays 10k/month for his site? Really? Not only that all his comments make him seem to be “geniouly good” ; welcomes every new user on the site.As one up above said it makes me cringe everytime I see it. I hate him cuz he speaks in that way because he can rake more money. Since he can’t stay true to his greed nature and admit what he wants of course some are dissatisfied with this seemingly goody-two shoes ren.
      In short fuck ren and his ad world.

      Well,keep your head down and enjoy the ads. 5 minutes of loading a single page ,fucking video crashing ad,some fucking ad covering the entire page and so on.


      • alyschu says:

        “As for Alyschu why did he put delay anyway? ”

        this was explained in one of my notes and don’t worry about the ads, ATG is still going to be here


      • Jandalman says:

        Oh the hypocrisy of this twit…”What about the fact that it’s illegal translation and he is proffiting from it? Did you forget it ? Woah too bad,seems you enjoy being stepped on and won’t bark unless told to.”

        You do realize child, that you yourself are still reading this illegal translation no? Whether there is profit or not it is still as you said illegal. So you want these translators to do this “illegal” work for YOU, pay for website related costs with their own money or from donors money for YOU and you have the shrivelled up balls to whine about them moving to WW? For goodness sake the chapters are still being posted here with just a one day delay. The translators can do whatever they want. So unless you are a big spending daily donor to the team shut the hell up and leech in silence fool.


    • WHOOP WHPP says:

      it seems like ur the ignorant one… if you read the comments you would notice that almost all of the so called haters.. are hating on the ads in ww… if there´s so much ads that it ain´t possible to read the chapters.. then what´s the point of translating?


      • Jandalman says:

        Well if you must act all high and mighty the one I was referring to was Kaz, who if you are not so stupidly blind did indeed insult Alyschu and she herself gave him such a verbal beat down that Yun Che himself would have been proud.


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