Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (6)

This is the last part of chapter 1! Translated by Avert, edited by OverTheRanbow, and touched by alyschu.

Since it was translated by Avert, and he has his own blog, we believe that Avert should get some comments and thanks as well; so I’ll be just pasting a teaser of this part of chapter 1. Hah, a part of a part!

It has already been 30 days since I swallowed Verudora.

What have I been doing since then, you ask?

Just think about it, what if I were to be attacked by demons?

I’m currently only a slime. Don’t even mention fighting, even just escaping will be difficult.

Hence, I am searching for a way to fight.

By the way, the seemingly rare grass and minerals that shone suspiciously in this area have all been devoured by me.

According to Verudora, in places with high concentration of magic essence, it seems that the grasses one can harvest are all Hipokute Grass.

Just like this, the stock of recovery medicine has increased again. As for the minerals that shone suspiciously, they had already been identified as 【Magic Ore】.

It’s even harder than steel and seems to be a type of soft metal material as well. Looks like it’s also quite compatible with magic.

Initially, I had looked forward to even rarer minerals. But thinking closer about it, I am not even sure if this world would have Orichalcum or Hihīrokane.

In short, I have gratefully accepted all the grasses and minerals here.

Since I can shoot water, then I should also be able to cut stuff with water right?

Hmph, you guys probably think that I’ll make the same mistake right?

Don’t underestimate me too much, even if its me, I am still a man who will act accordingly when necessary.

On my report card, they all called me 【a kid who can succeed if he works hard】.

I’m too noob at wordpress to know how to link a blog with a teaser like how I’ve seen some people do, so I’m going continue doing my bootleggy way! Read rest here and go thank&appreciate there too!

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    thanks for the chapter


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    Thanks for the chapter !


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  4. Jack says:

    Thank you. I’m still not sure about where this is going, but I am enjoying!


  5. Ocnilius says:

    Can’t get enough of this. I love this and I love the manga (well the first chapter of it at least).
    I’m honest in saying it ties with Ni Tian for me right now. And Ni Tian is up there ;D


  6. Moss Raven says:

    You do know there is more chapters on another site


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    Many thanks for this chapter!


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    When’s the next chapter of the manga coming out? 🙂 Progress page has shows 35/35 for a few days now.


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    seems the link is wrong or the blog doesnt exist anymore? since avert took down his translation can u update urs so we can read the whole chapter? thx a lot

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    Hướng dẫn chi tiết chọn đèn trang trí phòng nghỉ


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