Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 69 – The Battle That Shook the City (6)

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“Wh… What!!”

As they watched the terrifying Cloudy Sun Chains unexpectedly break just like that in Yun Che’s hands, everyone’s face had an expression of shock. Yan Ming’s eyes opened even wider, as he simply didn’t dare to believe his own eyes.

“How… How is that possible? That was one of Cloudy Sun Sect’s ultimate moves! The chain of fire that was consolidated using profound energy has a temperature that even surpasses real flames; and it also possesses a strong devouring nature. How did it break just from one touch of Yun Che’s hands!” An elder of the New Moon Profound Palace said in bewilderment.

The elders on Cloudy Sun Sect’s side were even more so blown away, that they turned pale and lost their composure. Head Elder Yan Zizai abruptly stood up, and almost believed that something went wrong with his own eyes. The disciple by his side quickly stated: “Elder, there is no need to panic. After all, Junior Brother Yan Ming is only at the third level of Nascent Profound Realm; it’s still a little bit far-fetched for him to control the Cloudy Sun Chain. Therefore, the chain may have snapped because of insufficient profound strength.”

“Hmph! Purposefully showing off while not even having sufficient profound energy; it’s as if he’s asking to be scoffed at!” Yan Zizai coldly snorted. The situation before his eyes could only be explained in this way. It was impossible for him to believe that Yun Che, who was only at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, could sever the Cloudy Sun Chains with his bare hands, and furthermore, have his entire hand remain unscathed.

Yun Che clapped his hands, and spoke while laughing heartily: “Brother Yan Ming is really impressive at circus acts. With your skills from earlier, tsk tsk, it’s really a waste to not go perform on the streets.”

“This…. This is impossible!” Yan Ming’s heart was filled dismay. Others couldn’t tell, but he clearly understood that his Cloudy Sun Chain from before was released and executed with great success; it should have been completely enough to burn Yun Che’s palm into a crisp, as soon as it got in contact with his hands. There shouldn’t be any reason for it to break so abruptly.

Yun Che’s mockery drove Yan Ming into a fit of rage; he spoke with a menacing expression: “Don’t get full of yourself! Just now, I was simply just casually probing your strength; I’ll let you experience the real Cloudy Sun Chain from my Cloudy Sun Sect right this instant!”

Although firm words came out of his mouth, the previous “failure” made him lose his confidence. He no longer dared to simultaneously channel two Cloudy Sun Chains in both hands; but rather, growled lowly as a thick and strong chain of fire abruptly swung out from his right palm towards Yun Che, like a dancing fire snake.

This time, Yun Che didn’t even move. The Cloudy Sun Chain quickly approached, and then wrapped around his body in a flash…. Yan Ming immediately felt a wave of joy in his heart. Just as he was about to detonate the fire profound energy, he suddenly saw the wrapped Cloudy Sun Chain break apart into several segments like a rotten hemp rope, under Yun Che’s incredibly nonchalant tug. Afterwards, it completely extinguished.

Yun Che had already become angry. He patted his clothes that were touched by the Cloudy Sun Chain, and furiously spoke: “We came here to exchange pointers, but you’re actually showing me circus tricks! This is simply a waste of everyone’s time! I should just kick you off this stage sooner!”

With a low shout, Yun Che instantly appeared at Yan Ming’s right with a Star God’s Broken Shadow, and struck straight for his face with a fist concentrated in profound energy. Yan Ming whose Cloudy Sun Chain broke once again, was helplessly overwhelmed with shock and dismay. Due to his mind that was in state of panic, his reaction speed slowed down by half a beat; he didn’t have enough time to counter or block, and could only hastily retreat backwards. However, he was still struck solidly on the center of his chest by Yun Che’s fist.

Yan Ming’s protective profound energy wavered; although Yun Che’s profound strength was two ranks below him, getting hit by a heavy frontal strike all of a sudden was definitely unpleasant. Rage and embarrassment mingled in his heart, and with a shout of “Scorching Fire Fist”, both his fists became concentrated in fire as he punched towards Yun Che.

Yun Che slightly tilted his body and dodged Yan Ming’s fists that burned with fire. He then suddenly raised his right hand, and pressed onto Yan Ming’s right arm that had swung out. The corner of his mouth drew back, and faintly formed a cold smile…


A dying pig’s scream of agony resounded through the Main Palace. The Yan Ming who had just swung out the Scorching Fire Fists kneeled on the ground amidst his blood-curdling screech. As his left and right arms frantically lashed about, the flames on both of his hands had already vanished. However, there were actually wisps of rising black smoke above his five fingers, and a pungent burnt smell gradually spread inside the palace.

Yan Zizai was greatly startled; in a flash, he dashed in front of Yan Ming. As if they were lightning, both his hands pinched Yan Ming’s pair of hands, and quickly guided out the flame energy that permeated inside his hands.

Yan Ming’s expression of agony had finally somewhat lessened, but both of his hands were already less than half burnt. His five fingers exaggeratedly spread out, and were twisted to such an extent that it would scare a person. Lines of black smoke still slowly permeated out of the burnt flesh on his hands.

“To actually let the flame energy rebound back to yourself! Did your cultivation during these few years all turn to dog shit!!” Yan Zizai looked at Yan Ming, and furiously bellowed with a livid face, with not a care for where they were at this current occasion. As a disciple with a talent that ranked in the top five of the Cloudy Sun Sect’s younger generation, not only did his Cloudy Sun Chains break twice, he actually exhibited such a low level and laughable mistake in front of everyone; he had virtually lost, all of Cloudy Sun Sect’s prestige.

Fire attribute Profound Arts could enable profound practitioners to consolidate fire using profound energy, but by no means did it mean that they, themselves, were invulnerable to fire. For instance, when Yan Ming condensed fire onto his hands earlier, there was also a layer of protective profound energy in between his hand and the flame.

The embarrassing state that Yan Ming showed after using the Scorching Flame Fist, clearly seemed as if he wasn’t able to adequately control the flame energy. The flame energy consolidated by profound energy was not entirely released outside; a part of it formed into the flames on his hands, and another portion directly exploded inside his palms, and scorched himself! But this kind of mistake, would usually only happen within the first half year of practicing this fire attribute profound art. Also, the power of this fire was weak during this period of time, so even if there was a mistake, it wouldn’t do too much harm. After some time, controlling fire using profound energy would become as easy as controlling one’s own hands and feet; this kind of joke-like mistake should, fundamentally, not occur.

Of course, it was impossible for Yan Zizai to expect that during the split second Yun Che touched Yan Ming’s arm, he had guided the fire from his hands into the interior of his palm. Even if Yun Che openly declared the truth right now, Yi Zizai still wouldn’t have believed him.

“Elder, I….”

“Shut the hell up. Haven’t you lost enough face! Why haven’t you already gone off for treatment!” Yan Zizai said with an angry tone of voice.

Yan Ming obediently shut his mouth, drooped both his burnt hands, and walked back with his head down. He glanced at Yun Che and violently clenched his teeth…. He instinctively felt that the shattering of Cloudy Sun Chain and the rebounding of his profound fire had something to do with Yun Che; since it was impossible for him to make this kind of mistake otherwise. But even if he assumed that it had something to do with Yun Che, he simply couldn’t find any justification for his reasoning. Yun Che was only at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, how was it possible for him to have broken his Cloudy Sun Chain with only bare hands; and it was even more impossible for him to cause the rebound of the profound fire.

“Heh. This brat, his luck isn’t too bad. He actually met such an idiot; I had thought he’d already be paying the price for his arrogance from before.” A middle aged man in Xiao sect snorted.

“He wouldn’t be able to pass the next person.” Xiao Luocheng dispassionately smiled.

New Moon Profound Palace’s elders and disciples had also let out a long breath of relief. They had thought that Yun Che would definitely suffer a miserable defeat, and may even be covered in burn injuries; they didn’t expect that the opponent would make such a low level mistake when using his sect’s profound art, which instead, made it Yun Che’s victory. Like this, Yun Che with his profound strength at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, had now consecutively defeated one at the second level of the Nascent Profound Realm, and another at the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm!!

This was definitely an impressive achievement that New Moon Profound Palace could be proud of.

Yun Che crossed his arms in front of his chest. His face, that seeped with a hint of immature aura, currently had pride written all over it: “That’s already two, who will be the third!”

This arrogant tone, instigated a wave of sneers from disciples of the seven sects. This moron who has no idea about the differences between heaven and earth, and thinks too highly of his own abilities; couldn’t he see that the previous victory was only due to Yan Ming’s low level mistake that injured himself?

Just as Yun Che’s figure landed, directly to his front, the disciple that appeared to be the youngest stood up from the Stormy Profound Palace’s seats.

“Feng Guangyi! From Stormy Profound Palace, sixteen years old!” This youth’s build was not that tall, and his features were nothing special to look at either. He was also only sixteen, and of course, he also possessed the lofty aura that naturally came from being sought after by countless people while being only sixteen. He looked at Yun Che with an extremely disdainful gaze, and said in an indifferent manner: “I originally didn’t want to bother with you because you’re not even worthy to be my opponent; it’s just that I simply couldn’t stand your arrogance anymore. You only won by luck against a second rate Xuan Yu, and even more luckily won against a joke of the Cloudy Sun Sect. Do you seriously think that you’re someone important now? Unfortunately, in my eyes, you’re also just a joke!”

“Nicely said! Kick him off!”

“Did he really think that our seven sects don’t have anyone else!”

“Mn, although this Feng Guangyi had just become sixteen, he has already reached the third level of Nascent Profound Realm a few months ago. Rumors say that he’s about to break through to the fourth level of Nascent Profound Realm; his innate talent definitely surpasses Yan Ming. It has also been said that his sense of perception is extremely high, and he has already cultivated his sect’s Profound Art “Storm Piercing Arts” to its third stage, which even shocked the Grand Elders who had underwent closed-door training for many years…. I would guess that this arrogant Yun Che wouldn’t even be able to cross ten moves with him.”

“Ten moves? Tch, you’re thinking too highly of him. Five moves maximum, and he’ll be kicked off!”

Feng Guangyi’s sarcastic speech was very irritating to the ear; yet Yun Che didn’t get angry in the slightest, and replied to him with an even more sarcastic gaze and tone: “Who will be the real joke in the end, you’ll find out very soon.”

“Hmph!” Feng Guangyi sneered: “If I can’t make you roll off the stage in ten moves, my name wouldn’t be Feng Guangyi anymore!”

As he spoke, Feng Guangyi completely opened his half narrowed eyes all of a sudden. The clothing on his entire body started to flutter and made sounds as if they were being blown by a fierce wind…. And around his body, there indeed swirled, a powerful whirlwind.

Feng Guangyi raised up his gaze, and disdainfully spoke: “Bratty little Yun Che, remember this well; the profound skill that will make you roll off the stage, is my Stormy Profound Sect’s ‘Storm of Nine Forms’!!”

As his voice fell, Feng Guangyi’s body ferociously charged toward Yun Che like a howling gale. During his extremely fast movements, his body was also continuously shifting directions; sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right. As the speed of his movements further increased, a large mass of an unidentifiable shadow appeared before Yun Che’s eyes, along with many circles of terrifying whirlwinds.

“First Form… Fierce Wind Form!”

With a loud shout, four strands of vicious profound energy simultaneously flew toward Yun Che like were four gusts of fierce wind. As Yun Che knitted his brow, his silhouette quickly flashed, and dodged three of the four. However, he was unable to avoid the fourth; his profound energy quickly welled up and constructed protective profound energy in front of his body with full force.


As Yun Che took three consecutive steps backwards, his blood churned inside the center of his chest. Directly defending against profound energy of the third level of Nascent Profound Realm with the protective profound energy of the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, was as expected, a bit too far-fetched. Once was still doable; but if he was struck again, he would definitely be harmed.

“Second Form…. Wind Shadow Form!”

The whirlwind blew even more viciously, and fully filled Yun Che’s ears with the howling of the wind. Feng Guangyi’s speed had also increased to his limit; Yun Che’s surroundings were entirely filled with Feng Guangyi’s shadows. At this moment, a silhouette rushed toward his back like a violent storm…. And as for Yun Che, he also turned around at nearly the same instant.

The speed of Yun Che’s reaction, was completely out of Feng Guangyi’s expectations. However, he was only slightly shocked for a little bit, since he believed that even if Yun Che managed to react, it was impossible for him to dodge an attack with his maximum speed. His heavy blow violently smashed toward Yun Che’s neck.

However, during the instant that Yun Che turned around, his right fist also fiercely exploded out to meet Feng Guantyi’s fist in a straight trajectory.

“What! Has he gone insane! To actually go against Fen Guangyi head on!”

“If he had tried to protect himself with all of his profound energy, maybe he wouldn’t get too severe of an injury. But Feng Guangyi is at the later third level of the Nascent Profound Realm! He’s only at the first level of Nascent Profound Realm, yet he actually dares to go at him head on? He truly doesn’t know the differences between heaven and earth!”

As the people from the palace saw this scene, they all knew that Yun Che was finished. If their fists collide, getting his wrist dislocated would be considered as getting off light; for it may even be directly shattered. Not only did Feng Guangyi’s fist possess a strength that’s two ranks above Yun Che’s; it also carried the Stormy Profound Palace’s powerful Profound Art!

But, how could Yun Che possibly be this arrogant in his actions and speech without anything to back it up!

In the instant before both Feng Guangyi’s fist and his fist collided, a radiance suddenly flashed across his eyes. Inside his Profound Veins, amongst the Big Dipper shaped gates that had always been closed, the first one quietly opened….

Evil God’s Seven Realms —— First Realm: Evil Soul…. Open!

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