Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 63 – Main Palace

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As soon as Yun Che let out those words, Xia Yuanba’s mouth promptly opened wide, and even his eyes had almost bulged out from shock. Murong Ye eyes narrowed; the gaze that looked at Yun Che suddenly became ice-cold and mocking, and even faintly let out a sneer. However, Lan Xueruo didn’t get angry in the slightest, and sweetly smiled: “What an interesting little junior; it seems like the following days won’t be that boring anymore. Then, senior sister here will stop chatting with you for now. I need to attend a banquet tonight, and there may be a difficult battle awaiting. We need to head to the Medicine Department and prepare some medicine pills that may come in handy; let’s meet later, okay?”

“Good bye, Senior Sister.”

Lan Xueruo playfully winked her left eye, and left with a faint smile while carrying away a receding gust of a faint fragrant wind. Although Yun Che’s words had some frivolousness mixed in, it apparently didn’t make Lan Xueruo feel repulsed; instead her impression of Yun Che had deepened, such that he won’t be forgotten just by turning around.

Yun Che turned to cast a sidelong glance, and gazed steadily at her willowy figure seen from behind, without concealing his thoughts of admiration at all… With a complexion that could tip over the world, and a noble and elegance disposition, not only was she not arrogant, but instead, was so warm and gentle to the heart; she truly was a girl that men could hardly resist…. However, her identity and status must also not be that simple.

A hand smacked onto Yun Che’s shoulder in an extremely unfriendly manner. Yun Che turned back around and saw Murong Ye looking at him coldly, and promptly said with a faint smile: “Senior Brother Murong, what do you need from me? Speaking of which, weren’t you together with Senior Sister Xueruo?

Lan Xuerou had already walked pretty far away, but still did not turn around to call for Murong Ye; it was as if she completely didn’t realize that he wasn’t with her…. It seems, the relationship between those two were very different from what Yun Che had first thought. It was probably more or less Murong Ye’s one-sided crush.

Murong Ye’s eyes narrowed, exposing a sneer full of contempt and disdain; his gaze was as if looking down on an insignificant inferior human being: “Your name is Yun Che, right? Little junior Yun, although I don’t know what method you used to sneak into our Class One, but as your Senior, there are a few things I need to remind you. Since you’ve entered Class One, then obediently learn what you should do, and what you shouldn’t do, lest you blame me later for not reminding you after you’ve suffered the consequences. Also, remember it clearly, stay further away from Lan Xueruo hereafter; the further the better. If I see you speak with her like that again, don’t forget that I have numerous ways to kick you out of New Moon Profound Palace. Hmph.”

After finished speaking, his gaze bitterly swept over Yun Che and Xia Yuanba, and quickly walked toward the direction that Lan Xueruo had left in. He knew about Xia Yuanba’s background, that he was only a merchant’s child in a small remote city. Which meant this brother-in-law of his, would definitely be someone with a small role without much background; so of course, he naturally did not hesitate in ridiculing him.

Yun Che tilted his gaze and nonchalantly glanced behind him and coldly sneered: “This person, his eyes has almost grown to the top of his head.”
(TL: eyes on top of head is a way of saying someone is so arrogant that the eyes grew even higher to look down on people..)

“He’s always like this. I had already gotten used to it long ago.” Xia Yuanba had a face of anger and helplessness at the same time. Normally when Murong Ye gave him different types of looks, he had never really minded; however, this time he was clearly threatening Yun Che, which made fury rise from the inside of his heart. But as he thought about the opponent’s strength and family background, there was fundamentally nothing he could do. It might have been okay if it was only him, since there was still the vice Palace Chief supporting him behind his back. But for Yun Che, it may really be impossible for him to continue to stay in New Moon Profound Palace.

“It seems, this Murong Ye — is not just any random kind of fodder.” Yun Che murmured.

Seeing that Yun Che didn’t appear to be angry, Xia Yuanba was slightly reassured, and said in a low voice: “His father is actually the Governor of the New Moon City! Not only that, his talent in the Profound is also astounding; while only nineteen this year, he had already reached the eighth level of Nascent Profound Realm! And rumors say that recently, he’d almost broke into the ninth level of Nascent Profound Realm. In the entirety of New Moon Profound Palace, no one would ever dared to provoke him.”

“The Governor’s son? Heh, I see.” Yun Che faintly expelled a laugh, then suddenly said: “He’s trying to court Lan Xueyue, right?”

“Mhm. Senior Sister Lan Yueruo is both beautiful and gentle, so there are a lot of senior brothers that likes her. However, she and Senior Brother Murong is the generally acknowledged pair since essentially, no one dares to compete with Senior Brother Murong. And so, the senior brothers that liked Senior Sister Xueruo never dare to get too close to her.” Xia Yuanba then added on with a bizarre tone: “Brother-in-law is the first I’ve ever seen to dare speak to Senior Sister Xueruo like that. Definitely be careful of this Murong Ye in the future; although he’s pretty formidable, he’s also an extremely petty person.”

“That’s easy to see.” Yue Che shrugged his shoulders, but appeared to have not taken the advice into his heart at all, and instead asked: “Yuanba, this Lan Xueruo, where did she come from? I can tell that her family background is definitely not common, so why would she come to New Moon Profound Palace?”

Xia Yuanba shook his head: “This, I don’t know either. I only know that she seemed to be Elder Sikong’s distant relative, and she entered into the Profound Department during the orientation period half a year ago, at the same time as me. About the location of her hometown, she had never mentioned it before. However, Senior Sister Xueruo is really amazing; she’s only eighteen this year, yet she’s already at the eighth level of Nascent Profound Realm. She’s the most talented person in this New Moon Profound Palace, and is even more amazing than Senior Brother Murong.”

Both were at the eighth level of Nascent Profound Realm; Murong Ye was nineteen, and Lan Xueruo was eighteen. It was obvious that Lan Xueruo surpassed Murong Ye in terms of talent.

Xiao Yulong who had reached the third level of Nascent Profound Realm at the age of twenty was already the strongest of Xiao Clan’s young generation; Xia Qingyue who had reached the tenth level of Elementary Profound Realm at the age of sixteen, was already a once in a century genius in Floating Cloud City. But no matter Murong Ye or Lan Xueruo, either one of them had clearly far surpassed Xia Qingyue, let alone Xiao Yulong. Also, youths of this level should not be a rarity in those big sects of New Moon City. In comparison, Floating Cloud City was worthy to be called a forgotten small city; the level of profound strength was honestly too different. Grandfather Xiao Lie was already considered the strongest in the Floating Cloud City at the tenth level of the Spirit Profound Realm; but if he were to come to this New Moon City, he would only probably be ranked in the upper levels when compared to those of the same age, but it was impossible to be at the top..

“Yuanba.” Yun Che’s expressions became solemn: “There is a very serious matter that I have to discuss with you.”

“Uh, what is it?” Looking at Yun Che’s expression, Xia Yuanba suddenly became nervous.

“From now on, you aren’t allowed to call me Brother-in-law!” Yun Che said as a matter of fact.

“Why?” Xia Yuanba’s eyes widened.

Yun Che patted Xia Yuanba’s shoulder as his gaze swept into the distance, and answered: “Hearing what Senior Sister Xueruo had said, there are a lot of beauties in our Class One, no?”

“About that; it seems to be true. But Senior Sister Xueruo is still the prettiest of them all.”

Yun Che’s eyebrows slightly shook, and said with a tone full of righteousness: “Since there are a lot of beauties in Class One, if you keep on calling me brother-in-law, wouldn’t that reveal the fact that I’m already married! How would I be able to flirt with those beautiful senior and junior sisters!”

“….” Xia Yuanba opened his mouth as his brain froze for over three seconds. Then he finally spoke weakly: “But Brother-in-law, you have my sister already. If you are with another girl…. Uuu, wouldn’t that be a little….”

“No no.” Yun Che swung his hand and said in deadly earnest: “When I told Senior Sister Xueruo about how your sister wouldn’t object me in finding another wife, that was really what your elder sister had promised me. Also…. in this life, it’s unknown whether or not I can ever meet your elder sister again.”

Yun Che looked to the far distance; then his gaze became deep and profound: “There are only two ultimate goals that a man pursues; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life. If one isn’t able to conquer the women that he wants, even if he conquered the entire world, he would still be at a lonely summit, and experience loneliness everywhere. Yuanba, don’t you think that what I, your brother-in-law just said is right?”

“….” Xia Yuanba didn’t really understand what he had just said, but he still thought it sounded kind of amazing.

“Then, if I don’t call you brother-in-law, what should I call you?” Because Yun Che and Xia Qingyue’s marriage was already decided when they were still infants, Xia Yuanba had always called him brother-in-law since childhood; other than brother-in-law, his brain that couldn’t really make sharp turns, simply could not think of anything else to call him in such a short notice.

“Hm, about this…. You can call me Big Brother, Boss, Big Brother Yun, Big Brother Che, Big Brother Yun Che, or just simply call me Yun Che, Senior Brother Yun…. In short just don’t call me brother-in-law anymore.”

“Oh! Oh! Then I’ll call you Boss from now on, is that good?”

“That’s fine.”

“Boss, boss, boss…. Uhm, it still feels kind of weird. Ah, right, earlier Senior Sister Xueruo said she was heading to the Medicine Department for medicinal pills in order to deal with tonight’s banquet. Should we go there too? Since Brother-in-law had just entered the Profound Department, it’s possible to immediately receive a set of medicinal pills from the Medicine Department. You can get one set per month.

“…. Don’t call me brother-in-law.”

“Ah, I forgot, I’ll definitely pay attention. Then Brother-in-law, should we head to the living quarters or the Medicine Department first?”



Yun Che followed Xia Yuanba and received a set of medicinal pills, and these pellets were sure enough as Yun Che had expected… They were all the lowest levels of Profound Recovering pellets and Profound Opening pellets, and their potency were all around forty or fifty percent. With supportive medicinal pellets of this degree, they were way worse in comparison the big sects; it was not surprising as to why the New Moon Profound Palace’s average strength had always remained stagnant.

The living space that Sikong Han had arranged for Yun Che was adjacent to Xia Yuanba’s; although small, it was very elegant and had all the necessities, which was far better than what Yun Che had expected. Until now, Yun Che who had wandered outside for half a year, finally had a place to settle down and sleep in. Emotions tumbled inside his heart.

Laying on the small bed, Yun Che quickly fell asleep. This past half a year, he had always slept in the wilderness; never stayed in any inns, and had not enjoyed the privilege of sleeping in a bed either. This time, he slept especially comfortably and steady from noon all the way till evening, until he was woken up by Xia Yuanba who knocked on his door.

“Brother-in-law, are you awake yet? The banquet is almost about to start, are we still going?”

Xia Yuanba knew in his heart what may happen at this banquet, so he didn’t really want Yun Che to attend it; this was in order for him to avoid being challenged, and the definite possibility that he would be deliberately injured by the opponent.

Yun Che opened his eyes and quickly got up from the bed: “Of course I’m going! Give me a minute, we’ll go at once!”


The heart of New Moon Profound Palace was a wide area of a sparse emerald-green bamboo forest, and in it, stood a huge palace that emitted a dignified atmosphere. This was the biggest and most extravagant building in the entirety of New Moon Profound Palace; it’s name was very direct and was known as the “Main Palace”. All the important matters inside the Palace are conducted in the Main Palace; and the banquet for the new Palace Chief’s appointment, would also be conducted here

When Yun Che and Xia Yuanba walked into the Main Palace, there wasn’t even half a quarter of an hour left until the start of the banquet. However, not even one-fifth of the seats were filled; not only that most of them were actually people of the Profound Department itself. It was obvious that it wasn’t because those invited sects couldn’t arrive any earlier, but instead, they purposefully did not want to arrive early, as a boast about their stature.

At the same time, it was also a type of contempt against New Moon Profound Palace.

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