Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (Part 3)

Yeah, I changed the title to “In Regards to My Reincarnation as a Slime” because the official title was probably something they pasted from google translate. However, I still put it under the alternative name section so it should be fine. With that said, the first chapter of this light novel’s manga has already been translated since Saturday (May 30th) and is now in the typesetting phase. I can’t wait to see it’s final form!!

This chapter was pretty info-dumpy so I’ll put up a glossary for the forgetful one day.

This chapter was translated by Avert and edited by OverTheRanbow & alyschu.

Little one? Well, no matter how you think about it, that refers to me……

Rather than say it’s a voice, it is more like a directly to the heart kind of feeling. After all, right now I do not have any ears.

(Oi! You should be able to hear? Hurry up and answer me!)

I heard you!

But, I can’t speak without a mouth.

I tried answering in my heart with 【You’re noisy, Baldie!】.

Well, after all he can’t hear it, so it should be fine. But, how should I answer……

(……Hoho. You actually dare to call me Baldie…… You really have some guts!! And I had thought that I shouldn’t be rude to a guest which I haven’t had in a long time, but it seems that you have a death wish! )

Not good, it seems that he heard it. Then again, so you can answer like this, if I was informed in advance, then I wouldn’t have made the other party angry.

Also, I completely don’t know how the other party actually looks like.

No choice, I surrender.

It’s better to be honest and apologize.

(Sorry! I didn’t know how to reply, and I only randomly spoke out the thoughts in my heart just now. I’m really sorry! By the way, I’m in a state whereby I can’t see anything, not even your appearance.)

I think this should be fine? Well, after all, I called him a baldie when I haven’t even met him, so if he is really a baldie then it’s naturally for him to be angry.

(KuKuku, kuhaha. Kuhahahahahaha!!)

Read rest here and go thank&appreciate there too!

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17 Responses to Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (Part 3)

  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!


  2. fff says:

    Why would he be afraid when he knows the dragon is a nice being?


  3. TamaSaga says:

    That liar! He’s scared!


  4. xmgaz says:

    Thanks for the chapter.


  5. Murdath says:

    “I have neither a lifespan nor a body!” I’m seeing things? Isn’t that a body in the picture? Illusions? Magic in a shape?


  6. josh72ebp says:

    again this is already being translated i even posted a link last time to where its translated


    • Are you trolling or are you being serious?
      For the thousands time this is the translation of the official published LIGHT NOVEL.
      Tsal and Henouji translations translated the WEB NOVEL.
      We also have Henouji’s permission to translate the LIGHT NOVEL since he wants to read it too.


  7. gg22 says:

    He took the bait


  8. Wooo! Read the manga and I got hooked!now I am following this LN! Great job on translating.


  9. LUCKY says:



  10. Tirp says:

    Read rest “here” is broken


  11. Anonymous says:

    Link broken…?…


  12. Xero says:

    Half the chapter is missing and the link to the rest is bad


  13. jack says:

    Yeah, the link to ‘the rest of this chapter’ looks like an ad for some sort of Chrome extension.
    Nah man, I aint down loading anything. Gating your translations behind any kind of download (chrome-store or not) is shady as fuck and is setting off all kinds of warning bells.

    Just post the chapter properly.


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