Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Volume 1 Chapter 1 – The First Friend (Part 1)

Light novel is super long so we’ve decided to split chapter 1 into 7 parts. Why 7 you ask? Well, the chapter itself was already kind of split into 7 parts already.

Started by alyschu and strengthened with OverTheRanbow’s awesome slime thoughts.

OverTheRanbow, I dub thee, king of Japanese sound effects!

Where’s this? Say, what exactly is going on here?

The last thing I remembered was something useless about a sage or great sage….

And now, I woke up.

My name’s Minami Satoru, a good man of 37 years old.

In order to save a Kohai from a criminal, I got stabbed from behind.

Great, I still remember it. No problem, there’s no need to panic.

Besides, I’m a dashing person. The only time I’ve panicked was when I pooped my pants in elementary school.

Looking around, I finally discovered, I couldn’t open my eyes.

This is pretty headache inducing. I tried to rub my head…… I didn’t get any response from my hand either. Before this, where exactly is my head?

Oi oi, give me a minute.

Give me some time, I need to calm down. I think this is a good time to count prime numbers?

One, two, three, ah —— !!

Wait no, not like this! Actually, one is not even a prime number, right?

No no, this kind of thing doesn’t matter.

Right now’s not the time to think about these useless things, my current condition should be anything other than reassuring, right?

Eh? W-what exactly is going on here?

Don’t tell me…… I’ve already sank into a state of confusion and now I’m wasting time?

I hurriedly confirmed if anywhere on my body was hurting.

Nothing hurts at all, it’s better to say that it’s actually pretty comfortable.

Not even hot or cold, this is really a refreshing space.

This made me loosen up a little.

And now to confirm my hands and feet… Let’s not talk about finger tips, neither my hands or feet had any responses at all.

What exactly is going on?

I was clearly only stabbed once, it shouldn’t have chopped away my hands and feet right?

Also, I can’t even open my eyes.

I can’t see anything, this is pitch-black darkness.

In my heart, an anxiety that I’ve never felt before flooded out.

Is this….. the legendary unconscious state?

Or is that, although I have my consciousness, my nerves are all broken and I can’t move?

Oi oi oi, give me a break!

I have to carefully think about it.

A human will go mad shortly after if confined into a closed space. It could be said that the current me is in that state. Also, I can’t die even if I wanted to.

Waiting to go mad just like this, how could that be possible!

At this time, a feeling of being touched by something traveled through my body.

Eh? What’s this….?

I concentrate my entire consciousness on that sensation.

Abdomen? An area that feels like the abdomen was touched by some kind of plant.

Everything I gathered my consciousness onto a spot, I could then roughly understand the area of that spot. Occasionally, I could feel a slightly prickling sensation from something that seems to be a leaf-like plant.

I feel a bit happier now.

Even though I’m still inside the pitch-black darkness. But at least the sense of touch from the five senses is still working.

I enthusiastically tried to move toward that blade of grass ——

As if crawling, my body indeed moved.

I actually…. moved!?

Now I’ve finally understood that I’m not on the hospital bed. Why, you say? Because the solid feeling of something like rocks came from under my abdomen.

So that’s what it is…. Even though I don’t really understand it, in short, I’m not in the hospital.

Not only that, neither my eyes or ears worked.

Although I don’t know where my head is, I still tried to move toward the direction of the grass. My consciousness was completely concentrated onto the part that touched.

I couldn’t smell anything at all. I’m afraid that, it seems like my sense of smell has also failed?

Speaking of which, what kind of shape am I right now?

Although I don’t want to admit, but from this streamlined contour and elasticity, I could only think of [that].

A possibility flashed across my head.

No no…… how is that possible. No matter how you say it, it shouldn’t be….

All in all, let’s put the anxiety aside.

I, started to try the last function, of a human’s five senses.

However, since I don’t even know where my mouth is at, how exactly am I supposed to try it?

[Activate Unique skill [Predator]? (YES/NO)]

Suddenly, a voice came from my brain.

Ha? What did you say? It’s actually Unique skill [Predator]……!?

Speaking of which, what exactly is this voice?

It seems like that I had heard this voice when I passed on my last will to Tamura, was it not a hallucination?

Is someone there? No, it seems a little different. Rather than to say someone’s here…… It’s more like the words floated out from my consciousness.

There is no sense of being human, it seemed inorganic, like a computer generated voice.

Anyways, I chose NO!

No response. Although I tried and waited for a long time, no more sound came out.

It looks like it wouldn’t ask a second time. Did I perchance choose the wrong option? Is this the type of game that would get stuck if you didn’t choose the YES option?

I thought it’d be like a RPG, and if you don’t choose YES it would keep on asking. Seems like I was wrong.

It clearly was the one that asked first, and then ignored me after. What a impolite fellow.

After finally hearing a voice, I was actually a little happy about it.

I immersed myself in regret.

Well, there is no other choice. Anyways, I’ll try to test out the sense of taste.

I concentrated my awareness onto the pile of grass, and moved my body.

After confirming the part that was touched by the grass, I pressed my whole body onto it. This tactile impression, as expected, is undoubtedly grass.

As I was feeling the tactile impression of the grass, the part of the grass that was in contact with my body started to melt. At first I had thought my body was melting and was really startled, but it seems that only the grass had melted.

And my body was absorbing the components of the grass.

It seems, my body didn’t have a mouth, and the part that touched things had replaced the function of the mouth instead. Just as a side note, I couldn’t taste anything at all.

That being said, it’s just like that.

It seems, the fact that I’m no longer being a human, there’s almost no mistakes about it.

Then that means, sure enough, I was stabbed to death back then?

Rather than asking, I’m already almost convinced. Then, the fact that I’m not in a hospital, but in on a stone ground that grew weeds can be accepted.

What happened with Tamura in the end?

What about Sawatari?

My computer should be taken care of, right?

I’m full of questions. But, there’s no point in worrying right now. It’s better to think about what to do from now on.

However, the way I look right now ——

And that feeling a moment ago….

I directed my consciousness to my body again.

Puni, Puni

A body that moved with a rhythm.

In this total darkness, I spent a little time confirming the whole structure of my body.

How could this be possible!?

I was clearly that kind of dashing and handsome man before, but now I’ve turned into a streamlined and bouncy slime!!

What kind of joke was this! Who would even agree to this kind of thing!!

But this body’s contour, no matter how I think about it, it can only be that thing!!

No no, but, hm.

I don’t really dislike it either? Umu, that thing really is kind of cute.

Ah but, if one were to be asked if they want to turn into something like that? I’d say over 90 percent of people would probably choose no.

Well, I’ll have to accept it I guess…..

It seems, my [Soul] after I had died, turned into a monster in another world.

This originally should be impossible. Even if it’s possible the chances should only be near astronomical.

In conclusion, I reincarnated into a slime.

Mugu mugu.

Right now, I’m eating grass.

Why, you ask…… do I even need to answer!

Because I am ex.tre.me.ly. bor.ed!

After accepting that I’ve been turned into a slime, many days have passed. I don’t really know the exact amount of time….. Since there’s no concept of time at all in this pitch-black darkness.

During this period of time, I discovered that the body of a slime is actually pretty convenient. I can’t get hungry, nor become sleepy. Which means, I don’t need to worry about eating and sleeping at all.

I’ve also ascertained another thing.

Although I don’t know where this is, but there seems to be no other living beings. And thanks to that, there is completely no need to worry about my life being in danger…… Just that it’s kind of hard to stand doing nothing every single day.

After that time, the mysterious voice never appeared again. If it’s now, it’d be fine to chat with you a little, ya know.

Anyways, I helplessly started to eat grass.

It’s not like I’ve got anything else to do, this is only a way to pass time.

Right now, the grass I’ve absorbed is disintegrating in my body. I can feel the components slowly accumulate after being dismantled.

To ask what meaning does this have, I’d say it has no meaning at all.

If I didn’t do anything, I feel like I would really go mad. I’m just afraid of that, that’s all.

Absorb, Dismantle, Storage. Recently, I had become totally proficient in these set of actions.

There is something very incredible here.

Up until now, I seemed to not have any excreting behavior.

After all, I’m a slime, there is indeed a high possibility that this is unnecessary. But, where did the stuff that was stored go?

Just based on feelings, I felt no change of my contour.

What exactly is going on here?

[Answer. The items are stored inside the Unique Skill [Predator]’s stomach sack. Also, the current usage of the space does not exceed 1 percent]

What? It actually answered —— !

But, how exactly did I use the skill? I should have answered NO! earlier that time.

[Answer. Did not use the Unique skill [Predator]. From the settings, absorbed materials will automatically be stored inside the stomach sack. It can be changed at will]

What? The answer this time felt really fluent! Wait no, putting that aside for now……

Then, what would happen if I used the skill?

[Answer. Unique Skill [Predator]’s main effects are ——–

Analyze: Analyze and examine the stored target. Can create items that can be produced. Under the conditions with sufficient materials, replication is possible. After successfully analyzing skills or magic, it is possible to learn the target’s skills/magic.

Stomach sack: Store targets that have been predated. Also, it can conserve objects made from Analyze. The objects stored inside the Stomach sack will go into a state of stasis.

Mimicry: Mimic targets that have been absorbed, can use the same level of abilities of the target. However, it’s only limited to objects that have been successfully analyzed.

Isolate: Storage of impossible to analyze or harmful effects. After passing through the nullification process, restores magic power.

—– The five abilities above]


A nostalgic feeling of being surprised. It feels like, this skill is kind of cheating…… This isn’t an ability that a mere slime should have, right?

Wait a minute, before that, who’s voice was it that answered me?

[Answer. Unique Skill [Great Sage]’s effect. Since the ability had finished cementing, the speed of response has increased]

Great Sage huh…… I thought it was only mocking me. I didn’t think that it’d be this reliable. Take care of me from now on.

Speaking of which, it’s not the time to be stubborn anymore…..

If I could heal this endless loneliness, it’d be fine even if this [voice] was only a hallucination.

I have finally experienced the feeling of true relaxation after such a long time.

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