Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 43 – Master Jasmine (2)

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Ninja edit: Added a reference for the Udumbara flower because I realized no one would know what it was

To immediately have a new set of profound veins…

Profound veins with the strength of a god!?

Jasmine’s few sentences were like a sudden clap of thunder to the Yun Che who had endlessly desired a way to repair his profound veins.

He told Xiao Lingxi that he’d definitely become strong and return within three years of time… yet was very clear about the condition of his profound vein and understood that the repairing of his profound veins, within three years, was very unlikely. The reason why he made such a claim, was to pressure himself to the limit. Only through such conviction can one achieve their maximum potential.

And right now, Jasmine has clearly stated that… She could immediately provide Yun Che with a new set of profound veins! Furthermore, this new set of profound veins also came with the strength of a god!

He did not know what the “Strength of a God” Jasmine had spoke of, but the three words, “New Profound Veins” , caused his heart to fill with excitement. He suppressed this excitement, and stared at Jasmine: “You are… speaking the truth?”

“What reason would I, this princess, have to lie to you?” said the girl, her face pink with pride.

Yun Che didn’t know what to say… Indeed, given the terrible might of her Emperor Profound Realm level of power, there would be no reason for her to waste her efforts in deceiving a normal person, let alone a cripple! To let a person acquire a new set of Profound Veins within a short period of time, in the eyes of a normal person, even in the eyes of the “exceptionally skilled spirit doctor” Yun Che, would be nothing short of a miracle. But as Jasmine uttered those words, there was not even a hint of deception from her aura.

However, her red hair gave away the fact she was not a human from the Profound Sky Continent, for her age was fairly young, her aura terrifying, and the poison on her person was something even the Sky Poison Pearl could not identify… How many other mysteries does she still have??

Maybe, she really had a strange method that could allow him to obtain a new set of profound veins in such a short period of time… If that really was possible, then he would have a surefire chance to realize the promise he made to Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi.

As he thought about it, Yun Che’s gaze started to burn: “Okay… then tell me, what are the three conditions I have to promise you?”

Jasmine knew he definitely couldn’t reject her offer so she just cut to the chase and directly answered: “The first condition, you must promise to help this princess find three items… They are: A stalk of Netherworld Udumbara Flower, three Profound Beast Pellets no lower than that of the Tyrant Profound Realm as well as… At least thirty five kilos of Purple Striped God Crystal!”
(TL: Udumbara reference)

Yun Che listened very carefully… When Jasmine had said until the “Netherworld Udumbara Flower”, his eyebrows went limp. He had heard of the name “Netherworld Udumbara Flower” from his master before, however he had never seen it before. When his master had told him about it that time, the Netherworld Udumbara Flower was an object of Yin and evil in the world; it only grew in dark and cold lands, its stem and leaves are of a purplish black color, and it took an entire twenty four years to only bloom once, the bloomed flower was of an extremely pretty and flirtatious bright purple color. On its petals lingered a light purple mist that carried the breath of the netherworld, and while that mist drifted, it still faintly lets out the crying and laughing sounds of the nether ghosts. The flower withered three days after blooming, thus one would have to wait twenty fours later for it to bloom once more.

His master had not mentioned the usefulness of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower; he only said that if a normal person gets close to it, he would get invaded by the nether gases, ending in a coma in light cases and death in the worst.

Going to a dark and cold land to find a stalk of flower that only bloomed once every twenty four years, that could cause death when approaching it… Yun Che moved his eyebrows and did not overreact. If Jasmine could really bestow on him a new set of profound veins, this request was not considered unreasonable…

However the second item Jasmine had said almost caused him to cry out involuntarily…

Three Profound Beast pellets no lower than the Tyrant Profound Realm!! Are you kidding me!?

What was the Tyrant Profound Realm? That was a legendary realm that numerous profound practitioners could not attain, a realm so high up that they couldn’t even see it. If one looked within the entire Blue Wind Empire, there were a few in the Emperor Profound Realm; however, it was confirmed that none were in the Tyrant Profound Realm! Experts in the Emperor Profound Realm were known to reach the “Throne”, while for the Tyrant Profound Realm, they were known as a “Tyrant”; this meant that once one attained this realm, one would be the absolute ruler of heaven and earth, that none could ever defy!

Let’s not speak of the present Blue Wind Empire now; even within an entire thousand years, an ultimate expert of the Tyrant Profound Realm had never appeared within the Blue Wind Empire.

And with just a word from Jasmine, she wanted three Profound Beast Pellet no lower than the Tyrant Profound Realm! To get these three pellets, he must kill three Tyrant Profound Beasts! The first problem would be where he would find the three Tyrant Profound Beasts… Within the Blue Wind Empire, who would even dare to offend a Tyrant Profound Beast?

Above the Emperor Profound Realm, every step up brings one closer to Heaven. Even five people at the peak of the Emperor Profound Realm had no chance of winning against someone at the first level of the Tyrant Profound Realm. With that said, it meant that even if all the Emperor Profound Realm experts of Blue Wind Empire gathered together, they still would not be able to deal with even one Tyrant Profound Beast. Three Profound Beast pellets no lower than Tyrant Profound Realm… one would reckon that the heads of the four major sects would fly into a outrage after hearing this request.

And as for the third item Jasmine had mentioned, Yun Che nearly fell on his butt in shock.

At least thirty five kilos of Purple Striped God Crystal… It was Purple Striped God Crystal, not Purple Striped Heaven Crystal! Purple Striped Heaven Crystals were considered to be priceless treasures in this world. A piece of Purple Striped Heaven Crystal as big as a fingernail was considered to be invaluable, and only those huge sects deserved to have it; normal profound practitioners did not even dare to think about having one. Purple Striped God Crystals are made by extracting from Purple Striped Heaven Crystals; a house sized Purple Striped Heaven Crystal was estimated to only provide a Purple Striped God Crystal that was the size of a fingernail.

In that case, 35 kilos of Purple Striped God Crystal…


Yun Che had the reason to believe that even if one added up all the Purple Striped God Crystals in the entire Profound Sky Continent, it would not even total 35 kilos. And if there really existed this amount of Purple Striped God Crystal, in that case, its value would be enough to buy at least three Blue Wind Empires!

“Are… you… sure… you aren’t… teasing me?” When Yun Che spoked, air kept leaking out between his teeth. He believed anyone in the Blue Wind Empire would be shocked that they would end in a stutter if they heard this request.

The expression on Jasmine’s face had no trace of joking around. She coldly stared and said: “The poison has invaded my soul; even with the Sky Poison Pearl, it would take a number of years before it would detoxify completely. After the poison on me had detoxified, I would have to rebuild my body. And these three items are necessary for me to rebuild my body, not a single one is dispensable!”

“… Then the time?”

“Thirty years!”

Thirty years? This timing finally let Yun Che let out a small sigh and slowly nodded his head: “Okay! I agreed to this condition!”

Rubbish! Thirty years was still a long time, so if course it would be thought about after making the promise. As for the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, the Tyrant Profound Beast’s pellets and thirty five kilos of Purple Striped God Crystal… anyway there was still thirty years! It shall be done one step at a time.

“As for the second condition?” Yun Che held his breath and asked, if the first condition was already so scary, then the second one might be be even more terrifying.

“The second condition; you must, within thirty years, reach the Sovereign Profound Realm!” Jasmine said slowly and clearly, while looking at Yun Che’s expression.

“~!@#$%%…” Yun Che suddenly had the urge to pin little Jasmine on the floor and start spanking her!

He started to suspect that this little girl was actually just teasing him!!

“I’m not sure about the Profound Sky Continent… But looking at the history of the Blue Wind Empire, no one has ever attained the Sovereign Profound Realm within thirty years… Or to be more precise, no one has ever attained the Sovereign Profound Realm before.” Yun Che said as a matter of fact. However the corners of his lips twitched faintly, revealing the resentment in his heart.

“Then, will you agree or not?” Jasmine tilted her eyebrows.

“Agree, of course I agree!” Yun Che replied without hesitation, withdrawing the previous expressions he had on his face. Within his eyes laid a kind of tranquil and calmness that was its peak: “Your first condition, perhaps I still feel a bit apprehensive. However this condition, was not really counted as a condition to me. As for why I say that, no one in the history of Blue Wind Empire could attain Sovereign Profound Realm in thirty years. If I was given the same starting points as everyone else, I would overturn the history of the Blue Wind Empire! I have the Sky Poison Pearl in my body, so if I lose to anyone on the Blue Wind Empire, then that would be considered to be really… trashy!”

“Thirty years to reach the Sovereign Profound Realm… It’s definitely not some idiotic nonsense!” Yun Che narrowed his eyes in half, his voice as calm as the water.

He had thought that after saying these impassioned and blood boiling words, the little Jasmine would look at him a few more times with extraordinary splendor, but to Yun Che’s disappointment, Jasmine only slightly nodded her head. He felt depressed and asked: “However, why do you want me to attain the Sovereign Profound Realm within thirty years?”

“A human’s vitality is related to their own Profound Strength. This princess’ weak body currently originates from your vitality. This princess wants to rebuild her body and retain her previous strength, so I* must at least have the vitality of the Sovereign Profound Realm!” Jasmine said calmly.

Yun Che nodded his head as if he understood… then he suddenly became alarmed…

At least the vitality of the Sovereign Profound Realm, then she could retain her strength after rebuilding her body and merging with her soul… In that case, this means… her previous strength…

Was above the Sovereign Profound Realm!?!?

No! No that can’t be! That definitely can’t be possible! I must have interpreted it wrongly! Yun Che shook his head, trying to shake off this ridiculous thought. Jasmine’s gaze once again landed on his body, becoming strict and proud: “The third condition… Kneel down and worship me as your master!”



Yun Che looked at her blankly without uttering a single word for quite a while.

“Are you willing to?” Jasmine raised her eyebrows slightly, her small face beautiful and tender, yet masked with a layer of awe that would cause one’s heart to palpitate.

“… How old are you this year?” Yun Che asked with a face at a loss.

Jasmine’s gaze hardened but still answered him: “Thirteen years old.”

“Thirteen… years old…” This answer completely corresponded with her appearance, but it cause Yun Che’s inner heart to shudder and groan: “Thirteen years old! Fuck! She was actually only thirteen years old! This frightening profound strength, wisdom, and mature attitude that spoke as if she was proud of one’s age and experience; I was under the impression that she was a grandma of a few hundred of years… She was actually only thirteen years old!!

However Yun Che changed his line of thought and his inner heart suddenly relaxed… If she was really only thirteen years old, then no matter how scary her profound strength was, no matter how noble and mysterious her birth was, no matter how cruel and proud she was, no matter how mature her thinking was… she at most only had up to thirteen years of experience! Compared to the him with the memory of two lifetimes, he would still have a way to deal with her! No matter how big and strong she was, in the end, she was still just a little girl that had not yet grown up.

“Is it because after you knew this princess is only thirteen years old so you suddenly felt it is easier to handle this princess?” Jasmine squinted her eyes and said coldly.

This sentence directly stabbed into Yun Che’s heart. Yun Che quickly shook his head: “Of course not. The reason why I asked for your age is because I wanted to tell you that I’m sixteen this year, and is older than you by three years. Your age is a bit younger than mine; so, to be my master, isn’t it… a little inappropriate?”

“Age?” Jasmine laughed disdainfully: “Even when the experts of this continent knelt down in front of this princess for the past ten years, this princess will not even look at them. This princess is now giving you a favor by offering to be your master, yet you still want to reject?”

“…” That tone was so overbearing that Yun Che started to feel suffocated.

Yun Che immediately made a decision on the spot and nodded his head: “Okay, I can worship you as my master, but I will never kowtow to you.”

“Reason.” Jasmine said plainly.

“I can kneel to my elders, kneel to my benefactor… even kneeling to my wife is a possibility if required, but to kneel to a little girl that I had just met a few days, I cannot do it. This is the basic dignity of being a man!” Yun Che shook his head, his voice firmly absolutely.

“Hee…” Jasmine laughed, her laugh was as beautiful as blooming jasmines, yet her voice appeared to be cold and sinister: “This is not up to you!”

Once her voice had landed, Jasmine’s right hand had already grabbed Yun Che’s shoulder as quick as lightning… Instantly, Yun Che felt as if he was pressed down by a mountain, his knees bended under a huge amount of force that was impossible to resist, and knelt down on the floor, heavily, in front of Jasmine.

“You!” Yun Che revealed an expression of rage and wanted to stand up… However under Jasmine’s strength, he absolutely did not have any strength to fight back; even when using all the strength in his body, he was incapable of making his body stand.

“Immediately kowtow to this princess and this princess will officially become your master; not only would your change your profound vein change, you shall be guided onto the right path during your cultivation of the profound.”

While struggling, Jasmine’s cold and proud voice sounded out beside Yun Che’s ears, he shook his head forcefully and muttered: “You… you give up on it! Even if I don’t get the profound vein… I will definitely not… kowtow… to a little girl like you!!”

Before Yun Che could complete his words, a wave of heavy force caused his upper body to be pressed down onto the floor. Jasmine lifted a snow white foot that was like a ice lotus, and stepped on Yun Che’s shoulder with a miniscule amount of strength; a “crack” sound of dislocating bones was heard soon after. Yun Che’s head that had been tenaciously lifted up was ruthlessly knocked on the cold soil… completing the kowtow ceremony.

Jasmine’s small foot continued to step on Yun Che shoulder without moving away, with her hands across her chest, ridiculing him: “Did you think that your bones are strong, that you are extraordinary? Without strength, you don’t even have the ability to refuse to kowtow to me. What rights do you have to act haughty in front of me? Without strength, your pride and dignity are nothing but a joke in front of the strong!”

Jasmine’s words were like a bucket of cold water that splashed on Yun Che’s head without mercy, causing him to be stumped for words. He then laughed, laughed at himself silently… That’s right, without strength, what right did he have to talk about pride and dignity… With the appearance of believing what he did was proud just now, in the eyes of Jasmine, must have been extremely ridiculous…

“Even though it wasn’t willingly, but you finally still kowtowed. From now onwards, this princess will be your master. Since this princess is your master now, do you have any questions you want to ask?” Jasmine continued to step on Yun Che shoulder, as she looked down on him from above.

“… Yes!” Yun Che lifted his face, his gaze lifting upwards, replying with difficulty: “I want to ask… Did your hair not grow in time… or… are you a natural white tiger?”
(TL: Natural lack of hair down there)

On the night Yun Che had met Jasmine, Jasmine’s body had disappeared, and left a pile of clothes on the floor. Yun Che only picked up her dress into the Sky Poison Pearl and covered it over her body; her undergarments had not been touched. After Jasmine woke up in the Sky Poison Pearl she naturally could only wear this white dress, leaving her private parts completely exposed…

When Jasmine stepped on his shoulder, her legs naturally parted and from Yun Che’s angle, the pink and tender area around her thighs, clearly showed the beautiful pink scenery among the white…

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