Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 35 PREVIEW

Hey all, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. This chapter’s start is pretty GROSS and the last part of the preview took me forever to translate because of my crazy imagination that made me run away every time I tried to continue translating a phrase. I’m not a big fan of gore and I don’t mind reading it but translating it means that I have to continuously stare at it until my OCD tells me it’s close enough to the original Chinese. Actually I’m not sure whether or not I have OCD but in some cases, I sure am nitpicky enough to have it!

Hopefully I recover fast enough to release the chapter tonight, else it will come out tomorrow. After I regain my translating spirit, the sponsored chapter that Neko’s doing will probably come out tomorrow too! So yeah here’s my excuse if the chapter doesn’t come out tonight.

This web novel just went from vulgar kiddy jokes to rated R in these chapters.. This is around the time I wonder if I should censor or leave things out but I ended up not doing that. I probably will one day go back to these chapters and make a safe-kiddy version on the side that doesn’t completely gross some people out.


The beginning of the fire in the infirmary and Southern Courtyard were particularly strange. It was obviously a malicious arson, but the people in the vicinity unexpectedly didn’t even see a single suspicious shadow. Even the Xiao Clan guard who stood outside the infirmary door had not seen anyone enter or exit the infirmary.

But fortunately, the fire wasn’t too violent and was easily controlled. Xiao Yunhai quickly put it in order, and afterwards burned in anxiety as he yelled at Xiao Gu. He then once more returned to Xiao Yulong’s little courtyard.

As he pushed open the door, Xiao Yunhai was about to shout Xiao Yulong’s name but instead, his entire body stilled, as if he had been struck by lightning. He had on a foolish expression as he blankly stood in place.

Xiao Yulong was no longer on top of the bed, but instead was trembling as he laid on his stomach, on the floor, like a dead dog. His entire body was covered in blood; both pairs of his wrists and ankles had similar thick scars, while his hands and feet were thoroughly twisted. His entire face was pasted with blood; on both sides of his ears, what remained were only two piles of flesh.. His nose and upper lip had entirely disappeared, as if they had went missing, and he foamed bloody bubbles at the mouth. A stream of red, white, and black liquid alternatively followed one another from the middle of both his pitch-black eye sockets…. His lower body was even more completely covered in a bright scarlet red dye.

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60 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 35 PREVIEW

  1. Thor says:

    never censor plz. it should be left up to the reader to deside if they want it or not.


  2. zhaoyun says:

    D***. Can’t wait to read the whole chapter. 😀


  3. real says:

    ice cold, loving the change in tone


  4. synthous says:

    That doesn’t really seem as bad as the last chapter. Say, is there a chapter title?

    Oh right, the reason I made a comment: LEVEL UP YOUR DIGGING SKILLS, SCRUB.


  5. sh** just got reale :p


  6. R.I.P… PSYCHE!!!!!!


  7. NLIMS says:

    HOLY SH**! I almost lost my sanity from reading the last chapter now I see this……my sanity……


  8. Horris says:

    Annnnnnd, I came again


  9. SoulEater69 says:

    Well let’s go to next victim

    Liked by 1 person

  10. rizyun says:

    I was about to eat my breakfeast when I read this review . . .
    so, hopefully you’d be healthy enough to released it tonight from your [ . . . .] also cant wait for those which worked by Nekos’.

    Btw, in my country is already 11st may, even so Happy Mother’s Day to you too 😀


  11. Anonymous says:

    love this……don’t ever censor… pls


  12. Cobra34 says:

    >I probably will one day go back to these chapters and make a safe-kiddy version on the side that doesn’t completely gross some people out.

    Ah…where did you get the idea that the primary readership of this novel are small kids? I thought it was pretty obvious that a novel that begins with a scene of a man committing suicide is not “kiddy-safe”.
    Also, in my opinion, what really would gross some people out is censorship so please don’t waste your valuable time on this and instead translate more because the novel is getting really good! Thanks!


  13. pr0fess0rx says:

    loving this. nice revemge


  14. Coco says:

    please no censor, just put a translater note at the top of the chapter saying things are gonna get bloody


  15. Anonymous says:

    a love violence no censor ples




  17. We are sick sick people to read this and enjoy it.
    Well even if I am sick I want moooaaarrrr!!!!!
    And most importantly thank you and please don’t censor keep it like it is but just give a warning or write it in italic so that people know what part to skip if they don’t want to read it.
    And again thank you appreciate the effort you put into this.
    But MGA and NTXS , CD are my favorite.


  18. Deer says:



  19. plusikplus says:

    kids dont read translated webnovels on the internet. in fact, i doubt kids even know how to read. there is no need to censor because it would be disrespectful to the author, and many of us really enjoy the gore. especially when its deserved.


  20. Vincent Le says:

    Well most people/kids already watch R movies with a lot of Gore I don’t see how reading some gore can be worse than watching it.


  21. “The beginning of the fire in the infirmary and Southern Courtyard were particularly strange. It was obviously a malicious arson, but the people in the vicinity unexpectedly didn’t even see a single suspicious shadow. ”

    Funny. When I tried to read it, all I got was,

    “The fire of the medicine room city-like fire was exceptionally (?) strange. Something something a certain person with evil intent something fire; What? Rope shadow child?”


  22. amagi91 says:

    thanks for the preview

    no need to censor ^^
    this still can be seen as quite friendly when you put it against realy graphic violence kids can access any time over the internet so I would say it’s still safe


  23. moridain says:

    This is as the author intended it, cutting parts out would be doing them a disservice imo.


  24. forging the rend says:

    ah tl finally caught up to what i read of raws


  25. Valikar says:

    Oh man im loving how dark this sudeenly turned.
    You should definitely leave the content in there, i mean its who the author wrote it so it’s kinda not right to take it out completely.
    maybe do the dark stuff in “spoiler” type sections if you wanna play it safe.


  26. fidelc123 says:

    THis is great translator laoshi! Never censor.


  27. Alex says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!! Never censor it, please! D=

    On another note: I’m seriously worried about my mental state now… Reading this preview I had a disgusting grin that I only noticed when it disappeared at the end when I though “no more in the preview? aww…”

    Anyway, thanks for translating it even feeling disgusted about it =D


  28. 34rthsp3ar says:

    I truly hope that he didn’t die yet, no i truly hope that he is still alive.


  29. ratatoskr says:

    the question is, did he,yulong, deserve such payback? well considering that he tried to murder his xiao che, tried to take advantage on xiao che’s wife and conspiring with young master garbage by selling out xiao che’s wife and his little aunt. he pretty much deserve it. oh and his dad reaction is priceless..haha


  30. wyzan25846 says:

    No to censor


  31. Arthur says:

    He trapped him in his own body definitely in the top 10 ways to get revenge.


  32. ryve16 says:

    this is like a murder mystery that I actually wanna read! …but you know…its not…and im gonna read it anyway!


  33. Hendricksen-sama says:

    Ahh, the joys of revenge! Wish I was the one doing the cutting, hacking and stabbing instead! And yes, I am a Sadist, most especially to scum like Xiao Ying.

    On another note, it’s kinda sad that we will never see or hear anything of Che’s wife. ( forgot the name due to the extreme gore 😛 )


  34. no censor pls, just change font color of SWEET WORDs, so kids can just skip them. hoho


  35. Lalala~Yay!New chap…what,just a preview?…
    Unrelated but could you post the next chapter of Magics,Mechcanics,Shuraba as fast as possible?
    I mean…I’m really excited!..Is that unknown commoner actually the big brother?Opps,you can’t reply I guess…cause that’s a spoiler.


  36. daike1234 says:

    hohoho…. you deserve it you bastard!. feel the thing called painful than death!


    • [R.E.A.D.E.R] says:

      don’t fall to the pettiness( petty?) of killing, killing is a sinful act that goes against God teaching.
      but you can make that bastard suffer a fate worse than dead and supply you let him die!!!


  37. Avarrencus says:

    woahh… that’s hardcore..


  38. lozlo says:

    Hrm. Is it possible to put a “spoiler” type box in the translations?
    If so, you could put the graphic paragraphs in a hidden drop down box, or maybe even have two and label them so people can choose which one they want.
    If not, Gravity Scans did something where they took out what they felt was graphic and placed a nsfw warning/link to a seperate place with the graphic part.
    That’s off the top of my head anyway. There are quite a few possible solutions.


  39. God.. says:

    “955,666 hits”

    Ready for the million? 😛


  40. coochnoodle says:

    Never censor stuff for it insults the intelligence of those who are not kiddies, and those few kiddies that are here have already googled all the visual porn and gore that they don’t give a damn about measly words.
    Just have 2 versions if you need to and be as close to the original translation as possible with the proper translation.

    Also, when are you going to go back through chapters and fix all the naming changes, and are you going to do EPUB or PDFs?


  41. Jirun says:

    Thanks for the translations.
    About censoring. Please dont.
    It’s not done in books and should not be done for translated books 😉

    And that also means, not using any other text style, spoiler tags in the text or a notice at the start of the chapter.
    Put a notice into the synopsis and be done with it. More warning u also don’t get for any book u buy in a bookstore.

    If you insist on using something, please only put a notice at the start of the chapter.


  42. shady8x says:

    Thanks for the translation. Please never censor, we like it bloody.


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