Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba Volume 1 Chapter 3.5 – Interval #1

For some reason, this short chapter felt more exciting than last chapter..

by SummerRain & alyschu

Half a month ago, in the meeting room of Augustus Academy.

This was a routine report seminar conducted a week ago. All relevant personnel that were responsible for the entrance exam were one by one, required to report on their situation and afterwards, shall begin their recruitment.

Inside the meeting room, the people were dressed in different colors which signified their status and level. Those dressed in white were intern tutors, mostly aged around 20. They were mostly outstanding graduates from Augustus Academy, while the few others were recruited from other schools.

Although most of the recruitment were done by these interns; at the meeting, they merely listened and never spoke.

The grey robes belonged to the regular teachers. They managed the school’s non-professional courses like divine epics and social etiquette. They were mostly interns who joined the school and therefore, are generally young but still ranked a bit higher than interns. However at this meeting, they similarly had not much a chance to speak.

Those in bright red magic cloaks were the high ranked teachers. The cuffs and collar of the cloaks were embroidered in gold. They were clearly different from the other two ranks of teachers. They were the pillars of strength of Augustus Academy —— the elder magicians were in charge of teaching Elements, Spirits, Feral Beasts, Natural Magic, Illusions, Heavenly Magic and Medicines, the courses of the seven most common departments of magic.

Be it teaching or their practical usage of magic, these elderly magician were undeniably impeccable. Batches and batches of students were guided by them to become outstanding magicians, active all around the world. They were also responsible for selecting and grooming the most talented individuals from the previously mentioned two ranks. Their opinions and point of view played a decisive role at this meeting.

Logically speaking, such an annual meeting was just routine administration; although important, there usually wasn’t much to discuss. This year, however, was an exception.

At this time, a young man wearing a dark purple velvet robe was speaking with prominent excitement: “Less than 20 years of age, magic level more than twenty thousand, exceeded more than sixty patented inventions, among them, more than 20 are of military grade exclusives, full marks on the written theory examination. This student satisfied all the requirements, I think……”

At this point, a middle aged man dressed in the same attire interrupted his speech: “But he’s just a commoner!”

“So what? He has already satisfied all the requirements, no matter how strict they were!” The younger man argued strongly.

“I must remind you not to forget the reason why we came up with such requirements, Professor Lu!”

“Of course, but I also need to remind you the other objective for those requirements, Professor Cologne. It is to allow the real talents to obtain a chance. What’s more, didn’t the same thing happen fifty years ago? Didn’t we also grant entry to the student who met the requirements but was a commoner?”

The arguing parties were two of Augustus Academy’s professors who were in charge of grooming students in the three special departments of Mechanics, Blacksmithing, and Magic Swordsmanship. They were also involved in the guidance of students undertaking a higher level of advanced studies and were the academy’s finest talented faculty.

The enrollment of each student into those three special departments had to be thoroughly discussed by the respective professors and admission was only granted if all personnel had agreed.

This kind of split in opinion and argument was very rarely seen, it could possibly be said that it was the first case in nearly fifty years.

The final decision rested with the twenty people who sat right in front of the meeting room. They wore luxurious cloaks embedded with black crystals and were Augustus Academy’s administrators and owners that were on the Academy Council. Regarding the argument between the two professors, the council had already began their discussion.

“The Council has already made their decision.” The man who was both chairman and the headmaster of the academy spoke as he stood up. The two professors immediately stopped their argument and awaited the final result.

“Professor Lu, if you are willing to be this commoner student’s guardian, the Council shall approve his admission into our academy for advanced studies.”

“Yes, I accept, I am even willing to become his mentor.” The younger professor immediately replied.

“Very good, but Professor Lu, I need to remind you that this an awfully huge responsibility.” The principal reminded.

“I understand.” The young man naturally was aware of the responsibility. “Because Augustus Academy is a combat academy and Mechanical Magicians are combat magicians.”

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  1. [R.E.A.D.E.R] says:

    Mechanical Magicians are combat magicians, i don’t get it
    thanks ftc


  2. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

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  3. junior says:

    Wait so the brother is an engineer or something?


    • Vivec says:

      Yes. Isn’t it pretty clear if you go back through the other chapters? He gets into the school to become a magic mechanic, and it just so happens that at the shipyard he works at an “anonymous” mechanic “donates” enough money for him and his sister to get into the school? I wonder who it could be…


  4. Ferras says:

    Thanks for translating


  5. ryve16 says:

    The brother seems to be a hidden genius, looks like he doesn’t wanna be known as a genius though.


  6. Kygo says:

    Wait, what? “Less than 20 years of age, magic level more than twenty thousand, exceeded more than sixty patented inventions, among them, more than 20 are of military grade exclusives, full marks on the written theory examination” Is this actually the “Muscle Blockhead?”


    Thanks for the release!


    • Moissonneur66 says:

      If we assume that Magical power is like someones mana pool then having 20,k magic power is Impressive? that been said he’s known as the muscle blockhead because he can only use physical enhancement magic. That been said a dude moving at warp speed with some new invention is bound to at least achieve something

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      • Isekai says:

        it didn’t say he could only use physical enhancement magic, he probably can’t even do that and need some kind of tool ot channel his own magic power, which made he go the magic mechanic way.


  7. Awww…only “.5”.

    Oh well….thnx for the chapter. Can’t wait for the other “.5”


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  11. Crombat Monta says:

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    I hope the MC will build his own power suits. MECHAMAGE for the win!


  12. peacefuloutrage says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I figured he had some type of hidden talent. Would explain why he was the target of kidnapping.


  13. TomboyGirlPlayer says:

    I wanna be a Combat Magician!~ Sounds like fun~


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