Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 34 PREVIEW

I read chapter 34 and translated a part of it last night. I didn’t expect that major cliffhanger last chapter so I’ll try my best to make time to release chapter 34 tonight.. It will be a sponsored chapter though.

Rest of chapter is a bit graphic so hold on to your favorite stuffed animal for the full release if anyone’s that sensitive!! You have been warned!!


A vast amount of blood blossomed out as Xiao Yulong’s lower abdomen bursted open. The previously intoxicated Xiao Yulong let out a sound similar to that of a dying pig as he fell off the bed, both hands covering his stomach as he rolled around on the floor in pain.

The door was suddenly flung open and a Xiao Yang who wasn’t all that far away, rushed back in after hearing the scream. When he saw the situation before his eyes, his complexion paled and his hands trembled in panic: “B…. Boss!”

He wanted to help Xiao Yulong, but he didn’t dare to touch him without permission. After his initial burst of panic, he rapidly dashed outside and quickly roared: “Clan Master…. Clan Master! Xiao Yulong…. Xiao Yulong has been attacked by an assassin… Clan Master!!”

Under the night sky, Xiao Yang’s voice traveled far, and made the originally very quiet Xiao Clan suddenly become extremely chaotic. As he watched the crying Xiao Yulong on the floor, Xiao Che coldly laughed, pushed open the door and leisurely walked out.

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25 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 34 PREVIEW

  1. Moissonneur66 says:

    Am i a bad person for laughing at his misfortune?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. qu1eet says:

    Xiao Che coldly laughed, pushed open the door and leisurely walked out
    I love this ruthless bastard !!!!
    TYTY for the chp.


  3. aswad12 says:

    Whooho.. i love this kind MC.. huhu… So dark yet too ‘delicious..’ .
    Cant wait for the full chapter.


  4. I can’t wait anymore T^T


  5. zhaoyun says:

    Nice work MC. lol


  6. moridain says:

    Stab him in the throat, kill 1 person.

    Damage his dantien beyond repair in a ‘failed’ assassination attempt in the middle of a supposedly guarded courtyard? Kill an entire clan. /gleeful

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hopefully, he picks up the vein repairing medicine on his way out.


  8. Azneccentric says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he castrated the bastard 😄😄


  9. GunSeraph says:

    Oh, just you wait, there’s more a’comin’ …
    And it will be glorious.
    Alas, the Xiao Sect ‘baby’ is a little too well protected.


  10. Ohhhh~
    ‘dis gun’ be good~
    I love how xiao che doesn’t just take a hit lying down after having nothing to lose now, since everything he wanted protected, well, is. Ah, the sweet revenge. Best thing is, this is just the start though!
    Thanks for putting up with all ‘dese leechers like me, and giving us yet another glorious chapter. I love AGT’s story a lot, and it’s only just begun 0.0


  11. I held on to my…*******,but nothing happened…What do you mean?There’s nothing at all!…Is this a joke?If it is,you got me,magnificently.


  12. synthous says:

    The laugh could have gave him away hmm.


  13. Ugh_Zug says:

    he had it coming, it’s only a shame he didn’t get the others.


  14. kenken says:

    I’m looking forward to the chapter…been waiting for it.


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