The Simple Life of Killing Demons Volume 1 Chapter 5.2 – Silent Water, Satsuki’s text and a fight

Hey all, part 2 of Chapter 5 is finally here.. I got pretty confused on whether or not I should incorporate the Japanese names and expressions but I ended up doing it anyway. Eric did most of the translation here but I had to mess with the CN -> JP weird stuff.. T-T..

“Damn… had that weird dream again.” I sat up and looked at my cell phone. It was already 6. I washed my face, changed into my school uniform and felt completely awake.

After I went downstairs to eat Silent Water’s delicious breakfast, I headed off to school.

As I went out, Silent Water told me to “be careful on the road.” That made my heart feel warm and tingly.

Was this the feeling of having a family?

Due to my habit of snoozing the alarm, today I’m going to be late to class again.

Today, Yamada didn’t speak to me and only looked at me as if he was angry I didn’t pay attention to him and just sat in my seat.

Once Satsuki saw me, she immediately lowered her head. I’m not sure whether or not she had make-up on, but she seemed to have put on some pink blush today.

“Yo~ Good morning.” I took my bag and put it into the drawer.

“En~~~ Good morning.” Satsuki replied in a soft voice.

Since I didn’t have anything else to say, I no longer spoke and just looked out the window.

“Ne…. You weren’t mad last night, right?” Satsuki timidly asked.

“Mad? Why?” I turned my head and Satsuki’s face that was originally facing me immediately lowered.

“Because…because I suddenly…hung up on you…” Satsuki’s two delicate index fingers kept twirling round and around.

“No way.” I said with a laugh.

Suddenly, Satsuki lifted her head to look at me and then angrily said: “That’s right, why would I need to apologize to you? Clearly, last night you…unexpectedly addressed me as…” Speaking up to that point, she once again lowered her head. The face that originally already recovered its fair complexion was red once again.

“Huh?” I recall the events from yesterday and then suddenly realized: “Oooh~~ Sorry. I had already fallen asleep. Your call woke me up in a daze.”

“So that’s the case.” Satsuki sneakily glanced at me. At this time the bell that indicated the start of class rang.

First period is Math, a class the homeroom teacher was in charge of. He saw me sleeping and called me up to solve a ‘super hard problem’. I stood up to take a look and was immediately stunned. Wasn’t this a problem that you do in your 3rd year of middle school? I remember this kind of problem, I did them until I wanted to puke. Piece of cake.

Homeroom teacher saw my stunned expression and laughingly said: “Lin Xiang, you can’t? If you can’t then I’ll punish you by making you copy this book thirty times.

As Satsuki glanced at me worriedly, Yamada then said: “I can’t believe it, there’s actually a problem this nerd can’t solve? Haha, hilarious.”

Homeroom teacher looked at Yamada and asked: “Are you saying you can do it?”

Yamada didn’t answer.

“So? Lin Xiang, are you able to do it?” Homeroom teacher beamed at me as he constantly slapped the blackboard.

I walked over, picked the chalk and I quickly wrote the answer without even looking at the topic. It was a simple and straightforward process.

“How…. could this be? That’s the important topic I prepared for today’s class…” The homeroom teacher turned to stare at me suspiciously as I turned to go back to my seat and shouted: “Stop, who said you could leave? Do another one.” He said and then wrote another problem of that type. It was just a bit harder than the one already on the board.

But math was just a superficial subject and not to mention, this topic was something I was something I was already familiar with. After he finished writing, I barely looked at it and once again quickly wrote out the answer. Then, I faced him and asked: “I can go back now, right?”

Perhaps it was because I said that rather coldly because he didn’t answer and only gave me a hard look. He no longer spoke.

As I walked off the platform, I realized I didn’t return the chalk that was still in my hand. Not wanting to look at his face again, I casually tossed the chalk backwards and it actually landed in the chalk box. That was pretty lucky.

Not sure if it’s because I just went up to solve the problem, but the class became very quiet since the students had all stopped talking. I laid down on my desk and only heard the unpleasant voice of the homeroom teacher lecturing about the topic. I ignored him and fell asleep.

— After class

Satsuki said to me: “I feel like you’ve changed.”

“Really? It’s probably because the weather had recently gotten hotter and drier. As a result, my temper has become more and more irritable.”

“What are you talking about?” Satsuki gently hit me with her delicate hands: “Be honest, without paying attention in class you could still solve the hard problem. Do you have some technique?”

“Technique? Not really? You’ll naturally be able to do them if you do them a lot.”

“Is that the truth? We’ve never encountered these type of problems before.”

“Eh…you know, I get bored at home so I just did some exercise problems. I didn’t think that he would happen to discuss that topic today.”

“Oh…So, teach me how to do this problem on the page.” Satsuki said while shifting her book over.

“This question, compared to the two I just did, is a bit more difficult. You can solve the two I did earlier?”

“Originally when the teacher wrote out the problem, I felt a bit unsure. But, after seeing you write the answer, I realized that they’re actually simple.” Satsuki’s face started blushing again.

“Hey you, you think just because they’re simple that you don’t have to them? You have to properly understand this topic and then do it yourself once. That way, you won’t any issues with these types of problems in the future.” I patted her head and said.

“Okay~~~” Satsuki lowered her head. Surprisingly, she didn’t tell me to stop touching her.

“Xiang~” A charming male voice called my name.

It turned out to have come from Takahashi? No wonder.

“You might have been even cooler than me just now.” Takahashi said to me laughingly after taking a glance at the blushing Satsuki who had her head lowered.

I’m not sure why, but as I faced Takahashi, I suddenly sensed a strange hostility from him.

Was that an illusion?

“Not really, it’s just that I was asleep, but then suddenly got woken up. I felt dizzy, so I wasn’t in a good mood.” I replied in that manner.

“Really? You’re really impressive. Falling asleep and still being able to solve those hard problems.” Takahashi glanced at me while also taking a look at Satsuki who was following my instructions and doing a exercise problem similar to the one I did.

“I was just at home bored and casually did it. Coincidentally, it showed up today. That’s all.”

“So it’s like that. I’m a bit unsure about how to do them, so do you have time right now? During the next class break, you need to properly teach me.” Takahashi’s coming here? This is a good opportunity.

“Sure, I’ll definitely teach you.” I happily replied.


After second period ended, Takahashi actually came and brought along his notebook. I tap Satsuki’s lowered head but she remained motionless. Fine, this girl’s shyness wasn’t something that could be fixed all at once.

After a few simple explanations from me, the clever Takahashi in that short time understood it all. As expected. I don’t even know how many times I had to do them over and over again to understand these problems.

Then, the Takahashi who liked Satsuki finally went into action. He started to speak to Satsuki.

They’ve spoken before, but they don’t say much.

“Satsuki-san, can you do them?” Takahashi said, soft and gently.

“En.” To my surprise, she nodded… I almost fainted. Aren’t you supposed to say that you don’t and let Takahashi teach you?

“I see, Satsuki-san sure is smart. In that case, Xiang~ I’ll be going.” As Takahashi said that, he took his notebook and left.

“Hey! What are you doing? Weren’t you supposed to say you that you don’t undetsand and let him teach you?” I patted her head.

“I’m shy~~~” Satsuki laid on her desk and secretly regretted it…

—————————————— Lunch break

“Wa~~~Croquette?” Satsuki said shrilly and stood up once she saw me open my bento.

“Want some? I said with a laugh.

“Want to eat, want to eat.” Satsuki looked like a puppy when she nodded her head, immediately took out her lunchbox and opened it.

“Here, all for you.” I passed all the croquettes to her and her eyes lit up, never straying away from the croquettes the entire time.

“Delicious… they’re too delicious. Lin Xiang, tell me which store made these.”

“I already told you, I made them.”

“I don’t believe it. Hmph~~ If you don’t want tell me, then it’s fine.” Satsuki stopped paying attention to me and ate her croquettes.

At this time, I saw Takahashi walk out the classroom. I originally wanted to call out to him, but he seemed to be a little mad, so in the end I didn’t.

The action of me giving my croquettes to Satsuki was seen by Yamada, who stayed in class to eat his bread today. He was in an extremely bad mood and threw his half-eaten bread out as he fiercely looked at me.

After looking at each other momentarily, I stopped looking at him. If I looked at his ugly face any longer, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to hold it in and would probably beat him up.

Speaking about that, didn’t he tell me to wait for him? Yesterday he didn’t even go get his seven friends, what happened?


“Didn’t I tell you already, you have to wipe your mouth after you finish eating.” I saw that Satsuki’s chin had a grain of white rice sticking onto it, so I stretched my hand out and took it off.

“I forgot… I forgot… seriously … there’s no need to touch me so suddenly…” Satsuki, with a red face like yesterdays, ran out of the classroom.

I chuckled a bit and helped put away her lunchbox. Then I poured a cup of water and placed it on her desk.

Three minutes later, Satsuki returned. It seemed like she had washed her face; her pink face was moist. She sat down, saw a cup of tea on her desk, then glanced at me until she finally drank it all.

———————————— After school

“Why do you always sleep in class now?” Satsuki said to me.

“Too tired.” I replied.

“Fine, today, I need to go buy a notebook. Will you come with me?” Satsuki without being too excessive, gave me a beautiful look at her profile.

“The beautiful Risa… Satsuki-san is beckoning me, of course I’ll go.” The moment I said “beautiful Risa”, I saw that Satsuki’s face had started to turned red so I fixed my speech at once.

*Hmph~~~* Satsuki snorted gently and her face still turned red.

“It’s to talk about Takahashi, right?”

“En.” Satsuki looked at my face as she answered.

“Right now, one day has already passed so there are still three days left. You still haven’t even said a word to Takahashi… Oi, one more thing, you only have three days left. You need to seize a good opportunity. It will only mean something if you personally confess, understand?”


Satsuki and I left through the school’s back entrance and head towards the direction of the bookstore. The road we passed through was a rather remote and desolate place.

At that moment, I saw Yamada and his seven friends.

“Why’d you stop talking?” Satsuki asked.

“Satsuki, it won’t be a problem for you to go back a bit late, right?”

“What… do you want to… do to me?” Satsuki asked as she used her backpack to block her chest, and both her face and ears turned red.

I didn’t reply, and only gave her my backpack: “Help me hold it.” And then I walked over.

“You actually came!” Fearlessly, I looked at the wooden wand in Yamada’s hands: “Why here?”

I was very confused; based on Yamada’s nature, he should’ve fought with me in front of the school entrance, so that he could make the other students be afraid of him.

“You’re asking me why I chose this place, right?” Yamada replied, full of anger. Then, he opened his hands: “While you can still talk, I’ll tell you why. Right now, I need to beat you until you’re crippled, so that you’ll understand. No one dares to oppose the Yamada!”

“Lin Xiang~~~” Satsuki ran up: “What happened? What does Yamada-kun want to do?”

“You still remember how I told you yesterday that Yamada tripped and fell? I was the one who tripped him.” I said as I laughed.

“What? You…” Satsuki was extremely shocked. Then she said to me: “Lin Xiang, that’s not good. Why don’t we apologize to them? So they can forgive you.” Satsuki worriedly looked at me..

“Apologize? It’s possible, Satsuki-chan. You tell him to come over here to kneel down and apologize right now, and you can play with us afterwards… I’ll consider letting him off then” Yamada laughed with extreme lewdness: “Look guys, I wasn’t lying, right? I told you she was extremely beautiful, right?”

“Truly beautiful…” The seven boy swallowed their saliva. The scared Satsuki hid behind me.

“Lin Xiang~~~ What do we do now? I’ll go find people to help us.” Satsuki said as she planned to run somewhere with more people.

Then, one of the boys used magic. A single glass-like see-through shroud surrounded us. I knew that this was called Isolation Shroud, this type of shroud can isolate the inside from any attack coming from outside of the shroud. Unless assaulted by a powerful magic attack, it would not break.

The chubby boy that released the shroud said: “I can’t let you leave, miss~~”

Oh right, I forgot. They use magic, dammit. I underestimated them. If they didn’t have magic, would I even be afraid of these morons?

“Release Satsuki.” Dammit, I have to give up my sure-win plan. As much as possible, I need Satsuki to leave this area.

“Why should I need to listen to the words of a future cripple?” Another boy asked.

“Didn’t you guys want to beat me until I’m crippled? Satsuki is at eighth rank in our entire grade, a level 5 Junior Magician. With her here, can you really beat me and come out unharmed?

“Lin Xiang~~ What exactly are you trying to do?” Satsuki heavily hit me

I didn’t answer Satsuki, but instead spoke to Yamada: “Yamada, you know how strong Satsuki is.”

Yamada thought about it and then said to the boy who released the shroud: “Sekisawa-nii, he’s right, that girl shouldn’t be provoked. Let her go.”

“What do we do if we let her run away?”

“Letting her run away isn’t a big deal. I have money…” Yamada and the shroud releasing boy looked at one another and obscenely laughed together. The shroud releasing boy created a hole in the shroud: “Brat. I’m warning you, don’t you dare leave.”

“Satsuki, go out now.” I said to Satsuki.

“What are you talking about? Lin Xiang? Are you crazy?” Satsuki looked at me with concern, with no intention of leaving.

“As soon as you get out, run away at once.”

“Not leaving, not leaving. I’m not leaving.”

“Listen to me, go out, okay?” I rubbed Satsuki’s head.

“Wh.. why?” Satsuki’s gem-like sparkling tears flowed out.

“Because I need to protect you. I don’t want to let you to get hurt.” After saying that, I pushed the dumbstruck Satsuki out and then the shroud releasing boy quickly sealed the shroud.

Satsuki threw down her backpack and started beating the Isolation Shroud: “Lin Xiang, hurry up and come out, you could actually die.”

I didn’t answer Satsuki and instead focused my attention on the figures of Yamada and the others.

Truthfully speaking, I felt breathed in a sigh of relief after seeing Satsuki go out. These blind idiots should know that students like us, who knew how to use magic, needed their wands to cast spells. Since a magic wand was typically put in the school’s locker, who would actually bring it home with them?

“You have quite a bit of courage, brat.” At that time, two boys came out: “You guys stay back, let us go and beat him crippled first.”

“Ichikun-nii, Ichimin-nii, no need, everyone go together. I didn’t realize this before but this guy can actually fight.” Yamada worriedly advised.

“You’re worried that we’ll lose?” The one called Ichikun glared at Yamada ruthlessly.

“No, no, no, you two brothers are undefeatable if you guys fight together.” Yamada’s concerned face was already gone.

Another person also said: “Ahhh, I came here for no reason. You guys hurry up and end this so I can eat dinner early. Grand daddy here wants to go pick up some girls.”

There was no one in the area, just the sound of Satsuki’s crying echoed in the remote alley.

These two guys in front of me seemed to have underestimated me, so it seemed like they don’t plan on using magic. Then it’d be for the best if I was a bit more ruthless this time. If I can beat them down first then I’d have two less people to deal with.

That guy Yamada probably doesn’t have any fighting capacity. He didn’t bring a sword along, so if I rule him out, I only actually have five opponents.

“Aniki, use Rio Battle Method to beat him down in one go?” Ichimin proposed.

“Hm~~~ Not a bad idea, we shouldn’t waste too much energy on this kind of trash.” Ichikun nodded.

Ichikun charged in front of me and at the same time he swung his fist at me. His leg didn’t remain idle when I caught his fist and used his knee to strike my belly. I dodged it but discovered that the one called Ichimen already ran up beside me. His fist directly struck my face and immediately, I fell to the ground.

Satsuki was there crying: “Who will come~~ who will come help him?”

Satsuki was pounding the Isolation Shroud.

“Aniki… sure enough, this brat has few moves. His reaction speed’s pretty fast.”

“That’s true, but right now he can’t even get up anymore.”

I shook my head and quickly got back up.

Those two guys, did they concentrate spiritual energy into their fists?

Originally, I had no chance of winning, but right now my odds of success were extremely good.

I recalled now that this world’s boxing match and what not, all relied on concentrating spiritual energy in order to fight. So long as one person gets knocked out by spiritual energy, the attacker is considered the victor. They don’t pay attention to which spot is the most effective to hit. Since that’s the case…

“What? He actually stood back up?”

I took advantage of the time they spent being shocked and charged over. My fist struck the one called Ichikun in the chin and followed it up with a spin kick at the one named Ichimen. He got sent flying into the air for quite a distance.

Even though I sent them flying, I didn’t remain idle. The one called Ichikun got hit in the chin with a fourth of my strength; it was enough power to knock him out.

Although the one the called Ichimen received a kick from me that contained more power than the punch, he didn’t necessarily faint. I promptly ran up, grabbed his collar and landed a punch on his chin…

In this manner, there were just five remaining.

“How’s that possible? How’s this possible?” The six people who were originally watching were all scared silly.

What a good opportunity. I called them idiots and they really were idiots. How do you have time to be shocked in the middle of a fight?

With a kick, I sent Yamada flying and the four magicians who were scared into chanting their spells at once got beaten down after I quickly adopted chin attacks.

Finished four off, and now there was only one left…

“Brat… No… Bro, please, please don’t hit me. I can only use the Isolation Shroud, I don’t have any other spells. So, since you are a great and magnanimous person, forgive me?” The shroud releasing boy threw his magic wand on the ground and raised his hands in the air as he surrendered.

“And if I don’t forgive you?” This damned fatass. Although he said he that he surrenders, his entire face said that he was unwilling.

“Th…Then you won’t be able to leave my Iso…” Before he even finished speaking, I knocked him out.

You think I’m stupid? Even though the nerd Lin Xiang can’t use magic, he could still remember the special properties of most spells. Isolation Shroud, as long as you knock out the caster, it will naturally dissipate.

After fatty fell, the Isolation Shroud broke down.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t get arrogant because the reason I won was due to the fact that they underestimated me too much and also because they were way too surprised.

If it were only two from very the start that fought me, then perhaps I could win. But, dealing with magicians who use magic was akin to me bringing out a knife while the other person brings out a semi-automatic pistol during a war. Although semi-automatic pistols needed time to load, if there’s a lot of people together, they could no doubt combine together to be like a small submachine gun.

Everything happened in a split second. Satsuki stared at me with a dumbfounded expression as glittering teardrops streamed down her face.

I walked in front of her, lightly touched her, and said: “C’non. Let’s go buy your notebook.”

Satsuki stood there, gazed at me for a moment and used her delicate finger to poke me: “Are you… really… Lin Xiang?”

“Absolutely.” I lifted up my backpack and patted her shoulder: “Let’s go, we were already held up for ten minutes.”

Satsuki looked at the seven who were on the ground who were silent and unconscious, and said: “They… won’t die, right?”

“They won’t, they just fainted, that’s all.” I walked over to the groaning Yamada, and then laughingly said: “Yamada-kun, sorry, you couldn’t cripple me.”

Satsuki patted off the dust on her body and Yamada Yukihito roared as we left….


“Why aren’t you saying anything? Didn’t you say you needed to buy a notebook? You’re still not going in?” I brought Satsuki to the stationery store, but discovered that she only kept staring at me and didn’t say that she was going in.

“You’re really Lin Xiang?” Satsuki asked me.

“Yes, my little princess.” As I said that, I stretched my hand over and wiped the tear stains off her gloomy face.

Satsuki’s face quickly became red. She knocked my hand away: “I’ll wipe it myself.” She said, as she wiped her eyes that become red from crying.

Nerd Lin Xiang~ Satsuki cried for you, she really treats you like a friend. Are you happy?

“When did you become so able to fight?” After wiping her enchanting eyes that were red from crying, Satsuki looked at me and asked.

“Alright, the truth is that I practice boxing at home.” In my original world, if I couldn’t fight, wouldn’t I have died a long ago?

“Really?” Satsuki opened her eyes wide, with a face full of disbelief.

“Why would I lie to you? Didn’t you see me knock them out in one move? That’s the result of my training.”

“It certainly did look like that.” Satsuki’s face looked like she was recalling the events from that time.

“Since there’s an opportunity right now, I’ll just tell you. As long as you use a certain amount of spiritual energy and hit someone’s chin, the force of impact on the chin will shake the brain. This will create a moment of dizziness or unconsciousness. Naturally, don’t use too much force as too much force would cause brain concussion.”

“So it was like that…” Satsuki nodded as she looked at her fist.

“Alright, go and buy the notebook.” After saying that, I led Satsuki into the stationery store.


“Lin Xiang, how did you know that I live here?” Satsuki was not against me sending her home today.

“You know that big supermarket near your home? I frequently go there to buy my groceries. I saw you around here once, so that’s why I knew.” The Satsuki in this world and the Satsuki in the other world had different types of family too. In this world, Satsuki’s family seemed to be rich and pretty well off, since I saw that they own a huge house.

“Oh so that’s it. As you send me home, you could also buy groceries on the way?”

“Yeah. So I’m going to go now..” I said as I started to turn around.

“Lin Xiang…”

“What?” I turned my head back and see Satsuki looking at me with a small red face. Then she shook her head: “Nothing.” She ran back into her home.

How strange… As I left Satsuki’s house, I went to the supermarket to buy groceries.

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