Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 29 PREVIEW

This preview is here to announce that rhyein has gone on an indefinite translating haitus. His exact words: I’m not going to be able to spare time to do translating for a while. You two should go ahead without me.

I can’t sit still through an entire translation unless someone is watching or waiting for me to finish translating/editing so releases will probably be slower than the usual pace. Neko lives on the other side of the world so I can’t make him suffer with me the way I make rhyein suffer with me. I mean watch me as I translate or edit his stuff in real time. It was motivating to know that someone was watching my back or spying on me to see whether or not I was slacking off and wag the “shame on your finger” at me accordingly.

I didn’t tell anyone this (aside from rhyein) but my motivation had already decreased from when people started asking for spoilers. It made me feel like there was no point in trying to bring out a quality translation if people just want spoilers and summaries. And now rhyein went poof. I think I have other stuff to say but it’s late so I’m heading off to bed… No, I’m not dropping ATG if anyone was wondering…

No matter how big or small the courtyards were, the Xiao Clan had a total of around two hundred thirty three courtyards. The courtyards were all arranged irregularly and most of them looked almost exactly the same. If we don’t even mention the Xiao Sect members who came yesterday and only talk about people who have already been living here for ten or even twenty days, even they would not necessarily remember all the courtyard’s positions, nor would they accurately connect them with their owner. This was why Xiao Che was certain that Xiao Jiu had not even gone to Xiao Lingxi’s courtyard…. Even if he deliberately went there to check it out yesterday, he could not possibly find it again in such a short time. He should have been faking his search and instead just randomly walked around in a circle for a while until he came back with the box containing the Profound Opening Powder.

Xiao Jiu’s silence and the dramatically worsening complexions of Xiao Kuangyun and Xiao Yunhai would even let fools begin to understand what was going on.

Xiao Yunhai flawlessly answered Xiao Che’s first question… yet he did not know that it was only just a decoy. The second question that came immediately after made them sink into a deep hole. As for the third question…. it was virtually a resounding slap to their face.

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55 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 29 PREVIEW

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the preview!
    Sad to hear rhyein is gone for who knows when but I’m glad to hear the work is continuing on. Even though they might slow down but it’s better than nothing.
    Thanks for all the work so far and keep up the great work that is to come. 🙂


  2. pepperisk says:

    motivation lost because of spoilers? remove spoilers! no more motivation loss! xD.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. 34rthsp3ar says:

    I think, you should understand the fact that when the story is good, people alwys tend to search for spoiler.
    I know and understand that it’s extremely hard to dedicate yourself to translating so i can sympathize with the fact that you’re working hard in order to give us translation of quality so i hope that you’ll recover fast from this blow on your morale.
    Thanks for everything you’ve already done.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t because I want to know what and how something happens. Knowing what happens before it happens reduces the impact and enjoyment of it when I actually read it.


  4. Alex says:

    YES! A preview!! I was starting to think they were “Pending” the translation… orz


    • Alex says:

      BTW: Don’t know the rest but I really like what you translate, the quality is great and the release speed is amazing. Sad to hear that you are losing motivation but at least know that there is one person who cheers for you =D

      (Sorry my english sucks, I’m not too good transmitting emotions =S)


  5. Juan says:

    First, thanks forma the chapter. Second, ley me tell you that you are one of the brst TL:high quality and very fast. Third, please don’t spoil, most of the are just too eager to read tour fantastic translations (the resto screw them). Thanks, and still strong!


  6. cpgorrie says:

    Thanks for the great effort in translating 🙂 keep the good work up. Loving the story btw, is there a manwha adaption?


  7. RTI says:

    Think about it this way . . without rhyein watching over you, you now have INFINITE POWER! You can do anything you want! Like not do spoilers. Or do fake spoilers and screw with everyone. Or just write a page full of lolol. The abuse is real.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. nerodragon12 says:

    You should make a spoiler page to keep the chapters spoiler free…


    • Xias says:

      Better yet:
      Don´t make any spoilers at all.
      Instead write a announcement stuck to the top of all announcements that anyone who wants spoilers can go to their local automobile or airplane manufacturer or seller and buy one.
      If those aren´t the spoilers they are looking for then they just have to wait or p*ss off and look elsewhere as there won´t be any story related secrets revealed beforehand on thgis site.


    • Rance says:

      i won’t recommend that.
      and if you read carefully about why alyschu losing motivation, normally you wouldn’t recommend such thing.


      • nerodragon12 says:

        I recommend it because, people will write spoiler in the comment section if they don’t have a place to discuss the novel look at spcnet, why do you think most translation have two threads one for spoiler and another for non spoilers, wouldn’t you hate to be reading a chapter then you scroll down to the comment section to write a thanks to alyschu or tell your impression of the chapter only to see a spoiler about once going to happen later on. It just a fact that some people don’t won’t to wait and just want to be spoiled so giving them a place to do that keeps the chapters spoiler free. Also I just want to thin the number of people asking alyschu about what’s going to happen in the upcoming chapters.


      • Rance says:

        quoted from alyschu : ” It made me feel like there was no point in trying to bring out a quality translation if people just want spoilers and summaries.”

        well… i think what i said before is already enough no?


      • Rance says:

        beside if they want spoilers that much they can always fu*k themselves with google translates, why bother the translator when he/she already made clear that he/she didn’t read ahead and don’t like spoiler…..


  9. Apu says:

    I agree. Just delete the spoilers and asking for spoilers posts.


  10. plusikplus says:

    all good things come to an end. welp… it was a fun ride. thanks for the heads up.


    • Emperor of da Cats (Actual Title) says:

      You are talking like ATG got dropped, which it was not… If it helps your morale I could give you guys some cats since I have enough of them hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Simulacra says:

    I for one hope you continue (selfishly). This series is one of my favorite currently releasing.


  12. silvergospel says:

    I’m actually really excited about this story though. My favorite right now are Douluo Dalu, Shenyin Wang Zuo and BTTH. I get excited every time a new chapter of ATG is posted and I’m pretty sure this is the same for every other readers. But I think it’s mostly because the character development is very very different from IET. I don’t think its wrong to say that there isn’t any character development at all. Also, the MC literally has the same personality in Stellar Transformations and Coiling Dragon. Not that the novels are bad, it’s just that if you read each of IET’s novels, it feels like you’re reading the same book.

    GL guys, I really want to help you guys since I understand Chinese on a fairly high level and understand most of the idioms I come across. I just have a huge issue, I can’t read :/

    Liked by 1 person

  13. faerro says:

    Sorry to hear about the current goings on alyschu. ATG is definitely one of my favorite TL projects at the moment.

    I really hope you can keep the project rolling, but if not that is ok too. It is your free time after all!



  14. pothb says:

    You…… had spoilers? never knew. Not sure what spoilers are though. Unless you mean these previews.


    • Xias says:

      Alyshu didn´t write that she gave away any spoilers but that some annoying bast… – sorry I meant to write (or maybe not) – “impatient leechers” asked for spoilers.

      You know… the kind of people that as soon as a new chapter is translated instead of giving thanks
      – just ask when the next chapter will be released
      – complain that the translation should be faster
      – comment that the translator can´t stop at this chapter because it´s a cliffhanger.

      Those kind of annoying fellows.
      The ones that enrage anyone with their comments making you feel like this:
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      Liked by 1 person

      • pothb says:

        Ah… okay. I read that wrong then. Yea, it must suck to be bothered like that. Not that I don’t understand it sometimes. Some of these things can get pretty annoying as you wait for justice… (ahem), still not a good thing.


  15. RynerLute says:

    I say don’t make anymore previews and just make a separate thread/forum for anyone who wants to get spoiled/spoil themselves. That way you won’t have to directly deal with those **** who take everything for granted and just let other people who read the raws to take care of them instead.

    Thanks for your hard work thus far. Looking forward to seeing more in the future.


  16. Godking says:

    Please don’t stop 😦


  17. Vivec says:

    Thank you very much for the translating all of you do. Best of luck to Rhyein to get out of the situation forcing hiatus ASAP.


  18. Neil says:

    fooook dat ! bring quality translations or I *blip* ya ! how is dat for motivation mmmmh? thanks for the translation by the way. first time commenting but love the story. =)


  19. wes174 says:

    but the seris plot progression was already so slowly moving 😦 im wondering if we will ever get too the action part……


  20. Yugure says:

    Oh well. I hope he translate again soon. As for now GT is my best friend. 😀


  21. jarjarthinks says:

    This is my take for anyone asking for spoilers, Go somewhere other than the place it’s being TL’d, go look for other forums like Anime Suki for all dem spoilers, it’s rude to ask for spoilers infront of the person that’s releasing the story for you to read.


  22. neko says:

    I will prob try my best to translate more while I still can, I just feel bad for alys who had to edit all my sentence structures since I tend to make alot mistakes ><


  23. Fbc says:

    Do you want an editor that will watch you, and edit your work in real time (when possible)?


  24. Remon says:

    Bro invite new translator. You said that you will accept 3 application for ATG, why 3?? If others want to help accept them. ATG is currently one of my most favorite beside coiling dragon and desolate era. I really wish to see it roll. and I also wish that there will be at least one dedicated translator like that of coiling dragon and specially Xian Ni for this project. This project has just started yet it’s this awesome…I wonder what it will be in the future??? probably suppress other light novel easily. I also like SLKD very much. BTW bro start posting AD in your site. The projects in this site are fairly popular. That way you might find enough motivation 🙂 Finally thank you very much for your hard work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • alyschu says:

      I know, but translators don’t pop up from the ground like the moles in whack a mole.. We also haven’t even hit the 3 translators for ATG yet! I don’t count myself in the 3, since I do lots of other stuff

      Also, I don’t see how ads would boost my morale lol

      Liked by 1 person

      • pepperisk says:

        If you give me your real life address, I’ll order some Pussy for you to boost your morale 🙂


      • Remon says:

        bro that way this will not just be your hobby but a part time job too. Plus you need motivator then count your fans in 🙂


  25. seeker says:

    It’s perfectly normal to want spoilers when the story gets this exciting and the release doesn’t come for a few days. I personally think that accurate translating isn’t important and and just making us get the meaning is enough.


    • Aaaa says:

      Go fuck yourself. You are the cancer killing the LN community.


    • wes174 says:

      no spoilers ruins the novel for you and increases the chances of others finding them while scrolling over comments! even if you dont mind them right now its clearly affecting the translators will to translate so you really shouldn’t have said such a thing! as for acuracy i agree with you, when a translation group focus’s to much on acuracy the translations slow way down all the fans complain and then the group thats tranlateing drops it. take japtem and ark as an example! japtem members say there stuff was better but each release took a 2 weeks too a month, then a machine translator comes and gives at least 3 chapters in 1 week with 80-90% of the quality remaining in tact.


    • jarjarthinks says:

      First, that seems to be shallow thinking, secondly, If you’re going to ask, ask where it’s much more appropriate, such as r/LightNovels or animesuki, you know, places where people can, with fair good ease, avoid unwanted spoilers. Not everyone appreciates scrolling though comments only to have the next plot point spoiled.


  26. marvene32 says:

    Pretty sure the reason he doesn’t like spoilers is that there would be no point in translating if you already know what’s gonna happen. Also I read before that he reads it while translating so if he already knows what’s going to happen in what he’s translating might as well not do it y’know


  27. Kiks says:

    yeah, never understood why people just ask for spoilers and summaries if they are thinking of reading the series…. but what “you’ve got to remember is that these are just simple people. These are people of the brainwashed era. The common clay of the West. You know… morons.”

    Anyways thanks for the heads up and imo don’t even release the previews and don’t bother with the others. It’s a shame you’re like me and need someone to stand over you for you to finish something. I’m guessing we’ll be hard pressed to see new chapters 2 times a week if I know people like myself :p


  28. White Stripe says:

    haters gonna hate, skaters gonna skate, so lets all procreate?


  29. om1th says:

    Well I just wanted to say, for whatever it’s worth, that im a fan of AGT, and I ever so enjoy this novel. That’s all.


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