The Simple Life of Killing Demons Volume 1 Chapter 5.1 – Silent Water, Satsuki’s Text and a Fight

I split Chapter 5 into two parts to make my life easier.

Eric had already finished translating this chapter a few days ago, so thank him!! You may shake your fists at me for being lazy but thank him!!

“I’m back.” I opened the door and took off my shoes. Silent Water came out to greet me…

“Welcome back.” Silent Water replied

“En, I’m ba…” I raised my head and an unprecedented visual impact stung my eyes.

Todays Silent Water was so pretty that I almost didn’t recognize her. How could I describe it? It was obviously only just a change of clothes.

The Silent Water in front of me was wearing the clothes I bought her yesterday — a blue dress that fit her appropriately. She pulled off the look very well and it brought out the sea-like color of her dark blue hair.

“Uhmm…” Silent Water asked shyly as her face flushed red: “Is there something on my face?”

I suddenly realized that I was being rude so I scratched my head, embarrassed. Looking at the floor I told her what I had been thinking: “Haha, how do I say this, Silent Water looked too pretty today so I got careless…”

*Bang~* I raised my head to discover that Silent Water had disappeared. White mist was drifting out from the washroom door…

Oh~ yeah. I spoke too soon. I obviously was fully aware that Silent Water was an especially shy girl.

Hrm? This feeling… it’s as if the house had been renovated… as I look at the spotless floor and the sparkling walls, I felt as if I had entered the wrong house. If Silent Water wasn’t here, I really would have believed that.

I crouched down and wiped the floor with my fingers. To my surprise, there was not even a speck of dust. Wasn’t this too exaggerated? Could it be that Silent Water used water magic to clean the house?

I carried my bag into the kitchen and began to wash the vegetables that I plan to eat today.

After I finished washing, Silent Water finally came out but she did not dare to enter the kitchen. She sneakily looked at me as if she was a misbehaving child. It was extremely adorable.

“Hehe, come over, no need to be so shy, okay?” I said with a laugh.

Silent Water then slowly came over, one small step at a time.


“Silent Water, what did you do today? I was interested in how Silent Water passed the time today. Being alone all day ought to be boring, right?

“I watched TV, and then ate food, and then did the laundry, and then…” Silent Water put her index finger on her chin, recalling her activities for the day.

“Really now, Silent Water is really great. Take a look around the house, you made it look as if it were brand new.” I point everywhere: “Thank you, Silent Water.”

“No~ it’s something I ought to do.” Silent Water said as she lowered her head, extremely embarrassed.

“You’re home alone…will you be bored?” I asked.

“N-no… I won’t. Aren’t you already home now?”

I heard the loneliness in her response. Truthfully speaking, I could understand Silent Water’s feelings. Wasn’t I also all alone before?

If Silent Water wasn’t a spirit, I would have brought her to school already. To let her the experience what it’s like to live like a human girl.

I stretched my hand over to rub her head. At the same time, I wondered if there were other spirits who had the appearance of a human, like Silent Water: “Hey, Silent Water, there should be other spirits like you, right?”

“There are. My mother told me that besides us water spirits, there are wind, fire, and electric humanoid spirits.”

“Humanoid spirits?”

“Right, our composition is exactly like that of humans, except that we are spirits. My mom said that we could have possibly started out as humans, but by migrating to go live in the Demon World, our spiritual energy and soul experienced a transformation, converting us into spirits.”

“So it was like that.” I nodded.

“And…? Master?”

“Hm?” Did Silent Water have a problem? Wait, wait. Did she just call me master?

But if I think carefully about it, I feel like this wasn’t that big of a surprise. I don’t believe that Silent Water would deem me to be her master. She only addresses me like that because I am the master of this house, on top of the fact that she’s extremely courteous. Calling me by my name would be impolite, therefore this would be the cause of her calling me master, right?

“What’s wrong?” I saw that Silent Water still kept her head lowered.

“Your hand…does it…possess magic? This feeling… being touched by you, my body numbingly gets filled with power.” Silent Water quietly said.

At this moment I realized that my hand had been caressing Silent Water’s head nonstop. I promptly withdrew my hand and said: “Sorry, sorry, if you don’t like it then it’s fine.”

*Sigh~* I lost control of myself. Although I already consider Silent Water as family, it would seem that Silent Water doesn’t consider me to be part of her family. I felt like she was a good person so I treated her like she was someone I am familiar with. When will she change and get used to me?

Since I didn’t really have much of a family, I considered Takahashi as a brother and Satsuki as my little sister.

“No~~~’s…n-not…t-that I don’t…like it…it would be better to say, I really like it…” Silent Water stammered.

Is she comforting me? Ha~ She’s a really considerate girl.

“Alright, let’s eat.” I changed the conversation…

So there’s wind, fire, and electric type humanoid spirits, eh? Since Silent Water already suffered an attack, the others should also have been attacked, right?


After we finished eating, Silent Water told me that she wanted to wash the dishes. I let her wash the dishes as I stood by her side. As I watched her skilled technique, I discovered that the chopsticks appeared to look brand new after being washed

I asked her why and she told me it was the water’s cleansing effect.

After I took a bath, I watched some program called “Spirit Analysis” with Silent Water. It had already gotten this late.

After I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I laid my weary body on the bed. I turned on my cell phone to look at the time and discovered that I had a text message. It was sent by Satsuki, at 5:30? That was when I was still cooking.

–’This afternoon I actually wasn’t mad at you, I only reacted like that because you scared me a little. Remember, I’m not actually mad at you.’

What is she talking about? The matter from this afternoon? I’m still under the impression that I made her angry.

I replied: ‘Understood, beloved Risa-chan.’ Closed my cell phone and prepared to sleep.

Not even ten seconds passed and my cell phone rang.

–’You…What are you saying…Baka, it’s true that I’m not mad at you, but…I never said…I liked you though.’

“Huh?” As I read her reply, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. When did I say she liked me?

‘Silly, there’s no way that I’d think you like me, I already know you like Takahashi. Takahashi is handsome and strong. If you didn’t like him, I’d think you weren’t a girl, eh.’

–’Actually…you aren’t that bad, it’s just that Takahashi is too outstanding that’s all.’

‘Understood, go to sleep.’ I replied and closed my eyes.

*Ringringring~~~Ringringring~* I had just fallen asleep when my cell phone’s ringtone woke me up.

I opened my eyes in a daze. I’ve only slept for five minutes?

Incoming caller is Satsuki?

What’s up with this chick?

I pressed the answer button and heard the sound of Satsuki’s urgent voice coming from the phone.

“Hey, Lin Xiang? You okay? Why’d you take so long to answer my call?”

“Huh?” My half-asleep self couldn’t hear clearly.

“Why didn’t you reply to my text? I already told you not to be angry.” I couldn’t understand Satsuki’s confusing words. Why would I need to be angry?

“I’m not angry.” I tiredly replied.

“Even if you say you aren’t, I hear your voice and know you are~~~sigh~~~” The Satsuki on the phone l seemed to be troubled.

“In any case, Lin Xiang, you really aren’t bad, you are my only male friend…not only that…you…you’re even my best girl friend. I apologize, I shouldn’t have compared you to Takahashi-kun.”

“What are you saying?” The more I listened, the more confused I am: “Do you know what time it is? It’s already 11, I’m very tired today. I want to sleep, beloved Risa-chan.”

“Ba…baka.” Satsuki said with an flabberghasted voice and then hung up right away.

Truly incomprehensible. Honestly, what’s going on with her?

No matter, I’ll sleep first. At this moment, I saw that my cell phone displayed ten unread text messages, all from Satsuki. In a matter of five minutes, she already sent ten messages? Wasn’t that an average of 30 seconds per message? Seriously, what is she doing?

While in a stupor, I opened the inbox and took a look. In the first part, she’s telling me not to be angry. The middle portion asked me how I am and the final portion was about my good points. Yet, she couldn’t list any good points and only wrote that the croquette I gave her today was good.

After I looked at it, I shook my head and anxiously said: “This kid. In the future, I hope that she won’t get abducted by someone just because of a croquette.”

As I thought about it, another text message came and the sender was Satsuki once again.

–’Baka, good night.’

I looked at my originally empty inbox that now had a bunch of text messages from Satsuki and wryly smiled: “If you’re still alive, I think you would probably die from happiness, eh.”

The “you” that I mentioned naturally was referring to the nerdy Lin Xiang. That fellow, just a phone call from Satsuki asking a single question, was able to make him happy for an entire day. That super pure person and Satsuki’s phone calls only ever talked about school-related topics, apart from that, they absolutely never chatted idly nor did they ever mutually send text messages to each other.


“Boy…” A strong and solid voice rang by my ear once again.

I opened my eyes and saw two dragons floating before my eyes, one black and one white, arrogantly looking at me in a dignified manner.

“Freed, you must not look for a fight with me like yesterday, today, I must explain to him our current situation.” The black dragon said.

*Hmph~~* The white dragon snorted.

*Coughcough~* The black dragon forced a cough. I felt that if his appearance wasn’t that of a dragon, he would have a bit of a semblance to the people who tell stories under bridges.

“Listen well, boy, we are in fact” Just as the black dragon had begun to speak, the white dragon cut him short.

“Go to hell, you’re trying to start your bullshit introduction again, right? Can’t you leave that out? Don’t you know how much time it wastes?”

After being interrupted by the white dragon, the black dragon angrily said: “HEY!!! Freed, We’ve already been dead for more than a thousand years, what’s the difference if I talked a bit more? Huh? It’s just one sentence: We are precisely the shockingly unrivaled, incomparably handsome, favored mounts of God from the legends: The progenitors of dragons, the dragon gods.”

“That’s great. Now, are you going to explain or am I going to explain?” The white dragon said, still angry.

“Naturally, I will.” The black dragon said, matter-of-factually.

Then, he coughed once again: “Listen very well, boy, in fact, we are”

“Go to hell, I’ve clearly become too old, I actually believed you?” The tail of the white dragon swung and struck the black dragon’s face.

After being hit, the black dragon immediately roared: “You want a f*cking fight?” The black dragon actually spoke some Chinese. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve heard someone use Chinese to swear. I felt a strong sense of nostalgia.

“Absolutely. A bug like you that’s trying to pass off as a dragon needs a solid beating.” The white dragon roared. Their roars caused the space around me to shake violently.

What happened after that was obvious without a need for an explanation. Their fight, the contest between light and dark, was precisely just like yesterday, neck and neck.

Nonetheless, if there is light, there will naturally be shadow — that is the dark. The existence of darkness displays the brightness of the light. It’s precisely in this way that the existence of the opposite party was the reason for their own existence; mutual restraint, mutual control…

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