Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 28 PREVIEW

Not sure if Chapter 28 will come out today/tonight but someone suggested something interesting like linking an Ace Attorney OST for the next chapter and I wasn’t sure which to use! I picked though. I’m taking suggestions before I release Chapter 28 either late tonight or maybe even tomorrow. Also, for some reason the RAW site is down and I’m slightly worried about that…

Ninja edit: It will come out tomorrow because the pending would be done after I confirm everything with Neko, who lives on the other side of the world.

Another Ninja edit: If the raw site continues to be down by tomorrow, I’ll go find a new one. I already have raws up to chapter 31 copy and pasted.

Here’s the preview.

“Xiao Che! What do you mean by that?” The First Elder Xiao Li suddenly bellowed: “Don’t tell me you’re implying that Clan Master had stolen the Profound Opening Powder from himself, and then shifted the blame to Xiao Lingxi! You’re the reason why Xiao Lingxi had stolen the Profound Opening Powder. If you keep blabbering such nonsense, be careful or else even you will get punished together if you don’t step down!”

“Don’t be agitated, First Elder.” Xiao Che shook his head as he laughed, appearing harmless: “Where would I get the courage to even dare question Clan Master, I’m just voicing out the suspicions in my heart, and I believe, that most of us here have the same question too. Many of us here understand the Clan Master’s nature and they must be puzzled as to why Clan Master had handled the situation that way. Of course Clan Master is innocent. He couldn’t have done this kind of low and dirty thing that even the world would despise. I’m sure the Clan Master will give a perfect explanation. Am I right, Clan Master?”

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17 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 28 PREVIEW

  1. It’s about to get real 😀
    Great song choice by the way, sets it on a lighter tone somehow, which is nice 😀


  2. Ariangel says:

    Download All the raws as a orecaution!!!!


  3. [B.E.T.A] says:

    after listening to the music my urge to replay the games appears.


  4. Wutang says:

    Pursuit is the catchiest one especially the classic Cornered.


  5. Nix says:

    whole clan full of piece of **
    the banished ancestor must be rolling in his grave


    • vir says:

      Nah, since he was pretty sh***y himself, maybe he feels proud of them?


      • vir says:

        meh, ok, kinda a miss on my part – his father was sh***y not really much about the ancestor himself – beside the fact he wasn’t all that strong. Well those Chinese web novel worlds have a thing for treating weak like trash.


  6. Avon says:

    Am I right, Clan Master? Epic!
    Thanks for the preview.


  7. Alex says:

    So guys, what do ya think is gonna happen? I think the whole thing is going to get exposed but the Xiao Clan is going to suck it up to the Xiao Sect douchebag and expel Xiao Lingxi to give him face and Ciao Che from not being from the clan’s blood.

    Probably Xiao Kuangyun will try to kidnap the girls when they no longer belong to the clan and then Xiao Che will kick his ass. After that Xiao Che and Xiao Lingxi will start a travel (this would be nice). No idea what Xia Qingyue will do.


    • Vivec says:

      Really, I think if Che and Lingxi were expelled from the clan Qingyue would probably attempt to put them in a decent spot rather than allow Kuangyun to do whatever he wants, as although she won’t admit it yet it’s pretty clear she’s beginning to really join the harem.


  8. Where did you get this idea? Reddit?


  9. pothb says:

    Woooo! It’s in pending!


    • wes174 says:

      seems like pending will take 12-24 hours from now on……. so just treat it as another long step b4 the chapter gets out.


  10. hadlock says:

    started reading the series last night and already addicted =P


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