Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 24 PREVIEW

The genre tag itself says “bright story” but I had bad feelings when I read some of your predictions so I asked the handy dandy rhyein if tragic things happen to our “main characters”. He told me “I can’t spoil you but it’s not tragic”. I obviously did not believe anything would happen because of its genre but I had to make sure, y’know? It’s not exactly a spoiler about the future chapters since the genre is right in your face!

Chapter 24 won’t come out tonight so here’s a preview..


Xiao Lie originally had great expectations for the people from the Xiao Sect. The son of the Xiao Sect’s master presumably should be like a celestial dragon god.

However, at first sight, he was instead greatly disappointed. He didn’t see the aura, grace, self-restraint, and appropriate loftiness that the direct disciples of a great sect should have. Rather, he only saw condescending arrogance and a tyrannical look in his eyes that left an uneasy feeling. It was just like a pampered and spoiled playboy that had grown up among sycophants. But upon thinking carefully, he was also relieved… After all, the Xiao Sect couldn’t possibly care about this small Xiao Clan. How could they send some “great person” over? The status of “the son of the sect master” was also merely to express a superficial respect to the dead Xiao Zheng.

“Daddy, I just heard them say that you and the clan master headed off to welcome the Xiao Sect’s people. How much you’re back so soon?” Xiao Lingxi had just happened to stop by to deliver food to Xiao Lie. With a face full of curiosity, she asked: “Have the people from the Xiao Sect already arrived? What kind of people are they? Do they have a really frightening aura?”

Xiao Lingxi’s questions reminded him of the elder standing behind Xiao Kuangyun. He nodded: “Of course the people from the Xiao Sect are unfathomable. However, Xi Er, you should avoid the Xiao Sect’s people as much as possible in the few days that they’re here. The young man leading them isn’t some kind of benevolent person. If you can avoid them, then you should do so.”

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17 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 24 PREVIEW

  1. Peter Liu says:

    ayyy thx u for chapter


  2. pierre234 says:

    I got a bit worried due to last chapter… thank you for clearing that up!! btw… any chance of pointing out other bright stories that are being translated?


  3. el says:

    Nothing’s really gonna happen to the two girls? Thank God, what a relief! I hate those authors who enjoys torturing readers by doing something bad to the MCs girls. I mean there are a lot of ways to go with the story, yet they choose the worst one and incur the wrath of many male readers!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. time says:

    Gaaaa I wish I could stop reading the teasers/previews
    And thanks for the hard work


  5. lossless says:

    If I have to guess little spoiled brat is going to have his face wrecked in by the mc for trying to harm his little aunt. I wonder if they’ll end up with war with frozen cloud asgard.


  6. mr. mas :3 says:

    Frozen cloud asgard must protect xiou che and little aunt. i want to see them married.


  7. Can you update the Links for all the chapters on the site , they stop at chapter 20 and the rest cant be clicked . PLEASEE 😀 thanks!!!


  8. Fortune teller says:

    I’m pretty sure that the MC will learn about the “Profound Opening Powder” and will use one of his “Star Concealing Grass” to become invisible to steal it.


  9. freak3366 says:

    Young master ( bastard) now knows that he is not gradson of xiao jie he will try use it to get her i guess but …


    • Fortune teller says:

      Yeah probably maybe they will try to said to her that she was tricked and then trying to charm her..
      In the previous chapter Yulong said “If Young Master Xiao is interested, then this is even easier. The method is really simple, we just have to…” so about Xiao Lingxi, they will probably use their influence..


  10. josh72ebp says:

    is that sect dude aiming for little aunt?!?!?


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