Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 23 PREVIEW

I saw someone wondering if wuxia web novels get animated and thought of a chinese animation I had watched not so long ago. It may not not be wuxia but it reminded me of this comedy/fantasy manhua that was actually animated. I did not look deep into it to see if it had a novel though. It DID amuse me so I figured why don’t I share it.

Wang Pai Yu Shi (Ace Censorate)

Summary from : In a world where yin and yang has lost its balance and day merged with night, humans and monsters learn to coexist. Our hardworking censorates do their best to fight the ‘untamed’ monsters in this joyful story.

Genre : action, comedy, ecchi, romance, school life, shounen, supernatural

Here’s a link to the Manhua. Here are some subbed videos I found by a subbing group, Happy Potato Translations. Here are the RAW videos if you can’t wait for them to sub it.

Some of the manhua made from web novels become animated this way.. so u17/ac.qq manhua do get animated! I think u17 is the manhua site that draws web novels from, a chinese web novel site. It seems like they mostly animate comedy though.

“Yes! Tomorrow morning, everyone in the Xiao Clan will gather here. I promise not one will be missing.” Xiao Yunhai promptly pledged.

“Great! Our time is really precious; we only have tomorrow. I don’t want there to be any unexpected issues.” Xiao Kuangyun indifferently said, then tilted his head: “You are all the esteemed Elder Xiao Zheng’s descendents, it’s only right to bring this gift. Xiao Ba, deliver the gift.”

The one called Xiao Ba stepped forward and expressionlessly placed a wooden box in front of Xiao Yunhai. Xiao Yunhai’s hands trembled as he received it with a terrified expression on his face: “I thank… thank the Xiao Sect for its gift. I’m very grateful.”

“The thing inside is called ‘Profound Opening Powder’. It can clear a profound vein, letting a person cultivate much faster for a certain period of time. It also has a very good restorative effect on profound veins that have been damaged for any reason. Even among our Xiao Sect, this is considered a very effective medicine.”

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7 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 23 PREVIEW

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy, Xiao Che is getting a gift!


  2. time says:

    So is the mc getting this powder? Can’t wait for the full release thanks!!!


  3. Briguns says:

    Looks like he might not need those three items after all…


  4. muelproject says:

    do we get this chapter in few hours..??


  5. Xias says:

    The powder only works for a limited time?
    Hahahaha, Xiao Che´s acupuncture treatment lasts forever.
    So while the elders won´t give him that powder maybe he can trade one of his treatment seasons for another portion of the powder with Xiao Kuangyun.

    And then for having a treatemnt that can open the profound powers he will be selected as the new member of the Xiao Sect.


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