Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 21 PREVIEW

Guys I’m feeling lazy today about the third chapter so it probably won’t be out tonight.

Ninja edit: A new translator has joined us here tonight. His name is Eric and he shall be translating SLKD on the side. He will be revealed again tomorrow because ninja edits are after all, ninja edits.

Habit was a frightening thing. It could inconspicuously and quietly tamper with a person’s heart.

During the marriage ceremony, Xiao Che wanted to lend an arm to Xia Qingyue and had his arm mercilessly frozen by her. The first time he called her “wife”, it almost sent her into a rage. The first time he led her by the hand, Xiao Che could feel the ice cold killing intent coming from her…

However, during these few days, the “Qingyue my wife” call coming from Xiao Che’s mouth became more and more smooth. No matter what she thought in her heart, she appeared on the surface to have wholly come to accept this form of address. Even undressing in front of him wasn’t that awkward anymore, not to mention him leading her by the palm.

These few days, Xiao Che without a doubt slept in the corner, but it wasn’t that uncomfortable with the thick blanket spread on the floor. Whenever three in the morning came about, he would wake up by himself and use the silver needles to give her “treatment”. These few days, she also became more and more aware of how much her physique had astonishingly changed.

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16 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 21 PREVIEW

  1. Sorb says:

    No longer hyped, lol


  2. TheFrostDude says:

    No problz, you guys were able to get two chapters out today and that is good work done.


  3. marvene32 says:


    will yulong have any successes in his schemes with xia? Thanks. Answer is not necessary but please respond

    Also thank you for the chaps


  4. Azneccentric says:

    Aww wish Rhy was still hyped 😐


  5. pr0fess0rx says:

    awwww.. thanks for the preview


  6. plusikplus says:

    i hope that she will like him and then he will reject her when she will offer herself to him. that would make me feel good. but since she is hawt i doubt he will refuse C:


    • dr_ben says:

      Why should he reject her? She’s not a bad person. She’s one of the few who didn’t treat him like dirt and even tried to save face for him.

      She may not exactly want him or have wanted to really marry him or be in love with him but she’s good to him.

      I personally am rooting for the harem route, as I usually do ( and none of that shitty ‘first kiss’ then no further b.s.)


  7. enriquebdz says:

    Thank you for all the hard work guys :>


  8. hussbek says:

    I wonder when he is going to heal his damaged profound vein, before or after qing leaves him?


  9. mr. mas :3 says:

    Thanks for the update. And then xiou che and his wife hv a cutee little baby. Oh don’t forget the girl in his storage and his little aunt. Gogogo hareem. Uhh.. i mean concubine. Hehehe. ^_^


  10. Duwei says:

    Someone knows when Xiao Che will repair his damaged profond veins?


  11. Anonymous says:

    mind if i know whr i can try reading the raws?


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