Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 16 PREVIEW

rhyein has been on fire lately and I would like to dedicate a story I fleshed out from 6 words on a list to him. It is up to you if you want to read it or not. I’m going to put this up on the homepage later anyway. Probably. Maybe.

Translator Story #1 – by alyschu

Earth is a blue ball like sphere with hints of green and mists of clouds. No wait, let’s zoom in a little.

WARNING, WARNING. Spatial pressure has been detected inside the walls of Alyschu&Co. WARNING, WARNING. Hole has been detected in Bunk 2 at coordinates (4795, 374) and is rapidly melting when exposed to spatial pressure.

In other words, the hole was in the wall next to the bed #2 was currently napping in. Oh no! #2 had accidentally chewed through the walls of our space craft in his sleep! We all knew how much of a disaster that was.

Will make emergency landing on closest planet without spatial melting pressure. #926, Planet Earth has been selected for our current course. Hold on tight to the closest gumbelt near you as we prepare to land.

Let’s take a step back in the past as we watch our translators make an emergency crash landing during their annual intergalactical multiverse tour, towards Planet Earth.

Alyschu&Co was created by alyschu using heavenly immortal treasures such as the thousand year old lunar sugarcane, celestial spice from the tooth fairy, and everything else in the world that would cause any living creature in the entire multiverse clench their jaws in envy, whether or not they had a sweet tooth. She used the secret forbidden arts of alchemy, wits, and a dash of pixie dust to create Alyschu&Co overnight in the shape of a human, her favorite species on Planet Earth.

The six moons were high and translucent stars rained down across the sky, almost as if they were crying for the heavily deformed dreams made flesh that would soon arrive at dawn. Coated with the milk of a Reflective Cow of Doom, it was practically impervious to any external force but she did not have any extra to apply to it’s insides. The milk of a Reflective Cow of Doom could only be squeezed out using a glove plant that appears once in an millennium on the Planet of Fashionable Handwear.

alyschu, while talented in many ways, did not have a single sliver of anything artistic in her bone and thus the first pitifully formed spacecraft with artificial intelligence was born in the multiverse. Although made with the image of a human in mind, Alyschu&Co ended up to resemble a strange looking snowman with round ears, arms, and legs. In other words, it looked like what most would refer to as a strange looking gummy bear.

Now let’s zoom back to the present.

The sunlight was shinning upon the shimmering sands of the desert as a one eared bearlike shadow approached the lone cactus situated at the edge of an oasis from the skies above. As they were making a crash landing towards planet #926, alyschu estimated that they would have to stay on this planet for at least 25 hours. By that time, Alyschu&Co would be finished in restoring all systems back to normal. She figured that she should have some fun and started to recite a forbidden spell typically cast by evil villainous creatures before they met their end: Random Soul Transfer no Jutsu.

Yes, it was a spell that enabled one’s soul to travel into a body whose original spirit’s personality was compatible with one’s own for 24 hours. It was a forbidden spell because this spell actually took over the body it possessed as the original spirit gets locked in a cage within its consciousness, and entered a dream-like state. If the spell had been repeated three times by the original caster before the 24 hour time limit was up, the caster could extend it’s possession for another 24 hours. If not, the caster’s soul would be expelled after 24 hours, back into it’s original body.

alyschu hopped on her left leg five times and recited the spell as she brought forth her essence stone, the place where magic was transformed, and stuffed it directly into the depths of her soul.

“Su su su su, Soul Transfer!”

As the rank 1 heavenly magus of the entire multiverse, she included her space companions, #2 and rhyein in her spell just for shits and giggles.

And that’s where the story ends.. and their journey starts.. the 6 words I scribbled was what they had transferred their souls into. I have no idea why I wrote the backstory but could not include the words on my scribbled list..

alyschu – kangaroo
#2 – sloth
rhyein – lion

Preview of chapter 16 is below

“Eh? Brother Yulong? What’s wrong?” Xiao Che quickly stood up with an alarmed look.

Xiao Yulong revealed a completely stiff and ugly smile as he shook off the pieces of the broken wine cup from his hand. “It’s nothing. I wasn’t careful and lost control of my strength.”

Xiao Yang’s expression wasn’t better than Xiao Yulong’s by much. He looked like someone who had just eaten a dead insect. After hearing Xiao Yulong’s words, he quickly interrupted: “I know, it’s definitely because big brother had another breakthrough in his profound strength. Right after you make a breakthrough, the growth of the profound strength will cause it to occasionally go out of control.”

“Then it’s like that!” Xiao Che seemed to have suddenly realized, then quickly said: “Big Brother Yulong unexpected had another breakthrough, congratulations! I heard that Brother Yulong advanced to the third level of the Profound Realm three months ago. It’s only been three months, and you actually had another breakthrough! It’s not for nothing that you’re the ace of our generation. It seems like besides Brother Yulong, there’s no one else that the Xiao Sect could pick.”

Xiao Yulong’s face twitched. He stood up, strongly repressing his heart’s turmoil and spoke with a forced smile: “Brother Xiao Che is flattering me. But it’s true that I just had a breakthrough, and that my profound strength is a bit unstable. I must immediately stabilize it and can no longer continue to entertain you…”

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  1. Executor says:

    Xiao Che is trolling that guy so hard LOL.

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  2. plusikplus says:

    he is only lvl 3 yet he is so arrogant. he needs to die!


  3. LVL 5 says:

    please don’t put out preview for i will f5 spamming all time, have pity for my f5 key


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    preview=chapter coming later today?

    or did i just assume that from the recent fast releases?


  5. Ferras says:

    Hahaha too funny 🙂




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