Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 14 PREVIEW

Looks like the start of a new arc. If anyone is confused, check the glossary.

It was early morning. The sky had barely begun to brighten when the master of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Yunhai, was woken from his deep sleep by the sound of urgent knocking on his door. “Clan master! Clan master, are you awake?”

Xiao Yunhai opened his eyes, took a glance at the light outside and then asked, with a frown: “This early in the morning, what happened?”

“It’s… it’s the Xiao… Xiao Sect! A letter from the Xiao Sect!” From outside the door came this excited, trembling voice.

“What? The Xiao Sect?!”

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6 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 14 PREVIEW

  1. wriess says:

    Did I miss something? Is there a difference between the Xiao Sect and the Clan?


    • alyschu says:

      Xiao Sect is one of the four major sects in the Blue Wind Empire.

      Xiao Clan is a clan in Floating Cloud City.


      • wriess says:

        Ah, so there was that. I thought they automatically where part of the sect, as a branch clan or even main founders, thus the name, but it appears they are less related than I thought?

        Btw whatever potatoes you are digging keep going and good luck.


  2. Kygo says:

    New Arc! Hype!

    God damn, I glanced at the side bar and chapter 14 looks like it’s going to come out soon; rhyein is on fire!

    Anyway thanks to all of you in this team for keeping on with these translations!


  3. enriquebdz says:

    thanks to the translator and rhyein for the hard work.


  4. Jack says:

    I almost thought I was reading the wrong story this first arc…..Hopefully the real plot will begin and the romance will end for now at least……


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