Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 13 PREVIEW

SLKD may be put on the back burner because I have found such an enthusiastic (for now) translator. I will hide behind my promise of only releasing at least one chapter per week for main projects.. ohoho.. I swear rhyein’s translations are (a bit) better than mine but it’s obviously because he has some previous translating experience.. I’m not making excuses. At all.

Oh and I decided to follow someone’s suggestion for putting up a new post when I (we) release a new chapter instead of editing a preview. This is so they can see it released on their reader or something like that. Only because I messed around with the pages so that the updates don’t show up on the homepage. I made it like that so my posts that contain the new update’s chapter title won’t spoil new readers.

I might even decide to not do previews anymore unless the chapter ends in a cliffhanger, we’ll see.

“Um… Little aunt, why are you looking at me with such a strange expression?” Suddenly realizing that the atmosphere had become a bit awkward, Xiao Che held his breath for a while before cautiously asking.

Only then did Xiao Lingxi’s beautiful eyes, which had a dazed look for a long time, tremble slightly. She hastily wrested her gaze away and lowered her head, softly spitting out: “Aren’t you afraid that your wife Qingyue will hear those words that you said just now?”

Xiao Che put on a show of looking around, and then innocently said: “It doesn’t seem like there’s anyone around us, so what are you afraid of? But even if she did hear me, I still don’t have anything to fear. You did not know that she actually doesn’t sincerely want to marry me, and I also do not really want to be married to her. If it was little aunt though, I…”

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4 Responses to Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 13 PREVIEW

  1. TheFrostDude says:

    What so no new chapter of SKLD anytime soon?
    That’s a bummer.
    Thanks for the double release of ATG today though.


  2. muelproject says:

    for preview,, aren’t naked scene better than this scene..??


  3. Potatolova says:

    I like potatoes


  4. dtox says:

    can i ask you when is the action and the power up started? it’s like i’m reading a romance novel. Anyway thank you for the chapter.


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