Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Chapter 11 – The Red Haired Girl

I have decided to not put up chapter titles in previews anymore. You will see why if you had not spoiled yourself yet by checking out the chapter titles. Actually I have deleted the titles from chapter 11+ because of possible spoilers in titles. They shall not appear until you click on the chapter links in the table of contents now.

I’ve added a Current Status thing on the side because I have no idea how to make progress bars. I usually post the chapters as soon as I finish translating but when #2 helps with parts of the chapter, it gets thrown under the editing section until I finish editing/proofreading it. Also if you see the chapter pages getting larger on the side, do not be alarmed because that is just me translating. Oh and I changed up the site so people won’t get spoiled by titles unless they click the updates tab.

I have made a new friend! Let’s all welcome rhyein to my tiny group of 1.5 translators! Rhyein is going to help me translate Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods). Let’s see how we do together. We have now upgraded to 2.5 translators!!

You guys are in for quite a surprise this chapter…

If it was a normal person, even with a decent amount of Profound strength, one would still not dare venture forward in this scenario. But Xiao Che did not hesitate one bit as he walked directly toward that abnormal mass of white shadow.

As he gradually approached, he suddenly discovered that it was actually a person! A very quiet person was lying there!

“Who are you?” When he saw that the blurry image was that of a human, Xiao Che stopped walking and asked.

The silhouette did not respond and there was not even a single tiny bit of breathing movement coming from it.

Had this person fainted? Or had… died?

Who was this guy? Why did this person collapse here? Wait! If this person had fallen in the daytime, someone would have already come upon this individual. Yet it seemed as if Xiao Che was the first to discover this guy, which meant that this person had only appeared here just now… The earliest time would be after night completely fell.

Xiao Che did not hesitate and quickly walked closer.

As he came before the body in front of him, he stared at the figure while in a daze, under the moonlight.

This was actually a… girl!

The girl looked to be either twelve or thirteen years old and wore a messy dress. Her daintily cute and petite body that had curled up like a frightened kitten. Below her skirt’s hem revealed two slender snow white legs but upon closer scrutiny, there was actually a distribution of little fine scars. She wore one black shoe on her foot, with the other shoe no where in sight. Her naked foot was like a delicate ice lotus and her exquisite toes were as clear and translucent as a jade carving.

The most striking detail on her body was her hair. It was unexpectedly like that of an evil demon’s uncanny bright red color! The cold flash of light saw in the corner of his eye was actually the reflection of her head.

A girl? How could a girl be here? And how could it be possible that she had that many scars on her body?

What was the reasoning behind her hair color? Did the Profound Sky Continent have people who were born with such red hair?

Xiao Che bent over and stretched out his hand to gently shake the girl’s shoulder: “Little girl, little…”

Xiao Che’s voice suddenly stopped after he cried out in surprise. As quick as lightning, he retrieved his hands back from the girl’s shoulders. This was because through her thin clothes, her body was completely cold, without the heat that a living person should have. The most shocking feeling of all was when he came in contact with the girl’s body, it emitted an extremely poisonous aura.

Yes! It was highly noxious… to a point that it scared him, for it was a kind poison that had the highest level of toxicity he had ever met, far exceeding that of all the poison knowledge he acquired from his past world! It was so terrible that once his hands came in contact, all the hairs on his body stood erect.

At the same time he backed away, Xiao Che startled in surprise yet again. The weed and vegetation around the girl under the presence of the moonlight was not dark because of the lack of light. It was not dark green… but rather a horrible black burnt color! Even the land around her had become a pitch black.

Xiao Che’s heart thumped in piercing terror. If it weren’t for the Sky Poison Pearl’s all purpose poison detoxification in his body, the instant he touched the girl’s body, he would have had already been poisoned to death.

In this world, how could there be such a terrible poison? The most malicious of all poisons, wasn’t that the Sky Poison Pearl? Even back in the days when I used the Sky Poison Pearl, it did not release such a horrible toxin! In fact, it was by far lower!

Could it be that in this world there is something even more poisonous than the Sky Poison Pearl?

How did this little girl have such a terrible poison within her? And why was she lying in this area?

Numerous doubts surfaced in Xiao Che’s mind but it was undoubtable that this little girl was dead. With this kind of severe poison, not even mentioning this little girl, even a strong Sky Profound Realm practitioner would die instantly.

Xiao Che took a deep breath and after a slight hesitation, he again put his hand on the girl’s shoulder and slowly turned her lifeless body over. Under the moonlight, the girl’s face appeared in his light of sight. He froze in shock as he looked at her, as if he had lost his soul, unable to return back to reality…

“How can there be… such a beautiful girl… .” Xiao Che’s soul let out an uncontrollable tremorous cry.

This girl was so beautiful, a monstrous beauty, so beautiful that she could probably steal souls. If he was not seeing her with his own eyes, he would never have believed that such a young girl could unexpectedly release such thrilling charm.

As red as a demon, a face of white jade, each of her facial features were all beautiful to the extreme and all of them combined together made her unbelievably perfect. Xiao Che could not find any words to describe this girl’s exquisite appearance. He was obviously looking at her from a close distance but in his heart, he felt as if she was an illusion come to life… because in his subconscious mind, he did not dare to imagine that there existed someone in this world who had such a perfect face.

Xia Qingyue was the number one beauty in Floating Cloud City and even in the Blue Wind Empire, there probably wasn’t anyone that could compare to her. However, when Xiao Che saw this girl’s face, he was stunned, as if his soul had been punched heavily. He never would have thought that he would be so strong effected to the depths of his soul by only a person’s face.

She only looked like twelve to thirteen at the moment. If she grew up to the age that Xia Qingyue was at… that would be simply unimaginable! Maybe then, she could cause chaos with only just a smile.

But such a beautiful girl was killed by a toxin that a poison expert like Xiao Che had never seen before, and she had died on the land of the Xiao Clan. Xiao Che could not figure out what poison it was and why it was here…he only felt that it was such a misfortune. It was unfortunate that this beautiful girl had been so brutally destroyed.

What kind of people would actually be cruel enough to have the heart to kill such a beautiful girl!

Xiao Che looked at the contaminated black vegetation and land around him. He hesitated for a moment but still ended up stretching out his left hand to press his palm against the girl’s cold chest. The Sky Poison Pearl then quickly started to detoxify the poison in her body. This was the Xiao Clan’s back mountain. Judging from the power of the poison in her body, if it continued to spread, the entire mountain could end up a dead mountain. Although the Sky Poison Pearl’s power had almost disappeared, it still had the ability to detoxify poisons. The Sky Poison Pearl in his palm continued to shine, purifying the poison in the girl’s body. Soon after, Xiao Che felt a slight fluctuation in the girl’s chest and saw the girl slowly open her eyes… one by one….

She had a pair of exceptionally very black demonic-looking eyes that flashed mysteriously as she blinked. As Xiao Che met her eyes, he felt a horror equal to that of falling down a deep abyss… that gave his heart a fright! This girl who was extremely poisonous, without any breath, and had a deathly cold body… had now opened her eyes!

The girl reached out her right hand slowly and firmly seized Xiao Che’s left wrist when he was still in shock. She moved her lips and let out a voice.. the voice clearly said…..

“Sky… Poison… Pearl…”

Xiao Che’s quivered as if hit by an earthquake.. He could not believe his ears! Sky Poison Pearl was an object brought here by him from the Cang Yun Continent, it did not exist in the Sky Profound Continent… but this girl had just said the name Sky Poison Pearl! Did he hear that wrong? Or was it just a coincidence?

“Little girl, you……ah!!”

Followed by the sound of Xiao Che’s sharp moaning pain, the girl opened her lips and firmly bit on his left finger.

Blood then started to stream down Xiao Che’s middle and index finger, all flowing into the girl’s mouth, without a drop on the ground. Alarmed, Xiao Che tried to pull his hand back… Although the girl’s little snow white hand looked delicate, her grip was as strong as iron as she bit him while holding his hand tight. Xiao Che had used his full strength but he was unable to withdraw his hand. His eyes gradually widened as he felt as if all the blood in his body flowed to his left hand by an irresistible force, to then end up being sucked into the girl’s mouth.

She’s… sucking my… blood!?

The girl closed her sinister dark eyes and sucked on his finger greedily, like an infant drinking milk.

Who was this girl…

This girl had obviously been poisoned to a deadly degree, yet she left him unable to break free of her grasp. After desperately trying to pry himself free many times, he finally gave up as he helplessly watched her suck his blood.

Xiao Che was already born with a weak body but after losing such a huge amount of blood, his head started to feel dizzy. As he wondered if his blood would be sucked dry by this unknown girl, the pain from his left hand finger suddenly disappeared, and the hand that tightly gripped his wrist had slowly loosened.

Xiao Che stepped back, looking at the perfect girl with a dark expression, who was just sucking his blood. But after a while, the girl didn’t do anything, just like when Xiao Che first saw her, she was just laying there with her eyes closed and no breathes.
Xiao Che took a few steps back and looked at the perfect girl with a dark expression on his face. Just now, the girl had been clearly sucking his blood but after a while, the girl did not move at all, looking just like the time Xiao Che first met her. She was just quietly lying there with her eyes closed, soundlessly and breathlessly.


A cold gust of night wind went by, brushing against Xiao Che’s back and the girl’s body. In the cold wind, the girl’s body scattered with the wind like mist, completely vanishing from sight, leaving only a broken white skirt, a pair of black princess shoes, and a red butterfly clip.

Xiao Che: “! ! ! !”


A weird sensation came from his left palm. His heart immediately shivered with an astonished expression. He then closed his eyes and spiritually moved his conscious into the space within the Sky Poison Pearl.

The green interspatial storage within the Sky Poison Pearl was suppose completely empty.

When he entered inside this time, he saw a quiet floating snow white jade body in front of him.

Xiao Che widened his eyes as he used his hand to cover his nose for the first time in his life.

This girl was that little girl who had sucked his blood. The only difference was that she had not a strand of thread on her body and her entirely naked body appeared in front of his eyes

Her eyes were closed tight and her snow-like face was tranquil. Her long bloody hair fell down, dancing by itself without the slightest breeze. Her skin were as tenderly smooth, moist, and as white as an infant’s, with delicate baby fat. The girl’s eyebrows were like emerald feathers, her waist was thin, and her legs were daintily straight, as if made of jade. Although she was young, her upper body had considerably matured. Her snow white breasts were like two jade pearls on her perfect body, as soft as the springtime shoots of bamboo. A beautiful breathtaking sight.

This was a body that was still not matured yet, but there was still the release of a stunning charm that would steal souls in her immaturity. It was as if all the beauty in the world had been mustered inside this body of ultimate perfection.

Xiao Che used his will to concentrate as hard as he could to move his eyes away from her body. He turned around while still clutching his nose. The instant he saw the girl’s body, he felt as if his blood would flow upwards. He believed that if he continued to watch her, his blood would definitely spurt out.

Why was she not wearing clothes…

No! That wasn’t the main point !!

She had clearly disappeared before so how did she suddenly appear inside his Sky Poison Pearl! The Sky Poison Pearl had fused with his body so I should be the only one who could control it. How could she appear in here without my command….

Was it… because she sucked my blood?

What the hell was going on?

Xiao Che’s brain became a total mess. Even with his two lifetime’s worth of academic experience, he was unable to understand what had happened.

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