I have moved this announcement/lists in this post to a new page named “Recommend a Novel“. Please leave your rec`s there.

Alright guys, here’s the thing. I started this translating business because I read oniichanyamete’s An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku and I wanted to do something fun/easy/sweet like that. The first few days of translations were as fun as I thought they were but it soon got to be pretty tedious after I met chapter 5 and 6. I will still translate Ni Tian Xie Shen but it will be translated at least once per week or more if I get off my lazy ass.

I’m currently looking for a new fun and easy project to work on. Hopefully one without all those crazy descriptive descriptions. I came across a chinese site with light novels. So far my want-to-translate list is as follows. Please tell me if the project I am working on is or has been translated by someone else so I can cross it off my list.

The way I decide on a light novel is quite simple.
– Cover image
– Synopsis
– Check if anyone is already translating it
– Read prologue or first chapter
– Think about it

Since my googling skills are not real, my findings may not be real. Please tell me if real. Just like how ghosts don’t real.

1. Ore ga Ojou-Sama Gakkou ni ‘Shomin Sample’ Toshite Usarareta Ken
2. Slime Tensei Monogatari
3. Re: An idiot can also save the world? – raw. Found a japanese wiki so if I do translate this I will at least try to keep the jp names
4. Baroque Knight – raw. Oh hey I found the manga on under Baroque K/Night. Going to read the manga and see what I think. Unlikely. Manga is too hentai of a harem for my virgin translator fingers. Maybe someday in the future… Yeah right who am I kidding.
5. The Emperor’s Seal: War in a Different World –raw. Completed. 1 volume.
6. My Fox Spirit Master (The Fox Spirit’s Servant) – raw. Completed with 4 volumes total
7. Juvenile Onmyoji – raw. In progress. 39 volumes. Has been animated (wow!) and found a wiki.
8. Dragon Crisis – raw. Completed. 13 volumes.

By the way when I start translating the names of characters, they may be in chinese. I will try my best to keep/find the names in jp. I really wanted to do #1 because it looked short.. :(. If you leave a recommendation, please provide a link to the chinese raws to make my life easier.. I interpret all the titles from their chinese titles unless I find the japanese version of it.

Suggested by others:
1. Sekai no kiki wa Mekurumeku (掀起世界危機!) Time to Set Off a Dazzling World Crisis! raw. Completed. 8 volumes. Chinese does not have mekurumeku (sparkle/dazzling?) in title. Looks like a harem comedy. Found a baka-tsuki page.

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11 Responses to Announcement

  1. wriess says:

    Well, don’t force yourself, that’s the most important thing.

    After the world building is done wouldn’t there be less difficult descriptions?

    It’s certainly not easy doing things for your first time and I can say that you’ve done well. Thanks for your effort pushing out those chapters in such a short time.


  2. xanius1 says:

    Damn, this was a good one. Good luck with whatever you choose.


  3. passingby says:

    If you are interested in doing something light hearted and easy, hopefully you will consider this series “Sekai no kiki wa Mekurumeku (掀起世界危機!)”. Its completed at 8 volumes and should be a good comedy.


  4. passingby says:

    To be honest, I tried to send the link of the recommended series, but it kept blacklisting my post until I removed the link from lkn*vel. So I am unable to post the link, also from the spoilers, though series seems harem, it has 2 female leads and 1 goddess (maybe).


    • alyschu says:

      I found it on the site I’m currently using to check out light novels in chinese so no worries. If you want to read it’s raws, I have put them up already. I will think about it but if you find someone else willing to translate it before I do, (very likely maybe) tell me.


      • passingby says:

        Sadly, I m still incapable of reading raws and c–>e machine translation for j>c light novels just dont turn out good. Also, there arent that many translators waiting to pick an older completed series, so I am glad that you are checking it out.


  5. PatientlyWaiting says:

    I like “Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!”. Originally a three chapter teaser done by PROzess, eventually got picked up by Shokyuu Translations for a chapter until they went on an indefinite hiatus. You can find the novel on baka-updates and cover images are readily available online.


  6. bozidar4 says:

    translate this it seems very fun to read and the translator says its free for pick up !!!


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