First Post!

What started off as a random complaint about the lack of translated works has blossomed into a partnership between a casual and a lurker!

We chose to translate Ni Tian Xie Shen by Mars Gravity.  It is the most recent web novel by Mars Gravity and is still in progress at around 300 chapters so far.  We have never read any written works from this author but he had some pretty lengthy past novels (anything over 500 chapters is long to me) so I figured he would be a decent start for us to begin our little journey.

I really should pick an easier to deal with theme because I’m electronically  lost and have no idea what I’m doing and where this post will go.  First time using wordpress and first time translating/editing a novel.  Yesterday we casually tested out how we would do and it was pretty fun! (FOR ME, not sure about him)

Prologue will be up sometime today.

edit// oh god wordpress

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